Monday, December 9, 2013

The Christmas Broadcast

"The importance of repentance is better understand when we realize that it is a key that unlocks the blessings of the saviors atoning sacrifice"

This week has been great! Lots and lots of snow, I have experienced my first 0 and negative degrees here in Durango, its quiet freezing I feel like I’m in a freezer half the time but I am keeping warm :) It for sure feels like I’m in a Christmas movie because in Arizona I don’t wake up to snow or anything like that but it’s beautiful but I think I have made a decision I will try my hardest to never move to a place where it snows!!

This week we found again to more people that were interested and one of them speaks Spanish it’s a blessing to know that the lord put me here in Durango for a special reason. The work is going great we are hoping to have a baptism this sat the 14th!! I know that this work is true and it has helped me to realize that it’s worth it in the end.

The Christmas broadcast was amazing and it made me realize that “some people have much and give very little and some have little and give everything" the spirit of Christmas is a time to show love and service for others and to continue to become more like Christ!! I know this to be true.

I wanted to take the time to say happy birthday to my beloved mother who has done everything and anything for her children. She is one of the strongest woman I have ever met and she is my hero my life and my best friend. I wish her the bets and even though I can’t give her hugs and kisses to wish her a happy birthday I know that I’m supposed to be on my mission and it is hard but it’s the lords work. I love my mom so very much and there is nothing that I would change about her she is perfect in my eyes and it is because of her willingness to join the church that in the end change me completely happy birthday mama :)

Sunday, December 8, 2013


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I hope that everyone’s thanksgiving went great and that it was a fully day of happiness. I love being a missionaries in these holidays because it get to see how other people celebrate. It was really neat to see 2 different thanksgivings, I was able to have dinner in a nice home and I was able to have dinner in a one single wide trailer Whit 20 people in it, it was so neat to see how the spirit of thanksgiving was in all those people’s hearts. It was a tender Mercies of the lord to make me realize that materialistic things don't matter and that all you really need is your family and the gospel. I had a fantastic Thanksgiving and I hope and pray you all did too.

"I have heard thy prayer, I have seen thy tears: behold I will heal thee"- 2 kings 20:5
 this scripture stuck out to me, because it made me realized and developed greater testimony that the lord will never forsake us he will be there and we all need learn how to heal our wounded hearts, no pain that we suffer is wasted it all helps us become better and." healing hurts, life hurts. Healing really begins only when we face the hurt in its full force and then grow through it with all the strength of our soul". I know this to be true and we all have to stay strong in our difficult times.

This week was a great week for us there was a lot of people that visited families here and it was a good opportunity to talk with a lot of nonmembers. We had the opportunity to go and visit a less active member and it was so amazing how the book of Mormon can bring such a strong spirit in the room and we were able to help heavenly father’s child to rekindle that testimony.

-Sister Nava

HIT MY 9 MONTHS!!!!!!!! :))

This week has been going amazing it snowed a lot in Durango!! I'm not quiet the snow person but i do think the snow is beautiful! i told my companion i think i will stick to being an Arizona girl.
This week i have seen miracles of the lord, me and my companion went tracting in some of the trailers we hadn't been too. We were able to find 2 new people and 3 others that wanted to hear about the gospel. I know that the lord prepares his children to hear the gospel at some point in there lives. I have learned that even if they don't progress they still had some faith to listen and the lord is always mindful of them.
This Saturday was a very rainy and snowy day and in the evening we decided to go see that women that has no utilities, she was on her way out to fill up her empty water jug. we insisted to walk Whit her and help her, i love how the spirit always leads us to those that need help.We asked her if she would except a book of Mormon and she said no but in the end she said you know what i actually want to read it so leave me a copy. I know that we went to her trailer to give her another testament of Jesus Christ, it was a tender Mercies of the lord.
Everyday i see miracles as a missionary and I'm so great full that a small decision to come out on a mission will change me  and my spirit that's in me for the rest of my life, i have a string and i KNOW that this is true!!

so elders in the missions they burn suits and ties when they hit a certain month on their mission! i realized that i cant burn my skirts or shoes because i actually need those so i though of a wonderful idea that sisters can do!! I HIT MY 9 MONTHS!!!!!!!! :))

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Pink Trailer

"None of the separations describe thus far inflict the kind of pain that results from sin. Sin separates us from the preserve of the lord and the influence of the Holy Ghost, I conclude that our most painful separation are those that exist between ourselves and god and between ourselves and our more Christ like natures."----- I read this ensign article during my personal study and it’s so true that when we separate ourselves from our loving heavenly father it affects our spirit. I have seen people on my mission that are lost and confused and have no way of knowing how to regain that relationship with their father in heaven, I know with out a doubt that the lord is on our side and he will always be, if we find our selves feeling like we don’t have a relationship with him we need to start now in developing one.

TRANSFER NEWS: I will be staying here in Durango for another transfer with the same companion sister Lewis. She is amazing and has taught me so many things. They are now having missionaries stay in their areas for a long time about 8 months in an area. I have a feeling that I will be here for quite some time but I know that it’s because the lord wants me here to finish the work that we have started.

This week has been such an amazing week. We had a great spiritual experience. "The pink trailer"
Our day began with some service and then proceeded on to some lessons the night before we were making some plans on what to do we both felt for the last time we should knock on the pink trailer. Now let’s not forget this pink trailer we have been knocking on sense the end of august when I got into this area. We decided to go back and knock this time expecting someone to be home. As we went in the evening we knocked and a young teenage girl answered the door we asked if her mother was home and we hear the mom say" oh let those girls come in" we were a little shocked because she hadn’t even seen us or met us but we walked in. She told us she had just been in a car accident and she wasn’t doing so great, as we talked to her I was confused I had the impression she had been in contact with missionaries before, so I asked, and she looked puzzled she said no I have never ever had missionaries overs.." you mean you guys aren’t the people that my friend said she was going to send from the Baptist church?. Knowing we were not hem we simple explained to her that we felt we should come to her home and hat we were sorry we were not them. She then laughed and we asked if we could share a message, we are now going to meet with her this week. It’s amazing how the lord works in mysterious ways and how he has a sense of humor. This lady expected people from a different church and how funny that we show up, it was perfect timing. I know the lord prompted us to not give up on this pink trailer and he truly prepared her.

This week we also had the opportunity to participate in a youth conference and all of us full time missionaries, were able to teach them and help them get comfortable with sharing the gospel it was neat because we all got to do a musical number and we sang " we'll bring the world his truth" I had the most powerful feeling in my soul that I was supposed to be here and I was truly called by a prophet of god. I love those random spiritual confirmations that uplift me and help me to proceed on with the work.

This Sunday we had the bets Navajo tacos this family made them out of wheat and they were amazing. Who would have ever thought a mission keeps you happy with food and the spirit :)

-sister Nava

how we deal with the things we experience is up to us

"How we deal with the things we experience is up to us, it’s our decision not to become bitter, it makes all difference in our ability to heal, it’s not so much of what happens to us but how we deal with what happens to us"- It’s so important that we never feel  like the lord has forsaken us. We go through hard times in life to become something even better. Life obviously isn’t easy but it can be if you rely on your savior. “Surely he has borne our grief and carried our sorrows". The lord has given us the opportunity to be happy and to rely on him. Why not use it, why not use his help? I know that as we rely on the lord things will be less heavy on our shoulders.

