Sunday, August 10, 2014

08/10/2014 Family Pictures

This week has been the most busiest week, on Wednesday we had an appointment every single hour and the rest of the week we have been just so busy knocking doors and teaching, its great but at the end of the day both me and sister Clark are very excited to see our beds haha I love being tired because I know we are working very hard. In the mornings we go out to run and its getting pretty chilly in the mornings, a lot of the people here are getting ready for winter and we were able to help hall wood with the ward.

We had a really fun activity our ward mission leader had a really neat idea to help us find more investigators and he said back in his mission they would have free family pictures and they would put the family proclamation on it and when we deliver it to them they would let us in and they taught them about families how they can be together forever. So that's what we did we passed out flyers for about three weeks and we had a pretty good turn out and a lot of us were able to get families to go teach, it really was the neatest idea, some people were from different areas but we still took their picture because we know that will help the other missionaries to receive referrals.

 We went tracting and we found a family that was really nice they let us in and we invited them to the picture activity and they should up and we were able to teach them yesterday and they are coming to church today, The lord really leads us and guides us to what house we need to knock on, Missionary work is my absolute favorite thing to do, it’s not a habit to go and knock and teach but it’s a part of who I am. 

Also we almost got eaten by a dog tracting it’s probably the scariest thing when we go tracting these dogs don't care about the treats we give them I think we might be there treat they want!!!!

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