Monday, September 1, 2014

Its harder to leave the mission then it is to come out.

" what happened in the sacred grove to Joseph smith changed the world, let it change you"-- I do have a testimony of this church, its true and i can never deny the truth, it brings pure and true happiness.

Well i never thought that the day would come and realize this is my last weekly letter on my mission. This week has been great i don't ever think i have had a bad week on my mission because its how we choose to feel about the week.

This week we had a lot of success we found 4 new investigators and we found 3 really great potential investigators, the lord never stops his work , i knew this was my last week but it felt the same i worked hard knowing that there is always something to do to build up his kingdom.

Im grateful that i had the privilege to serve a mission it was worth every minute. It wasn't easy but it was something that i will always hold close to my heart. Its the hardest thing that i love to do!

This area was a blessing to my life, i have learned the importance to talk with everyone one that is next to you in the store in the parking lot anywhere because there are hearts to be touched and there are souls to be saved and its our job to find them.

Its harder to leave the mission then it is to come out.


8 MORE DAYS???!!!!

 All of my emails have reminded me that i  have 8 MORE DAYS???!!!! I cnat believe its gone this fast its been a long time but tis gone way to fast. Im greatful of all the things i was able to learn no my mission.

This week we had exchanges in kirtland and it was really fun,we tracted a lot in the sun but i realized that anything you do for the lords work he will always bless us. I had rocks in my shoes and sweat dripping down my cheek but im so used to this that its something that feels normal. Its really what i love to do even if people are not interested i still love it.

We invited a member to a lesson and it was with an investigator who has been coming to church and the activities. This member was able to stay and talk with our investigator after the lesson and we had an appointment to go to and we had to rush out but it felt nice that she was so willing to talk with her and even offered to help her with a certain dinner. later that week our investigator expressed to us how grateful she was that we brought her. Bringing members to lessons isn't just fro us or them but it really is for the investigators so that they can have a friend in church! This ward is amazing and they all love missionary work!

There are so many things that are happening in this area!!


Members say things that the investigators need.


"Being a disciple of Jesus Christ is not an effort once a week or once a day, its an effort once and for all"

I love being a missionary and this area has been really great!!! We had 6 investigators come to church! It went really well the members here are really friendly and they love missionary work, we were able to take a lot of the members with us this last week and it makes such a difference! the spirit is very strong and the members say things that the investigators need.

We knocked a lot of doors this week and almost all of the people that opened talked to us and accepted a book of Mormon, They were all very friendly and even though its really hot i know that the lord will bless us when we show him that we are willing to go and look for those that need to hear the gospel.

The temple was amazing last monday!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

08/10/2014 Family Pictures

This week has been the most busiest week, on Wednesday we had an appointment every single hour and the rest of the week we have been just so busy knocking doors and teaching, its great but at the end of the day both me and sister Clark are very excited to see our beds haha I love being tired because I know we are working very hard. In the mornings we go out to run and its getting pretty chilly in the mornings, a lot of the people here are getting ready for winter and we were able to help hall wood with the ward.

We had a really fun activity our ward mission leader had a really neat idea to help us find more investigators and he said back in his mission they would have free family pictures and they would put the family proclamation on it and when we deliver it to them they would let us in and they taught them about families how they can be together forever. So that's what we did we passed out flyers for about three weeks and we had a pretty good turn out and a lot of us were able to get families to go teach, it really was the neatest idea, some people were from different areas but we still took their picture because we know that will help the other missionaries to receive referrals.

 We went tracting and we found a family that was really nice they let us in and we invited them to the picture activity and they should up and we were able to teach them yesterday and they are coming to church today, The lord really leads us and guides us to what house we need to knock on, Missionary work is my absolute favorite thing to do, it’s not a habit to go and knock and teach but it’s a part of who I am. 

Also we almost got eaten by a dog tracting it’s probably the scariest thing when we go tracting these dogs don't care about the treats we give them I think we might be there treat they want!!!!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Jul 28 “so when can we be baptized?"

Jul 28
Ya`ate eeh!!!