This week has been a great on. We have been teaching a teenage young man and we met with him yesterday. His parents are converts to the church and they are preparing to get sealed in the temple. He isn’t a member yet but as we have met with him he tells us that he really does want a family for eternity and it’s so powerful how the lord works on his children’s hearts. He really has the desire to be baptized and I know that what elder Holland said is true you don’t need to know it’s alright if you just believe. I know that to be true I remember the day when the missionaries asked me to be baptized and all I said was sure, I never knew that a simple yes or a nod would change my life forever and the life of my family. I know this church to be true.

This week we were able to provide a lot of service for others and it was such a neat thing to do. We met a women that lives in a small trailer we noticed she didn’t have electricity or running water or a bathroom, but she seems so happy with what she has. We all sometimes feel like we need and want things that are just materialistic and we need to remember that when we pass on to the next life that we are not going to take our cars or home but only our knowledge, I hope and pray that all of our knowledge is centered on Jesus Christ. I know that the lord has not forgotten this women that he helps her each and every day and he is on her right and on her left and he loves her so very much

-sister Nava

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Faith in them

"who are we to say that a certain child of god can not change, we need to have faith in them believe in them and pray for them." I know this to be true the lord will always help his children return back to him. The church is so true.  Everyday i have the ability to testify to people of the truth that changed my life and how it can help them. There are days where no one listens but that helps me to strengthen my testimony.
This week has been amazing, we had exchanges Whit some of the other sisters Saturday.  We were tracting at the end of the last trailer me and the other sister looked at each other and said "lets go back to the green trailer" as we knocked an older lady answered the door she said she was familiar with missionaries, i asked her if we could share a message she let us in and she pulled out a bag with the entire gospel library with a book of Mormon and everything you could possibly imagine. we were shocked and she said i just need help and i want to know that this is true but i don't know yet. i know that the lord wanted us to go back she was prepared for us and in life if we don't listen to those promptings we miss out on blessings or on helping others come closer to their savior. I know that we can help this woman that day we were able to find 4 new investigator who are willing to learn more I'm thankful for the opportunity it is to be on a mission. it is not easy that's for sure, but it is worth it. i love the tender mercies of the lord they are amazing.
I cant explain how a mission changes you for the better but it has taught me the pure doctrine of forgiveness and it has helped me to realized that there is no one that will ever be a spiritual victim because everyone will hear the word of God and i cannot wait till my loved ones hear about it. I often ask my self how is this not true!!? i know it and i love it.We are all blessed with the gospel

                 - Sister Daniela Nava

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Willing to move your feet

"Don't ask the lord to guide your foot steps if your not willing to move your feet"- This week on Sunday the relief society had a great lesson on how we need to act on the things we are prompted to do. I have realized that in life if we don't act there are times we miss out on blessings. In life when we want to talk to heavenly father we pray but when we want to know what he will say we search and ponder the scriptures.The Book of Mormon is there to guide and inspire us in our lives search it live it and apply it. The teachings in the gospel of Jesus Christ are so powerful and true, as a missionary i get to see how people use there agency everyday, and i can only imagine how our heavenly father feels when we don't make the choices we should be making. I'm most positive it hurts our father in heaven when we disobey him and when we go through hard times he lets us be angry and upset, he lets us express our selves how we feel before he comforts us. I know that to be true and it has helped me even as a missionary.
This week we had a great lesson in Spanish on Saturday. I was able to teach them the plan that their heavenly father has for them. During the lesson i realized how important it is to rely on the holy ghost because whit out it i can not teach. Its hard enough to teach by my self but its amazing how the spirit puts words in my mouth that i have never before thought of. The lord loves his children and is using us as missionaries as instruments. This woman and young men remind me of how much the lord loves his children. They started off whit nothing and had no where to live and they told us that it was God helping them because now they have all that they need and in life we need to realize that we may have all that we need and not see that we do.
I received a letter from less active member that i taught in my last area, and he said " if you can change my hard pride full heart then you can change any one" and i know that it was nothing to do whit me i know that it was the holy ghost and I'm thankful that he made the decision to change he is getting his patriarchal blessing and had the opportunity to go to general conference. How great is the gospel that can change all of our hearts if we have a willing and open mind to it. Its amazing to hear his story on how he changed and I'm thankful that i was able to be an instrument in the lords hands to help his lost sheep and return to him.
My mission has changed me in and out and its a privilege on how i can help others

- Sister Daniela Nava

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Duraanog is going great!!

"Its not for me, its for them, forget your self and get to work!""- i love this quote because it helps me understand as a missionary that I'm out here for heavenly fathers lost children to help them realize that they have a loving savior, and I'm not out here for me. Through the people i meet my testimony is strengthened but i know that they get more out of it as they build and get a testimony. I know that this work is true its hard, I'm tired, and everyday is a different day but never in my life have i loved the the lords work as much as i do now!! The lords blesses me with experiences everyday that helps me realize the importance of the gospel.
Yesterday Sunday evening our appointment cancelled on us but we know that when that happens the lord wants us to go see someone else and so we did  we were able to go see a married couple who was interested, one of them speaks only Spanish and the other only speaks English. It was a little scary going into there home and not knowing what we were going to teach them and how we were going to teach them. As we opened with a prayer the topic "prayer" came up they both hadn't prayed in a very long time but they felt like they needed to. Its amazing how the holy ghost helped me and my companion, i was able to teach in Spanish and she was able to teach in English and it was such a powerful lesson because they were both getting something out of the lesson and as we asked to say a closing prayer we invited the husband to and at first he didn't want to and it took awhile but i know that as we explained the importance of prayer and how much heavenly father wants to hear from him, and i know that we were able to teach them according to there needs. That night we were bale to help 2 of gods children come closer to him.
Duraanog is going great!! The members are great and the area has a lot of work in it and i known can do it whit the lords help!
-Sister Nava

Monday, October 14, 2013

Ye have cried unto me

" And thus I will do unto thee because this long time ye have cried unto me"- This week during my personal study I was reading in Ether chapter one and as I was reading I read verse 43 and it stuck out to me because it made me ponder about how the lord really will answer our prayers and bless us. Imagine how many times we have cried to the lord for a long time to help us with a certain trial? It sometimes feels like our trails, feelings or desires will never be heard nor fixed but the lord is mindful of us he knows when and how our prayer will be heard. Even though it might seem for a very long time that we are pleading to the lord, we ought to not give up we have to continue to have faith in that person to change or to be healed.  We might not see nor hear the lord answering us just like the brother of Jared but we can feel his love through the power of the holy ghost saying " I will help thee, I will heal thee and I will comfort thee"-sister Daniela Nava
This week has been a great one, it snowed in Durango on Thursday.Its very cold but its such a great feeling to feel the holidays come in so soon. This last Friday we went to a certain persons home that we have been teaching, I know that we were guided there even if it wasn't our plan to go visit. We read to him a Scripture in ether 12:27 stating how we all have weaknesses and we can become strong through Christ. As we read this tears were running down his face and I knew that he felt his saviors love.

This Sunday we had a great lesson, I'm so thankful to be able to be a part of heavenly fathers kingdom and his true gospel. I'm excited every day to put on my name tag and represent the lord and proclaim to the world what I know to be true and even though not everyone wants to know or hear, I know that simply by them seeing us we are planting a seed of faith.
-Sister Nava


" A crown of thorns was placed on the saviors head. he was lifted up from the cross. he rose from the tomb and he continues to reach out to us and offer us strength to carry on"--- I know that my savior died for me and its so powerful to have a firm testimony of him. When life gets to heavy or when we get to busy there are points when we forget about all that he did and all that he does/ I know that life isn't easy but it can be handled differently when we use the help of the savior.
This week has been a week of blessings. Conference was amazing I know that when we go with questions the lord provides a way for them to be answered. This last Friday I was able to meet and have a lesson with a woman, she speaks Spanish and she is being prepared by the lord to come to know that this things are true. During our lesson this woman expressed to us that she was having a hard time and she shared with us passed experiences in her life that hurt her.  I know that the atonement can heal anyone that humble themselves and ask for help. This woman reminded me a  certain woman that I hold very close to my heart it felt as if I was teaching her. It was a tender Mercie of the lord. I was able to connect with her, it was amazing how that scriptures can heal and help those that stand in need of comfort I was so happy when I Left her home because I knew that the spirit bore wittiness to her about our message.
This Sunday we where able to meet with a young boy we have been teaching he is 17yrs old and I remember the very first time we taught him he didn't want to listen he didn't want to go to church and just yesterday as we focused on his needs when he said the prayer he said that he now wants this for himself and no one else. It was amazing to see in his eyes that he was ready to hear our message the Lord works in mysterious ways but I know with all my heart that he was prepared by the Lord. I can see him in white and he accepted to be baptized. I'm so thankful for my mission because of the experiences that I get to witness every single day. I know that this is true and even though we have days where people yell at us or slam doors at the end my testimony is strengthen. This work is so true ,i ask my self everyday how is it not true? Its amazing how much this mission has changed me inside and out and I'm thankful to wake up everyday to a calling that the lord has called me to do.
Transfers where this week I'm happy to say I'm still staying here in durnago. I'm not in a trio anymore I'm still with one of my companions sister Lewis. Durnago is beautiful and its full of missionary work. The lord is building up his kingdom very quickly.
-sister nava

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Temple today

Hello!!!!!! :))
This week has been amazing, we had the opportunity to go to the temple today. even though we had to wake up at 4:00am it was worth it. I was able to receive personal revelation in the temple and i just love how when you enter into the lords house the spirit is so strong. As a missionary its been awhile sense I've been to the temple but i was so thrilled that we had the privileged to go. I know that we all need to make the temple a priority in our lives, we all need to desire a celestial life.
The relief society broadcast was so inspiring and a constant reminder on the covenants we have made with our father which is in heaven. I know personally that the promises that i have made are a blessing in my life as long as i keep them. The lords commandments are not hard he will never give us a commandment that is too hard to follow, because all of his children would fail. he sees so much potential in all of his children and he knows us by name he cares when we struggle or face difficult challenges. He provides us guidance and answers to our prayers through a living prophet which I am so pleased to hear from him this Saturday and being able to be spiritually fed.
This week we found certain people who are very interested. Durango  is a wonderful place to do missionary work. I was able to teach again in Spanish to a less active man who really needs help in his life, For a while i have been teaching my companions how to bare their testimony in spanish and as we were in the lesson i lean over to one of my companion and i whispered to her " hey share your testimony" as she looked at me with her big bold eyes she probably thought i was crazy but i knew that the spirit would help her. As she shared her testimony she filled the room whit even a stronger spirit and it was amazing of how sincere she was. I know that testimonies don't need to be long or fancy but i have realized that the more sincere the  testimony is the greater opportunity the spirit has to testify to someone else that what they are saying is true. i love teaching in Spanish and the people that i get to meet i know that i have been called to plant seeds into peoples heart.
Every day i wake up and i feel honored to put my name tag on and i love my mission, it has helped me so much in all aspects of life. I know that the book of Mormon is true!!!!
-Sister Nava

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Be TRUE to the church

"Its one thing to know the gospel is true but its one thing to be TRUE to The gospel.... Its one thing to know  the church is true, but its one thing to be TRUE to the church"-- As children of god we are all not perfect but we need to be trying to live like our savior Jesus Christ, when we start to follow his commandments we are aligning our lives closer to God.

This week we received a lot of rain and it hailed a lot yesterday evening, and even though the weather is horrible its amazing doing the Lords work in it, though it may be cold and foggy i step back and think about how it is a privileged to be a servant of the lord. We had a great week we found some more people to teach the gospel too, I'm so thankful to be able to have a firm foundation of the gospel and thankful to be able to share it.

In life we all have challenges and even us as missionaries do too. I realized that i can have afflictions, but i get to choose how i act, i know that the lord provides trails in our lives so that we can learn. This week we had a member pass away and she was such an amazing person, as i saw her in the hospital i felt sorrow and sadness but at that same moment i felt the saviors love. When i went home i challenged myself to pray to know about heavenly father's plan of happiness. I knelt down and prayed to my heavenly father knowing that he was listening as i got up i opened a book "true to the faith" and i opened it and i read " all people must die but we can all live again because of Christ" right at that moment i knew that heavenly father knew me and he heard my prayer. I was touched by this spiritual experience and i know that when we are not sure of something that all we simply have to do is pray about it and the Lord will answer our prayers.

This week we met a young father that's Hispanic. He told us he was a recent convert for about 3 yrs and that he needed our help to get back into the church. Its a blessing being able to have the gift of tongues i have never realized that, that was a talent i know that I'm supposed to be here to teach heavenly fathers gospel to those certain people.

p.s next week we all get to go to the temple!!!

-Sister Nava

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A home needs a woman's touch!