Well this week has been going great! We had a lot of spiritual experiences. One that really made me and sister Clark smile and we were strengthened. We have been teaching this family for about 3 weeks when we met with them the very 1st lesson we invited them to be baptized they said they would but needed to learn a little more, as we continued to go and teach them it would always come up but we did not feel to push them to much we want to draw people to the gospel not force them, because when we draw them closer that is where true conversion starts. So our 3rd lesson we taught about Gods plan for all of his children, it was new to them and we paused the lesson and asked if they had any questions or concerns it was quiet for a small moment and there was no answer, I felt to ask again, I felt like they had something to ask or say, I’m thankful that the spirit was there to prompt me to ask again. They then asked “so when can we be baptized?" The Holy Ghost motivates people it leads them to conversion but also to the truth. It was a really neat lesson to see them ask us. It is so important to pause in the lessons and ask them how they feel about what they are learning, to us members of the church it’s easy to understand, it makes sense that we have a plan of salvation, but to those that have never heard about it it’s a new thing and we as missionaries can’t assume that they will accept it we need to focus on their needs.

We also have been having investigators show up to sacrament and they stay all 3 hours, the most sweetest feeling is to see a young man (who we are teaching) come to church with a white shirt and tie, this is his 3rd time coming to church and people already think he is a member. I love when the gospel moves people to become better. We also had an investigator come to church that we were not expecting, she stayed for sacrament, and I know it made her heavenly father really proud and happy.

Today is the 1st week of the new and last transfer for me, I can’t believe how fast missions go.My mission president was shocked that I now have 48 skirts , it’s a new record in the mission, it’s funny because I came out with 9 he asked for a picture, I will be forever known ha-ha!!!

JUN 21 movie night

JUN 21
 This week has been a great one!! It’s been really hot over here but we have been getting some clouds as well.  The work is picking up we had 4 investigators come to church! They all are really progressing and 3 of them were able to stay for all 3 hours. 

We had a movie night our ward mission leader put together and we watched the move  ' the testaments " about Christ coming to the Americas and Me and my companion worked really hard to invite people to come and we had 3 families there and 3 other people who came, it turned out great, the member's here are really willing to help us missionaries get our investigators to activities.

A woman who was a less active for about 7 years came to church last week and  last was asked to give a talk this week and it really was such a great talk, she was able to answer a lot of peoples prayers and things they needed to hear. We found anew investigator this week she seems very willing to learn, we have been finding like crazy here and the work keeps getting stronger and stronger. This is the best area and I love the people here they are just too kind!!

Random story I was walking to go email and I stepped on a babe snake it was rapped on the cattle guard and I then realized it was a snake , I about died......

Jul 14 1st lesson

Jul 14

 Everything is going really good it has been raining for a while now it’s been like this almost for 2 weeks its nice have a lot of rain in the area. This week has been a great week we had a lot of success we were able to find 6 new investigators that are really interested. 3 of them came and knocked on our door, I thought to myself shouldn't it be the other way we should be knocking on their door. In reach my gospel it states " The lord will lead us to them or they will be lead to us" They had a book of Mormon in their hands and they wanted to know more about it we made an Appt to go to their house and our 1st lesson we invited them to be baptized and they said they would all 3 of them came to church and they are very elect.

We also were able to help a less active woman come back to church. We felt that we should stop by her place and she allowed us in we had been there a couple of weeks ago and she told us that she really hadn't been active but she has

such a strong testimony of the gospel. We showed her a video one of the hastening the work videos about peoples conversion, and usually we share these with active members but t it hit me that these videos are for chevron, as she watched it she felt the spirit and told us she really wanted to come to church, we were not expecting her to arrive but she was there at church I have a testimony of those videos and that the gospel is for everyone but everyone has their timing.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

07/07/2014 My last zone conference!


Understanding the Savior’s freely given atoning love can free us from self-imposed, incorrect, and unrealistic expectations of what perfection is.Such understanding allows us to let go of fears that we are imperfect—fears that we make mistakes, fears that we are not good enough, fears that we are a failure compared to others, fears that we are not doing enough to merit His love

This week has been great it was really hot but then it was cloudy which a blessing was! We were able to bring a member with us to a lesson with an investigator and it was so powerful, I love seeing the difference when we have a lesson without a member and when we have one with us the spirit is stronger and the member is able to say things that that person needs, and they are able to fellowship them. The lord’s work is strong when the missionaries and member's work together. This area is dong really good and we have been able to find new people. We prayed really hard to have success because the last 2 days we weren't having much and as we fast and pray and humble ourselves the lord is always there to help us, we were able to have a busy day that day with the hand of the lord. We found a new investigator and another one that we had been trying to find when we first got to the area. 

We have exchanges happening tomorrow and we are having some sisters come and double work our area and then we have zone conference which is my last zone conference and I have the opportunity to bare my testimony and our district will be singing in Navajo. This week is a very busy week but exciting. The work is picking up here and there is so much to do!!


Thursday, July 3, 2014

June 30 the sons (&daughters) of God

June 30

John 3:1 "behold what manner of love the father hath bestowed upon us that we shall be called the sons (&daughters) of God" It’s a privilege to have that label, we are all children of a loving heavenly father!" out of all the names God chose to be called he chose to be called Father" To me that shows how much love he has for the world and how he wants us to remember him. I feel his love so much every day, this week I gained the biggest testimony of the priesthood I know that god speaks through man to give us certain blessings that we need to hear.

 This week I realized that if you’re not energetic about the work you can’t ever enjoy your mission, It’s been very very hot and it’s easy to complain but I make it a goal with my companion to keep going and as we push ourselves the lord always blesses us, we found 2 new investigators through tracting, even though it was so hot we saw the blessings, On Sunday before our correlation meeting we had about 7 minutes before we needed to be there, I know if we use the lords time wisely he really will send you to the people that need you, We decided to get in our truck and drive to a road and knock and place a book of Mormon, And we were able to have a great conversation with a young man, even though he wasn't interested we still were able to tell him a little bit about the book of Mormon and he accepted it. I guess what I’m trying to say is that when you work hard and don't waste not even a minute you will always have someone who needs you to talk to them, I tell my companion sister Clark " There is always something to do when we are doing the lords work" And I know that's so true  there is never time to waste and there is hard days when it’s hot and not a lot of work but there is always something to do and in the end we it ends up being our most busiest day. 

I love this area it’s helped so much, to learn how to be grateful for things that I usually wouldn't think of, like running water and food and certain things that we all take for granted. It’s very humbling,

This Sunday all of us full time missionaries sung “onward christen soldiers" in Navajo.
The spirit was strong.

We have had a lot of success this week especially for white washing the area and we keep meeting new people, the work never stops!

Jun 23 St. Michael's is so much fun

Jun 23

YA`TE ``HEY everyone!! Serving in St. Michael's is so much fun, I have the privilege to serve the children of Lehi! Being able to tell them about the Book of Mormon is powerful, because it is their book and it’s written for them from their ancestors. This week not knowing the area and training wasn’t as bad as I thought. I saw so many miracles from the lord he helped us a lot to find places, we do make a lot of "U TURNS" but we have found much success which is great!! We even found a new investigator.

Church was amazing they all speak in Navajo, everyone there is calling me sister Navajo it’s kind of funny but they love it though! I’m excited to continue to get to know the members. This week we had a great lesson with one of our investigators who is on date, she is so converted to the Gospel she told us the 1 set time we met with her that she already knew the Book of Mormon was true. She has been coming to church for months now and barely started to meet with the missionaries 2 weeks before we got here. It’s very neat to know that she makes sacrifices to come to church, She reads everything we give her to read either during the lesson or right after she is a wonderful young girl. The work here is picking up.

 I live in a trailer in the church parking lot with the 2 senior couples that are on missions and some other missionaries. My companion is Sister Clark she is form Santa quoin Utah!! She is an amazing missionary and I’m thankful that I have the chance to train her! She is half Navajo so it’s really neat and people say we look like sisters!! 

A while ago on my mission actually my 1st area Mikes mom Janelle told me about a woman who was her placement child, for the longest time I always wondered if I would ever get to serve in St. Michael's window rock because I knew she was there, well this Sunday I was shaking every ones hand and I met her it was really neat she simply asked are you form mesa?? Do you know the Milliard’s!! I smiled and said of course I do and I gave her a huge hug!! It was a neat tender mercy of the lord!


June 16th
TRANSFER NEWS:  I was called to be a trainer and now I will be a sister training leader trainer and I was also asked to white wash St. Michael reservation in window rock. I'm very excited

This week we had the mission tour and I was chosen to give a talk on “what I have done to become more consecrated for missionary service". It was a neat experience but I was nervous to speak in front of a lot of missionaries and Elder Carlson from the 2nd quorum of the seventy but I did it!! This week has gone really fast. We had a lot of things to do and especially pack.