"walk on. walk on with hope in your heart, and you'll never walk alone. hope is a faithful companion that sustains us through life's trails"-- I know this to be true we must always have hope it leads us to strengthen our faith in our savior.
Yesterday on Sunday they gave a talk " I feel my saviors love" I pondered hard on this and asked my self how do I feel my saviors love. I then though I most defiantly feel his love when he helps me through the holy ghost to teach in Spanish. I had to teach by my self yesterday evening and I had no idea what was coming out of my mouth the holy ghost had taken over that lesson and as a missionary I strive for that and I know that I was able to help 2 of heavenly fathers children to feel his spirit. A mission isn't easy but i have realized that the Lord will always be there on my left and on my right. There is a lot of Hispanics in this area and its touching to know that I get to be a part of their lives in helping them come closer to Christ.
This week it has been raining a lot, I should probably say it was pouring rain. We were driving to the church when I saw a young woman walking in the rain and sat waiting for the bus. I had an impression to give her one of the extra umbrellas we had in our truck. We drive about a mile until I told sister Lewis to stop and go back I knew I couldn't help seeing some one that looked so tired form work and sitting their wet waiting for the bus. As we went back I cant tell you it was easy becuase of the traffic but when I got there I ran to her and simply and quickly, do to the rain shook her hand introduced my self and i told her that i was a missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I wont ever know what was going through her mind but what I do know is that she is now familiar with missionaries and I know that when the Lord provides missionaries to knock on her door she will be more willing to open the door. I know that I pray for service opportunities and when the Lord gives them to me I ought to be doing my job. I know that service is a way to express love towards others and it has helped me to see others in a different way.
This week we were tracting  in an area  all 3 of us hadn't been to. we knocked on a door and came across a man named Tom. He said he wasn't interested but some how the lord provided a way for the Book of Mormon to come into the conversation. He was thrilled to hear that is was another testament of Jesus Christ. We gave him one and the light in his eyes were indescribable. we asked him to read Moroni's promise in chapter 10 we asked him to read the 3 verses out loud and he went to verse 32 he looked at us and said" wow"  I know that the holy ghost was working through him and I know that the spirit works miracles. This week has been a week full of blessings we found a lot of people who are wanting to change their lives and I know that the lord provides us with these experiences.
This week we also came across a man working on a trailer, it was a very rainy day that day but even though the weather is harsh I know the lords work is more important. We asked him if he was interested he said no as we walked out the door. I told this man " you know sometimes in life a home needs a woman's touch, would you mind if we came to help you clean up this trailer? the laughter that came out made us all laugh and we are now going to go do service, I now know that the spirit has also a sense of humor, I had no idea that I was going to say that but if it got us in hey I'm not complaining:)
I know this is true and that is why I'm out here sharing it to the world.
- Sister Nava

Monday, September 9, 2013


YATE, HOLA & HELLO :) all of the languages I'm learning
This week has been amazing we found a lot of people to teach and most of them have been very interested. There was a door we knocked on and it was a young man from Mexico as we met with him he knew a lot about the church and he was a very great young man as we started to teach about the restoration he said oh i have a book of Mormon. I knew that we were prompted by the holy ghost to go and knock on his door this young man was waiting for his answer to his prayer, he said he wanted to come closer to Christ and that his friend gave him a book of Mormon. He also thought that Mike Katic was awesome. It's amazing how if we all share the gospel or simply give somebody a book of Mormon that the lord will provide a way for the missionaries to come and teach his children.

We have been working in this certain trailer park there is about 63 trailers and all of them speak Spanish never on my mission have i had that many people that speak Spanish all at once. I know that I'm here in Durango for a reason and if i simply decided that i don't want to go on a mission then all of these people would of had the chance to hear the Gospel. Yesterday was my first lesson in Spanish that i had to teach all by myself. It was hard it was probably the hardest lessons i have ever been in but i realized that if i rely on the Lord he will tell me what to say and what to do through the power of the holy ghost! Its amazing how strong the spirit was in that lesson. After this lesson we had another Spanish lesson to go teach and i wen tot the wrong door and it was a lady named Maria. I  realized that i had the wrong door as soon as she opened it. Some way i was able to testify in Spanish and leave her with a message she wants us to return and its so humbling how if i don't worry about what I'm going to say the holy ghost really helps me out. Teaching in a different language is not easy but i do know that what I'm telling heavenly fathers children is true!!
We were walking in another trailer park and we found a man in a hitch hiker trailer it was tiny but as i knocked on the door he simply said come in. Me and my other 2 companions were so surprised that he let us in. All three of us ended up bearing our own personal testimony to this man. Never have i ever felt the spirit so strong on my mission. His eyes were filled with tears and we knew that we planted a seed of faith in his heart.  I know that the Lord really leads us to those that need help or comfort and as missionaries we are called to severe his children my mission has changed me as an individual i see people differently and one thing that I have realized on my mission is that I know that the book of Mormon is true.
 I love my area it has been a blessing and i have met so many people that i know i have been called to serve them!! My area can blossom if we continue to be more and more obedient to the lords commandments!1
-Sister Nava

Sunday, September 8, 2013


Hello everyone!
 " Let us accept the saviors invitation to come unto him , let us build our lives upon a safe and sure foundation"- if we continue to live the gospel more blessing will come our way and we have to always remember that some blessing dont even come till heaven we must be patient and trusts that the blessings will come.
My new area is beautiful i love it!!! I love the people here there is a lot of people that don't have the knowledge of the gospel so its a great area to teach the gospel! We live with a member she is from russia. Her and her family are very nice they built an apartment that attaches to there home. Its a very wonderful place. Durango is a very big area. when i got here i felt overwhelmed because for 6 months  didn't  even see a Walmart or a stop light and here in Durango there are like 2 wall marts and so many cars!! its heaven here!! its a great change i love it and I'm excited to be able to serve in this area. I don't know for how long but one thing i do know is it all depends on the Lords will.
Durango gets pretty cold i have heard and its going to be an extreme change for an arizona girl like me! It gets 20 below zero here. Im super excited for the winter.  The members here are great they are excited to do missionary work and its amazing to see how the lords work can progress when the members of the churhc do their part. This area is full of the spirit!!
I'am serving with 2 others sisters,  sister swayne and sister lewis. Sisrer swayne is from pheonix Arizona ahwatukee.  she has been out a year and sister lewis is from liberty utah she has been out for 3  months. Being in a trio is a great way for me to learn how to work in unity and its a blessing. i really do love my mission it has taught me so much about the purpose of life its amazing how much more the lord has in store.
- sister nava

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Transferred to Durango Colorado!!!

"Don't limit yourself and don't let others convince you that you are limited in what you can do. Believe in yourself and then live so as to reach your possibilities"-- We must always have the faith in our selves that we are capable of becoming perfected beings through Jesus Christ. There are many points in our lives when we feel like we cant overcome anything but i know when we use the power of prayer all things are possible.
Well this week has been amazing!! I found out that i will be getting transferred to Durango Colorado, and i will be in a trio companionship. I know that its going to be an amazing experience and a time of learning to develop Christ like attributes. This week i was able to have a great experience with prayer. As a missionary we want the best for others and we want them to have the gospel in their lives. This church has changed my life and its been an amazing experience to be able to see others change their desires and aline them with what God would have them do.
This morning i was studying a talk on last general conference about how we need to return to our heavenly father, and though it might be hard we have tools to help us such as the scriptures and the church. I know that heavenly father knew that his children would need tools in order to return to him. We knew heavenly father before, we walked with him and all we are here on earth is to simply be reminded of those things that we knew to be true.
Leaving this area is hard but i know that the lord has so much more in store and im excited to serve him in many other ways. I know that where ever the Lord sends me it is because he needs me there. The lord works in mysterious ways and we have to have that firm faith and hope that it will lead us to something good. MY mission has changed me as an individual, it has helped me to see the importance of the gospel and how it can have a big impact in those that never before heard the gospel.  Missionary work is beautiful and its not easy! this is the work that our Lord our God desires for all his children and we all can be missionaries, This is the true church of Jesus Christ and just like Joseph Smith once said " i know it and God knows it and i cannot deny it" and that is how i feel, life is so much better when we understand our divine destiny.
Sister Nava