We had a baptism it went really good. This family is a very special family and they mean a lot to me, they are very converted to the gospel. The spirit was very strong in there and I was asked to give the baptism talk, every time I think about my baptism I can’t hold back my tears this truly did change my life and I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to witness them entering the waters of baptism

This Saturday I got to do service and help some ranchers with their cows I got to do  (A.I.ING) I still can’t believe I actually did it, I will for sure miss La Sal and all the fun service opportunities I had to do here

Sunday, June 15, 2014

"When you understand the scriptures, you will understand the language of heaven" 06/09/2014

"When you understand the scriptures, you will understand the language of heaven"

His week has been a fast week I was in Blanding Utah for the week doing exchanges whit he sisters there. It was a blessing being able to go back to my first area. I saw a lot of people in church and I just have a certain love for the people they are so good and great members. Everywhere that I have served the members are great.

I was only in my area this Tuesday and Thursday it all went great, the family that we are teaching are getting interviewed today and we hope that they will be getting baptized this Friday. Also we have the mission tour coming up this Thursday and Elder Carlson from the 2nd quorum of the seventy will be coming and training the missionaries. I’m very excited to go. 

This is the last week of the transfer and we will be getting transfer news this Saturday. It’s going to be a very busy week but that’s why I love missionary work because I am always busy doing the lords work!!

The Dog 06/02/2014

" The purpose of the gospel is to make bad men good and good men better and to change human nature" This week I was pondering about how the gospel really has changed me a lot and how I desire it for everyone specifically those who I truly love. I know that it will change them, I know that it will help them, it simply brings great blessings that were missing. I'm thankful that I don't have to live in a world without guidance and direction from God and through the tools he has given us. I had the opportunity to fast this Sunday and  as I pleaded with the Lord for a very specific thing I knew without a doubt that he would answer me, as we went to church I had the feeling to bear my testimony and it’s funny how the lord works in mysterious ways because I was able to answer my own prayer, it made me laugh but also feel his love as I sat back down in the congregation I realized that there will be moments in our life when we are praying and fasting for something very direct, and in the end we already know the answer. Everything is according to his will not ours if we could just understand that principle many people would remove the anger they have towards our father in heaven or towards life, As we endure we shall receive eternal life and that is what I look forward too.

This week has gone really fast, we have a family who will be getting baptized next week hopefully they are very true top the gospel and they all have strong testimonies. It’s a blessing being able to teach the gospel! This week on Saturday we went tracting a lot we were able to come in contact with 11 people and though we are almost done talking with everyone we were able to give some book of Mormons out to those that were willing to at least look through it. The young girl we are teaching is doing great someone went to go pick her up for church and it turns out she was already at church she walked. It taught me that when someone knows this to be true or knows that it is a good thing they would do anything to be able to have it in their lives.

We had an interesting event happen to all of us we were going to go pick up our dinner calendar and the members had left town and asked us to go in their home and get it, We entered their home and the dog came in, little did we know that this dog did not want to go outside anymore we went straight to his bed, my companions were trying to get it out and it started to growl at us we noticed that it’s had already been about 8 minutes that we were trying to get this dog out. I then thought of my mother I told my companions hey my mom gets everything out with the broom/mop so I ran to go get it. The dog still would not get up he just laid like a dead fish on the ground. We tried a laundry basket we tried everything and it would not get out, Then one of my companions grabbed the vacuum and we all know that dogs hate vacuums so we turned it on and it was not scared it wanted to eat the vacuum it ran to its bed and lad there then I told my comp to put the vacuum on top of the dog and it looked like if the dog was getting a massage he liked it!!! Then finally we kept pushing it with the vacuum until it ran off out the door. My question is how many ways is there to get a dog out of the house?? I think we tried almost all of them.