Monday, August 19, 2013

well done thou good and faithful servant

" well done thou good and faithful servant thou has been faithful over all things, i will make thee a ruler over many things, enter thou into the joy of thy Lord"---- I know that if we are living the way we should be then we can hear these words at the last day.
This week we were able to see a certain family at church and  the wife is a less actives and the husband is not a member and they have 2 small boys. It was interesting to see them come in and sit and hear the word of god. I know that the holy ghost works through all men who are seeking for the truth. This native man is a very traditional man and really had no desire to learn about the gospel. They asked us at church if we could come over later and share a message. We knew how great of an opportunity it was because for the 6 months that i have been out here never did they ever want to listen.  Its so powerful how the spirit works through their hearts.  During our personal study i had the strongest impression to share with him and his wife a certain scripture Alma 37:36-37. As we got to the home we were having an amazing lesson full of the spirit and when  we all turned to this certain scripture, he said that is the scripture that i read this morning and i wanted to share it with my wife. This man has never read the book of Mormon and to be able to witness that he read and wanted share that with his family was a tender Mercie of the Lord. I know that some people need time and patience in their conversion but slowly i know that he will have the desire to be baptized and i can see them all in white ready to go to the temple to become an eternal family. I know that family can be together forever and they can be only through the gospel of Jesus Christ. This week my testimony has been strengthen in knowing that this is the only true church of God and that if we simply follow our savior and endure to the end we can have eternal life and live with god again.
Also this week we were able to meet 3 new people who wanted to hear the gospel. Its so powerful to see people being prepared to listen to what god has in store for them.
Being  a missionary is a privilege and a blessing and i have changed so much spiritually and mentally. I know that this life is to prepare to meet God and "what are the things that we are doing in  our lives? will they lead us back to god? if not let us humble ourselves and ask for help and let the savior Jesus Christ transform us into a new being. we can all be perfected through the atonement of Christ he has provided us the way ti ask for forgiveness its there all we have to do is simply use it.
- Sister Nava:)  Sister Navajo

Friday, August 16, 2013

Simply love life

 " Don't be gloomy. Do not dwell on unkind things. Stop seeking out storms and enjoy more fully the sunlight. even if you are not happy, put a smile on your face. Accentuate the positive. Look a little deeper for the good. Go forward in life with a twinkle in you eye and a smile on your face, with great and strong purpose in your heart. simply love life"------ This is a way of living we have to make the decision to be happy and continue to go on with our lives sometimes we all tend to stop at a point in our lives when all just gets too hard but we forget that we have a savior who can lifts us up and carry us. I know that being happy is a decision that i have to make everyday because if i don't i miss the blessings in life..
This week has been a great one we were able to have a good experience this week. Me and my companion sister Jeppson had the idea of going to the park where every Saturday a lot of people gather and do huge yard sales. We felt like we should go and just talk to people. Well we ended up talking to a native woman.. i know we were called to bring her a short message into her heart. The Lord has asked us to talk with every one and though it might seem a little awkward at first its so worth it when you are able to testify to them that they have a Savior, as  we stopped and talked with her we told her that God knew of all the things she was struggling with, she had tears in her eyes because she knew that what we were sharing with her was exactly what she was praying to hear.She told us she wasn't from here ,but we invited her to meet with missionaries back at her home town and she said she was already meeting with them but she didn't know if she should keep meeting with them and all we could do was testify that heavenly father had provided her missionaries in her path for a reason as we told her this she was filled with joy and she knew that she had to meet with those elders as soon as she got home.. I know that she needed that extra push into telling her that this was what God wanted for her. I know that if we don't put our selves out there then we cannot do missionary work. It was a great experience and I'm thankful for that tender Mercy of the Lord.
I have come to realize that i love the people so much and i know that i have been called to do his work and i can see the blessing unfold upon me.
- Sister Nava

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

simply said "come on in"

This week was an Amazing week. The reason i say this is because this Sunday was fast Sunday and i really had the prompting to fast for strength in finding new people. As Sunday went on we knew of this certain trailer that we had never gone to before but we knew that people lived there. We decided to go and knock it took them awhile to answer but they did.  It was a family, the mother was baptized and so was the father but the kids were not, as they welcomed us in.. me and sister jeppson were very shocked that they were very friendly and simply said "come on in". in missionary work that rarely happens, but those words filled my heart with joy because i knew that the Lord really led us there to them. The Lord has every ones timing and its amazing how he led us to that trailer. I have been out for almost 6 months and to think i have never knocked or had the idea to go to that home. We were able to introduce them to the Book of Mormon and even talk about baptism for all of their teenagers. It was a beautiful experience. we left the new testament movie the father was very excited to learn more he knows the gospel very well and he really wants his children to learn more. As we were leaving i had a prompting to leave them a chapter in the Book of Mormon and leave them with a prayer. As he asked me to offer the prayer i asked heavenly father to help them in all of their struggles. As i got up from my knees i realized that the mother was in tears, in that very moment i knew that she had felt the spirit, They asked us to come over again. It was such a tender Mercie of the Lord because it all started with one small step of faith, i knew that we needed the help to find more people and i know that the power of fasting can really lead us to the most powerful answers we receive from a loving heavenly father. as we left i went to the car to bring them more book of Mormons and i opened the door and the mother was already reading what we assigned, i know she knows that this is something good from God that can help her with her family.
Everything else here is going great every week we have wonderful spiritual experiences that lead us to those that stand in need of the gospel. We usually walk after dinner  but my companion sister jeppson said lets walk before dinner starts we had no idea where we were going but we ended up by the park where a young man about 23 was sitting on the bench crying and very upset. As we approached him and started to talk to hm we were able to uplift him and tell him simply that he has a heavenly father who cares so much about him, we left him with a spiritual message and he said " wow its so weird that you sisters just showed up like that" we told him that we knew that god his heavenly father sent us to his path way. he wasn't form here he was just visiting but i have no doubt that when he gets home that heavenly father will provide him missionaries to learn more about his purpose. And that is simply how missionary work ...WORKS. we were able to plant that seed of faith in his heart, i know that this is true or i wouldn't of left home for 18 months . I know that the book of Mormon has the answers to our questions. The teachings of Jesus Christ are  simply a way of living. It brings joy to all men if they would just ask if it is true.
sister nava lava:)

Monday, July 29, 2013

In life we choose for our selves

"Obedience to Law is Liberty... men and women receive their agency as a gift from God, but in liberty, and in truth, their eternal happiness comes from obedience to his laws."- L. Tom Perry
In life we choose for our selves, God has given us the privilege to make our own decisions and even though sometimes in our life we make bad decisions,our loving Heavenly Father has provided our savior Jesus Christ. I know that the atonement can heal anyone who desires to have a mighty change of heart. when we truly repent we have no desire to do evil, let us use our agency the way the Lord used his. We need to remember that its important not only to know where He lives but how He lives. We need to live the gospel to strengthen our weaknesses.
This week was a great week we had another baptism of young boy 10 yrs old. His mom is a convert to the church and when she found us she couldn't wait to have us teach her son. It all started with teaching her youngest girl, she had told us that she was 8 and that she needed help getting her little girl familiar with the saviors teaching, we then started to teach her family. The little girl was very excited to be baptized and so was the young boy. 2 days before their baptism she told us that she found out that her little girl was actually 7 not 8. This made me and my companion laugh we were all laughing because the young girl had told us that she was 7 and her mom said that wasn't true until she checked her birth certificate. I bet being a mother is hard i hope i can remember how old my child is when i have them.. Long story short the young boy was still baptized but his little sister was not.  she was upset at first but i know that heavenly father let this happened so that when she is 8 years old she can be even more excited to make a promise to her heavenly father and be baptized.
Its amazing being able to go to church and seeing all of the people i have taught at church they are fully converted. It makes my mission worth it to be able to see heavenly fathers children change and receive the blessings from this gospel. I love the people that i meet and i know that the holy ghost prompts me and my companion to find them.
- sister nava lava

Monday, July 22, 2013

Keep pressing forward with faith.

I know that heavenly father knows of all the things we all need but he wants us to come unto him and ask him. As a missionary i feel like i have gone closer to my heavenly father , this mission has changed me and i know that i still have a lot to learn. I have been out for 5 months and i have let the savior transform me into a different person. I see life differently and i know that we all have to help each other endure to the end. Keep pressing forward with faith.
This week we had a baptism of a young girl that's 10 yrs old. She has been taught for awhile sense march but i know that the Lord has his timing for everyone. Being able to see her make that step was a great experience she really is fully converted and i know that she can make it to the temple one day and not settle for less. It was neat to see her family their and the support they had for her . She looked beautiful that following Sunday dressed in white, i know that the next time she will be dressed in white will be when she takes that step to go to the temple. She said that her life has been changed and i do believe that.

A spiritual experience that we had this week was being able to meet with a woman that never was interested. the Lord for sure has his timing. She is a less active woman that i met when i came out on march she never really wanted to come back to the church, until this week! She set an appointment  with us and  we came over and this woman has been through a lot and she was crying as soon as she opened the door. She looked at me and my companion in the eyes and said" how do you know that this church is true?" i felt the spirit so very strong as i testified to her of what i know and she was able to feel it as well. She asked everyone about the church if it was true and one thing that i realized that she hadn't asked her loving heavenly father as we invited her to ask, she knew that was the only way she could come to know for her self. I know God sent her to us on his timing and even though she is a member i know we can  help her get back into it. Some times in life we know not because we ask not. we need to take the time and plead with the Lord and to truly humble our selves. we are meeting with her this week and she has 4 kids and one of them wants to be baptized. the gospel brings eternal happiness and i know that there are many who are searching for that if we simply ask our father he will lead us to whatever thing he wants for us.
This next Saturday we are having another baptism of a young girl that is 8yrs old  she is amazing and its been a pleasure to be able to teach her. We are very excited to see her enter the waters of baptism as well. her mom is a convert and she a very strong in the church, and she is a wonderful mother that wants the best for her kids. We are also teaching her son he is10 yrs old and he will be getting baptized late august!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


"If you're not a full-time missionary with a missionary badge pinned on your coat, now is the time to print one on your heart---painted, as Paul said "not with ink, but with the spirit of the living God"-Elder Neil L. Anderson
I know that missionary work is so important because we have a great responsibility to help others come closer to Christ their Savior.
This week me and my companion were teaching a young native couple, they are amazing. The young woman text us a couple of nights before we met them telling us that she was reading the Book of Mormon and came across a scripture that talked about having spiritual gifts and how we can use them to bless others, she then asked " what are my spiritual gifts and how i can i help others?" i know that she is slowly being converted by the Holy Ghost its amazing to know that she is reading on her own and she comes to Church. The same with the young man he has a strong belief that this is true and just like Elder holland stated this last conference its alright to just believe because soon it will develop into faith...As we are teaching them all i could think of was spaghetti and i wondered why i kept thinking that they needed spaghetti??.. The lesson proceeded to end and when we were about to leave i offered to ask them if it was okay if we brought them some sauce and noodles so they could make dinner,as soon as i said this my companion sister jeppson sai" NO WAY! i was thinking the same thing through out the lesson" little did we know that they had nothing to eat, i know that the holy ghost sometimes prompts us to things we feel weird or incapable of doing but one thing i do know is that some how i had noodles and sauce at our home. I know that we were able to help them in some way.  Its amzing how the spirit works through the both of us we were both thinking of this and i know it was the spirit. These young people don't have a lot  and they don't have a lot of furniture or anything but  what they do have is faith and they are both developing a testimony of the Book of Mormon. The young girl told us that one day she would love to serve the Lord like we are and i know that it can happen. they are both in there late 20's and we met them once again being lead by the holy ghost we felt like we needed to go to the park and there they were sitting on a bench. I know that this is true and that the gospel of Jesus Christ can transform people into something better.
Its a blessing being able to see all of the people we teach come closer to heavenly father!
I know that im living modern witness in word and deed of the divinity of this great and marvelous latter day work HOW GREAT IS MY CALLING!!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

We hope in jesus christ, in the goodness of god.

"we hope in Jesus Christ, in the goodness of god. Because God has been faithful and kept his promises in the past, we can hope with confidence that god will keep his promises to us in the present and in the future. In times of distress, we can hold tightly to the hope that things will work together for our own good"- President dieter f. uchtdorf
Well this week has been a great one. We are teaching a lot of natives and its amazing to testify to them that the Book of Mormon was written to them by their ancestors. My navajo is going well still learning, they say it is the hardest language to learn but i know with the Lord all things are possible.
This Sunday was fast Sunday and for the very first time our recent convert the Woman we taught went up a bored her testimony. It was the most powerful testimony that i have heard she knows that this church is the church of God and that's it is the only true one. As a missionary its a privilege to be able to wittiness someone that we taught  so strong and Wanting to go to the temple. I remember as she was walking up to share her testimony, i couldn't help but cry as i felt the tears going down my cheek i knew that if i wasn't on my mission who knows if she would have been baptized. i know that there are certain people that heavenly father has place in our paths to help and teach them the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This woman is amazing and her faith is unshakable.
 This week was also the 4th of July. In my area Blanding they celebrate the 4th of July like no other. The parade was amazing and seeing so many families come in unity was awesome. We got to talk to a lot of people and though being exhausted we still went out to work and i know that heavenly father blessed us that day with unplanned opportunities and that was a tender Mercie of the lord.
-sister Nava

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Zone conference was amazing

"When you know its true, that is all that matters." -I believe this quote is true, as a missionary there will be weeks that are amazing and there will be weeks that nothing goes right but when you know that what you are doing is true it makes it all worth it.

This week we were able to attend zone conference and it was amazing the spirit was very strong and we are all there to help each other improve and to learn more of the gospel. This week is also 4th of July and all of the elders and sisters will be in the parade! We even get a free booth to set up and have people who are interested come and learn more. I know that the Lord provides us with unplanned opportunities and we need to be able to discern the promptings of the Holy Ghost which will always lead us to something good. I have realized on my mission how amazing the promptings of the Holy Ghost are. Being on a mission has really helped me understand many things that I hope I can take back home. I realized I have a lot of missionary work to do back home but the Lord is preparing me here now so that when I do go home I can help others come closer to our loving redeemer Jesus Christ.