-Sister Daniela Nava

Monday, May 26, 2014

Going back to an old area 05/26/2014

This week has gone very fast. This Sunday we had the chance to be really busy in the work and all of the lessons went great! We had our investigators who are preparing for baptism come to church and they are all progressing a lot.
We were in Durango and pagaso springs this week for exchanges, it was really neat going back to an old area that I served in it felt good to know that the people there still have great missionaries! It was a neat feeling driving up to Durango and having flash backs of all the things I experienced in that area it was a good reminder that the work is the same everywhere.
Our area is going great we are almost done talking to everyone who lives here but I know that the lord will help us to continue to have more work for us to do if we do our part. It’s a blessing being in this area its teaching me how to be more patient with the work. The branch here is amazing they are full of love and service.
We are actually teaching a 10 yr. old who is very smart in the gospel and comes to primary by herself, she is an example to me that when you are converted to the gospel you would do anything and everything for it

There are many tender mercies that I’m experiencing on my mission and I can’t believe that 15 months have passed so quickly I still can’t believe I am almost home. My mission has really taught me a lot and in not perfect and I will never be but I know that I can try my hardest.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Coming home September 2nd instead of the 10th (May19th)

"Pride is the handle that fits all of Satan's tools" One of my favorite quotes ever!!

So this week has been great we were able to have our investigators attend church and 2 of them got approved for baptism! The work is slowly picking up here but all is going great! Like I mentioned we have the opportunity to do a lot of service and I got to learn how to chop wood and how to milk a goat! I know my future husband really will love me now that I know how to do all of that!

This week we were able to spend our Sunday in paradox and it was so new to me that there is only 12 members but they are all so very strong! The talks were amazing!!!

We have been having great lessons with some less actives. We had the chance to watch a conference talk with one of our investigators and it’s so wonderful to hear President Boyd k. Packer testify of our loving Savior it was a treat watching it again. During the lessons he told us that he already knew that this was the truth. I know that for many people it simply just takes a few steps before they know it to be true and I know for myself that I didn't receive a huge answer when I was wanting to know, I simply accepted the gospel and I have let it lead my life and serving a mission is where my heavenly father wants me to be.

New information to all: I just found out that I am actually coming home September 2nd instead of the 10th, my mission president has a mission president seminar on the 10th and he does not want to miss our departing testimonies so it is approved that all of the missionaries going home on the 10th will now be coming home on the 3rd. Time is flying by!

Mike the road kill is everywhere!!

1st week in Paradox

Well this week was my 1st week in Paradox and La Sal. It is a very beautiful area. The people here are great and they are all very kind. Missionary work here consists of a lot of service opportunities, which is a lot of fun we get to learn a lot of new things like branding cows!

So far we have been getting great lessons with some less actives and it’s so powerful whenever we teach the restoration it strengthens me a lot and helps me to realize how true this church is. I also found a new Spanish family, I just love how every time I enter a new area there is always Spanish speaking opportunities. So far everything is going great we are starting our exchanges pretty soon with the sisters in Utah, Durango and Pagoda springs so it will be a very busy transfer.

This area I very different I wake up to cows mooing in the morning and there is no such thing as an alarm ringing in the morning because the cows have that in control!! It’s been pretty cold here it snowed on mother’s day just a bit on the mountains but soon it will be warm.

TRANSFER NEWS: Paradox Colorado May 5

TRANSFER NEWS: I’m going to Paradox Colorado I heard it’s beautiful but there is no Walmart, no gas station, and the population is 140 and there is 12 members in our branch! I’m really excited to serve there and I believe this is my last area but it’s all up to the lord! I love Kirtland so very much it has changed me and I will always hold that area close to my heart all of the friendships I have made and the many good people that are there I surely will miss but I know that the Lord needs me in another area, wherever the lord sends me I am more than happy to do it! I have come to realize that we really can’t see what the lord has in store for us, but we can know what he has when we do his will with a heart full of happiness.

This last week in Kirtland has been amazing! We had a baptism with Mercedes. She is so cute and was very excited to be a member of this church. At her baptism the spirit bore witness to me that this is the true church of Jesus Christ. We also where able to find some new investigators.

We had the opportunity to do exchanges all the way in page Arizona. I haven’t been to Arizona in such a long time but it was fun to serve there for a day. Page is a beautiful place! But I think im stuck in Kirtland! I truly love this area! We have had much success in it. I also get to be over 4 new areas as a sister training leader! I get to be over Durango, Blanding and Pagoda springs! I’m excited to go and have exchanges there!

I will be arriving to Paradox on Tuesday afternoon

One of my favorite things I got to do in Kirtland was how to pray in Navajo and I’m glad I finally got it!