We have been teaching a lot of new people which is very exciting. The Lord is making his vineyard grow! We have been teaching a young girl about 10 and she is amazing. She has been taught for awhile but the Lord has his perfect timing for all of his children. We have also been teaching a young lady about 23 and she has a young daughter. She has been to church for almost 2 months and when we taught her the Law of tithing she wanted to pay the next Sunday. I know that she knows this church is true and we are working with her to be able to be baptized. This young lady has so much potential and I know that we knocked on her door 3 months ago for a reason. She has been transformed and she keeps pressing forward with faith. I know that I have been called to this place for a reason and when I'm able to see people change it is a blessing.

Let us all keep pressing forward in faith. Our Heavenly Father knows of all the things we need before we even ask him but we must humble ourselves and realize that we all have weaknesses and we cannot overcome anything with out his help.

-Sister Nava

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Do the best you can

YATE everyone:)
"Do the best you can, but i want to emphasize that it be the very best. We are too prone to be satisfied with mediocre performance. We are capable of doing so much BETTER"- Gordon B. Hinckley
This week has been a blessing. We are now able to have one hour a day to study Navajo. We are the only sister missionaries to have this blessing out side the reservation to learn Navajo. It is not an easy language but i know that if i humble my self i can learn.
This week yesterday i had a great experience. The promptings of the holy ghost are amazing. Me and my companion were about to get into our car, i looked over and i saw two native elderly couple walking. I heard in my head don't get in the car go talk to them. I instantly told my companion to get out the car. As we approached them they were very friendly and we talked and laughed. We asked them if they would want to meet with us to learn more about what we do as missionaries they accepted, but the woman said "do you speak Spanish?" i responded yes and she said " oh then you must know how to cook tacos and rice" little did she know that, that is one of my strengths. we then agreed to have dinner at their home and i will be cooking for all of them i never realized what a blessing it would be to know how to cook in order to teach somebody haha. We eat and teach them tonight. I know that something good will come from this weather if its just a small seed planted in their hearts or them coming closer to their Savior Jesus Christ. I'm thankful that i was prompted to talk to them. We are very excited and they are willing to quiz our Navajo if we help them in learning Spanish.
This week has also bee full of the spirit. we were able to again exceed all of our goals and continue on helping others come closer to the truth. Transfers are in 3 weeks July 13th. I cant believe its already been 4 months missions do go by fast and I'm so thankful to be able to have the opportunity to train and continue on being a faithful servant of the Lord.
This Sunday the fire side was absoultley amazing. I know that the Lord wants all of his children to be missionaries whether your set apart to do it or not. I'm thankful for those missionaries that changed my life. The church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints is a missionary church. We must be all willing to help the Lords kingdom grow.
Sister Nava

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


" The blessing of being a father is to have the priesthood and to help guide his children into the path their father in heaven has given them"
" Hope is an abiding trust that the Lord will fulfill his promises to you, its believing and expecting that something good will occur.Hope helps you conquer discouragement"
This week has been a great week. We have found 6 new people to teach in just one day.I will never forget that day. I know when we pray for the spirit to guide us he will. I'm thankful for the opportunity to serve the Lords children and help his Vineyard grow.
Being here is a blessing and we have been blessed Whit a lot of people to teach and even though there are days that get hard i know that my heavenly father knows my efforts and my desires. Its getting hot here but i can just imagine how hot it is in Arizona. A lot of the places where i teach there inst air conditioning but I'm still grateful it isn't as hot as Arizona. I love my area and we are now going to have a new set of sisters here as well. Its exciting to know how much more missionaries are coming in.
The women that just got recently baptized is going to the temple to do baptisms and its  a blessing to see someone change their lives and center them on Jesus Christ and their heavenly father.
This woman has let the savior transform her into a marvelous child of god. She is able to return to her heavenly father and i know that i was called to certain people to help come closer to him. 
- Sister Nava
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Thursday, June 13, 2013

No matter our circumstances

"No matter our circumstances, no matter our challenges or trials, there is something in each day to embrace and cherish. there is something in each day that can bring gratitude and joy if only we will see and appreciate it"-elder Dieter F. uchtdorf
Well this week has been truly a blessing and i have seen the Lords hand in my  life. This last Tuesday i picked up my new companion. Her name is sister Jeppson. She is a convert as well and she is amazing.
This week i was a little scared starting to train, but i know that when we ask our father in heaven for help he will help. No one is perfect and i know that we can strive to be perfect if we allow ourselves to be brought down to humility unto our Savior Jesus Christ and our father in heaven. Training is not an easy thing but i have learned so much and its a blessing to have this experience. This week has been full of blessings we were able to exceed most of our goals and we have experienced the Lords tender Mercies. The biggest blessing that i have seen this last week was being able to see many of those that we are teaching at church. they are all truly letting the Lord Jesus Christ transform them and purify them.
I know that when things seem hard in life that we can overcome them with our saviors help. I have had many humbling experiences in my missions and just to think in 3 more months i will only have a year Left. Its sad and i know that i must enjoy every minute of my mission because this is the Lords time and I am his worthy servant. i represent him and i will do and say the things that he wants said and done. "if he brings you to it HE will get you through it" I know that all of our trials are heavy but the Jesus Christ said " come unto me all that are heavy burden and i will lift you up that they might me light"
- Sister Nava Lava

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

With out God ye can do nothing

YATE everyone:)
"With out God ye can do nothing, I testify that, that is Gods truth" -Elder Holland
So this week has been a week of Miracles. Me and my companion Sister Maynez had some lessons that didn't go through and we both didn't understand why instead of these lessons we had different lessons with 4 new people that wanted to hear our message, we then realized at the end of the night that it was all in the Lords timing, our other lessons cancelled so that those other people were being prepared at the right timing, right place, and right mindset. It truly was a miracle that we found those people and still had our lessons but not with those that  we had in mind.
TRANSFER NEWS: As of today i will be training and my companion will be going to a different area though i will miss her with all of my heart i know that the Lord sees potential in me. I have to admit I'm a little scared because i just got finished getting trained and now i will be training someone else. I have officially been on my mission for 3 months and i have learned so much, I know that this will be a humbling experience. I'm excited!! Today we will be driving up to Farmington and spending the night with other sisters and on Tuesday morning we pick up our new companion's! one of the reasons im super excited to go to farmington is because I finally get to see street lights!! a Walmart!! fast food places!! and stores to buy summer clothes. i have a huge respect for all of those places!1
This Saturday we had a baptism.I love seeing heavenly fathers children come closer to him. I know that this woman took the correct steps to get to him. Its a blessing to see her grow. One of the most amazing experience she had was she finally got Sundays off from work. She was scared to tell her manager but she had faith to say " Im a Mormon and i cannot work on Sunday" She has fully converted into the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She is a different woman she has a different light to her. It was amazing working with this woman.
-Sister Nava  Lava