Windy Storm April 28th


This week was a fast week but it has been a week full of pretty different experiences!!! How do I even begin... well we had exchanges this week Saturday and me and the sister that I was out with we were walking and we got out of a lesson and continued to walk to find some people as we were walking a storm approached us and I’m not talking about a windy storm it was the most terrifying storm I have ever been in especially outside, there was tumble weeds and rocks and dirt hitting us we ran from road to road not knowing where to go our car was back home and we were a couple of miles away. The storm would not allow us to even move, we then huddled to a car and waited to see when the storm would stop and as we were waiting a family saw us from their trailer and they told us to hurry and come in so we ran and went I not knowing them but then as I was entering the home I knew this home looked familiar and it was a trailer that we had traced into and they were not interested in our message, I laughed inside because I knew that they would realize who we were. We then started to talk to them about what we believed and they did open up they asked very good questions and we were able to answer them. It made me realize in the end that it didn’t matter if in the end they were not interested, what mattered was that me and my companion were able to plant a seed.

This week we also had another interesting experience, we were walking and we went to go see if one of our investigators was home he ended up not being home, we assume he was at work but as we left his front door we came across a dog who look very hurt we tried helping it calm down. We then heard our investigators home open and it was his wife who had never before talked to us and told us that she was not interested. It ended up being her dog and she only spoke Spanish and I was able to talk to her and build that relationship as time went on she ended up telling us how she just lost a loved one and how she really had no knowledge of what will happen after death I was able to tell her that, that is what we as missionaries teach about, she had a light in her eyes and she said well next time you come and teach my husband come and teach me too  “ come and get me out of my doubts” (Lord I believe; help thou mine unbelief). I thought to myself how many of us have doubts that we live with and how in the end there are so many out in the world who are confused but I know that we do have a loving God who provides us with answers and direction I’m thankful that I have the opportunity to have this calling to teach the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.
This week we also had 2 of our investigators get on baptismal date for June we will be having a baptism this Saturday and we had 5 investigators at church this Sunday!!The work here is going great and I love this area with all my heart! Let’s hope now I don’t get transferred this next week, we receive news on Saturday the 3rd and transfers are on Tuesday!

Monday, April 21, 2014

HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!! :) 04/21/2014

HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!! :)
 I hope everyone had a great Easter I know I did! I got to dye eggs with a family it was so neat to do I haven't done that in years I think I actually have only done it once in 2nd grade so it felt nice to do it again. I love what Easter really is all about. I know that my savior lives and because he does I can too it really is only because of him. I don't ever remember not believing in Jesus Christ I grew up in a home that had good beliefs and my mom always taught me about him and it feels good to say that I really do know my savior.

This week has been great, we had a new investigator we picked up, we were tracting and we met her and she let us visit her. It’s so interesting how there are many out there that don't know that they have a loving father in heaven or they don't understand who god really is. To me and to all of the members in this church is a very familiar principle but it’s sad to know that there are some out there that don't know, but I'm thankful for the privilege it is to go to the doors of the searching and teach them. And that's what we were able to help her understand she told us of how grateful she was that she invited us back.

we also had a great lesson on Alma 32 and how we need to put our faith to action and we will receive answers and direction! Our entire week was really busy and we have a baptism coming up in 2 weeks we hope! Everything is going great in this area, and we had 4 investigators at church!

We are asked to be productive 04/14/2014

"We are asked to be productive in the things that are pleasing to god --- living to serve and persevering in things of eternal value" This made my week it made me realize that as missionaries and members we have to be using time wisely and doing things that will help our brothers and sisters. The lord has only asked of us to love our father in heaven and to love others, and its unique that if we love god and love others then we will be lead to want to share the gospel with others because we simply love them.

This week has been a great week we had great success in our work and we had a lot of members come to our lessons, It’s important that you pray and ask who would be the best member for this certain investigator and become their fellow shipper, to me having a member at our lessons isn't to say we had one it’s to help heavenly fathers child to progress. It feels so nice going to church and having several investigators attend and not having to worry if they will sit alone at church or feel uncomfortable. The members here are great I love this area and the people we are teaching are all doing great.

We finally were able to teach a Hispanic man who speaks some English, enough to teach him in both languages it we were able to teach him where we go after this life. It was really neat to talk with him and hear him say he has been reading from the book of Mormon, and he told us all about the things he read and he is slowly being converted by the lord and the Holy Ghost.

transfers are coming up we are now in week 4 of the 6 weeks in the transfers I'm hoping to stay in this area for a while!!