Thursday, May 30, 2013


" Charity is having patience with someone who has let us down. It is resisting the impulse to become offended easily.It is accepting weaknesses and shortcomings. It is accepting people as they truly are. it is looking beyond physical appearances to attributes that will not dim through time. It is resisting the Impulse to categorize others"
This week i have realized the true meaning of charity, as a missionary every time i look at people i see them as children of God and i automatically love them. This coming up Saturday we will be having a baptism. We are very excited to see this woman be transformed into a different woman. She is letting the Savior work through her.
Being on Mission has really opened my eyes on the important things in life and that is to not only know the Gospel but Live the Gospel. Heavenly father has so much faith in all of his children and he sees a lot of potential it takes our action to see our own potential and live up to it. I know that the book or Mormon testifies of Jesus Christ our loving Savior.
This week i was pondering about how there will always be a less day on the mission but more days to be missionary. the Lord is preparing to be a missionary back home and to help his vineyard grow.
Sister Daniela Nava

Monday, May 20, 2013

Some blessings come soon,and some come late, and some don't come till heaven

Well so far this week has been amazing. We have been teaching a lot of wonderful people. WE hope and pray that in 2 weeks one of our investigators will be baptized she is an amazing woman. She is about 40 and she is native. When i met this woman me and my companion were truly led to her and she recognized that. When we taught her about Joseph smith her eyes filled with tears and she told us that she knew this was true. Many people here have a difficult problem believing that Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God and that he was truly chosen to restore this wonderful marvelous gospel, But this woman knew right off the bat that this was true. She has been coming to church on Sundays, to see some one change their lives and make the decision to follow Jesus Christ their savior is a blessing. I'm grateful to be on this mission to see that change in  people.
This week i was watching a Mormon video with my companion and i felt the spirit so strong as Jeffery R Holland stated " Some blessings come soon,and some come late, and some don't come till heaven"  We all in some point in our lives, go through struggles and much afflictions but to know that our heavenly father is willing to bless us and he will if we go to him in prayer, and to understand that he is mindful of us. We have to have faith that we will be blessed in his timing not our timing. Blessings will come to our families and friends but we must be patient and we need to have that knowledge that some blessing wont come until heaven.
Being on a mission and making the decision to be the Lords servant has been a blessing to me. i have learned. I view life differently, i see others differently but the most incredible blessing on the mission is to see heavenly fathers children come closer to him through the power of the atonement.I know that this church is true and that is why I'm on my mission to preach the gospel and help others come closer to their loving savior Jesus Christ.
Transfer are coming up in 2 weeks, and there are 9 new sisters coming into the mission its so exciting!
-sister Nava

Monday, May 13, 2013

Motherhood isn't a Hobie it is a calling from the Lord


This week has been amazing i had the chance to talk to my mom for mothers days and it was a blessing to be able to hear her voice. Sense it was mothers day last week i learned" motherhood isn't a Hobie it is a calling from the Lord, it is not something you squeeze the time in. It is what God gave you time for"
I know one day i will be able to be a future mother and i want to be able to teach my children not only how to live the gospel but teach them the doctrine of the gospel so that they can understand the teachings of their savior and Redeemer. I have come to realize the power that mothers have towards their children and I'm oh so very grateful to have 2 beautiful mothers in my life my own mother who is such a strong mother and love me and will do anything for me and a 2nd mother Janell Millyard who cares for me and has taught me so much and how to raise good children in the gospel. I'm so very thankful to have these wonderful mothers in my life.
This week we had the opportunity to continue teaching in Spanish and there are many here in Blanding that me and my companion know we were called to teach them the gospel. This week i have pondered about all heavenly fathers children that we are teaching and i have came to a conclusion if they are not ready to hear this message that it is okay because e we have planted a see of faith in them and that heavenly father has everyone timing, he had my timing and i was able to be taught by those  missionaries and it took many of elders to teach me and my sister and mom. I realized that as a missionary you plant  seeds in people's hearts and you help them come close to their savior Jesus Christ. I'm grateful for this privilege to serve the Lord and be a worthy servant to teach his gospel to his children.
-Sister Nava Lava

Monday, May 6, 2013

Lord has sent me to this place for a reason

Hello everyone! This week has of course been amazing. We had the opportunity to teach a couple in Spanish. Its amazing to know that the Lord has sent me to this place for a reason Me and My companion are the only Spanish sisters in our mission. Its truly a blessing to be able to have the chance to teach in Spanish and to help heavenly fathers children  receive the restored gospel.
We were going to have a baptism this last Monday but we had to make some changes and we hope and pray that it will happen soon. I know that the Lord has power to do all things, i have seen a mighty change of heart in specific people that we are teaching. Its a blessing to be able to see someone change through their efforts.
This week me and my companion Sister Maynez decided to ride bikes for a day and it was a great idea we met so many people that were walking or doing their yards we were able to bring them a small message to their hearts to ponder about. I have to say riding a bike in a skirt isn't that hard the hard thing about it is getting off the bike. I have truly enjoyed my mission so far, every minute of it.
- sister Nava lava

Sunday, May 5, 2013

I have seen miracles here on my mission

Yate everyone!!!
This week has been amazing i have come to realize how much love i have for the scriptures and how much help and guidance they contain. I have seen miracles here on my mission. I have seen people change for the better. This coming up week on May 6th we will be having a baptism.we have been working with this young man for while he is 19. This young man when we met with him he had a lot of questions, but these certain questions were not going to be able to help him grow in the gospel. Several of weeks passed and he finally wanted to meet with us again, as we met with him we shared a Mormon message " You don't know everything but YOU know enough" as he watched this video his eyes filled with tears and he told us that a week ago he wrote down his testimony of the things he knew to be true. As he read his testimony to us i realized that he said " i might not know everything but i know enough to guide me and help me return back to my heavenly father" i know that the spirit prompted us to share that message he realized that he needed to stick to the basics, which is faith in Jesus Christ,repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the holy ghost and enduring to the end. This young man truly knew that once he had faith all of his questions would be answered through the power of prayer and the power of the holy ghost. It is a privilege to see one of heavenly fathers children come to realize that this is the only true church of Jesus Christ.
We also met with a young man about in his late 20's. He is a member but hadn't been to church in years. We met him through our recent convert he had no place to live at and she was kind enough to let him stay at her place. Me and my companion had no idea of this situation, we felt prompted to go to her home and there he was sitting on the couch. I know we were sent to this young man to help him regain his faith in Jesus Christ. That day we had the most sacred and most amazing lesson. The spirit was so strong and he knew he had to change. This young man has been in jail has done almost every drug you can imagine, has been divorced and he said to us " heavenly father must love me for sending you sisters to me" The lord works in mysterious ways he sent our recent convert to meet him and offer him a place to stay at and he sent us to him. This young man has now been attending church and is taking addiction recovery classes and has been reading his Scriptures everyday and night. He has had a mighty change of heart through the power of the atonement. every time we meet with him he tells us " I don't understand i never saw myself reading the scriptures and doing whats right at this point of my life". the very first time we met with him as we were teaching him i saw him in a white shirt and a tie as  a worthy son of god. It truly was the most sacred experience i have ever experienced. I know the lord cares about his children and i know everyone has their timing to realize the love that the savior has for them
I know that i have been sent to this mission for a reason. I love all of the people i teach and i love that i get to be a part of this glorious work. Heavenly father is mindful of all his children. he has sent me to those that need to hear the gospel. I know that if i strive to be an obedient missionary that the Lord will bless me with amazing experiences. 
- Sister Daniela Nava