Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Pink Trailer

"None of the separations describe thus far inflict the kind of pain that results from sin. Sin separates us from the preserve of the lord and the influence of the Holy Ghost, I conclude that our most painful separation are those that exist between ourselves and god and between ourselves and our more Christ like natures."----- I read this ensign article during my personal study and it’s so true that when we separate ourselves from our loving heavenly father it affects our spirit. I have seen people on my mission that are lost and confused and have no way of knowing how to regain that relationship with their father in heaven, I know with out a doubt that the lord is on our side and he will always be, if we find our selves feeling like we don’t have a relationship with him we need to start now in developing one.

TRANSFER NEWS: I will be staying here in Durango for another transfer with the same companion sister Lewis. She is amazing and has taught me so many things. They are now having missionaries stay in their areas for a long time about 8 months in an area. I have a feeling that I will be here for quite some time but I know that it’s because the lord wants me here to finish the work that we have started.

This week has been such an amazing week. We had a great spiritual experience. "The pink trailer"
Our day began with some service and then proceeded on to some lessons the night before we were making some plans on what to do we both felt for the last time we should knock on the pink trailer. Now let’s not forget this pink trailer we have been knocking on sense the end of august when I got into this area. We decided to go back and knock this time expecting someone to be home. As we went in the evening we knocked and a young teenage girl answered the door we asked if her mother was home and we hear the mom say" oh let those girls come in" we were a little shocked because she hadn’t even seen us or met us but we walked in. She told us she had just been in a car accident and she wasn’t doing so great, as we talked to her I was confused I had the impression she had been in contact with missionaries before, so I asked, and she looked puzzled she said no I have never ever had missionaries overs.." you mean you guys aren’t the people that my friend said she was going to send from the Baptist church?. Knowing we were not hem we simple explained to her that we felt we should come to her home and hat we were sorry we were not them. She then laughed and we asked if we could share a message, we are now going to meet with her this week. It’s amazing how the lord works in mysterious ways and how he has a sense of humor. This lady expected people from a different church and how funny that we show up, it was perfect timing. I know the lord prompted us to not give up on this pink trailer and he truly prepared her.

This week we also had the opportunity to participate in a youth conference and all of us full time missionaries, were able to teach them and help them get comfortable with sharing the gospel it was neat because we all got to do a musical number and we sang " we'll bring the world his truth" I had the most powerful feeling in my soul that I was supposed to be here and I was truly called by a prophet of god. I love those random spiritual confirmations that uplift me and help me to proceed on with the work.

This Sunday we had the bets Navajo tacos this family made them out of wheat and they were amazing. Who would have ever thought a mission keeps you happy with food and the spirit :)

-sister Nava

how we deal with the things we experience is up to us

"How we deal with the things we experience is up to us, it’s our decision not to become bitter, it makes all difference in our ability to heal, it’s not so much of what happens to us but how we deal with what happens to us"- It’s so important that we never feel  like the lord has forsaken us. We go through hard times in life to become something even better. Life obviously isn’t easy but it can be if you rely on your savior. “Surely he has borne our grief and carried our sorrows". The lord has given us the opportunity to be happy and to rely on him. Why not use it, why not use his help? I know that as we rely on the lord things will be less heavy on our shoulders.

This week has been a great on. We have been teaching a teenage young man and we met with him yesterday. His parents are converts to the church and they are preparing to get sealed in the temple. He isn’t a member yet but as we have met with him he tells us that he really does want a family for eternity and it’s so powerful how the lord works on his children’s hearts. He really has the desire to be baptized and I know that what elder Holland said is true you don’t need to know it’s alright if you just believe. I know that to be true I remember the day when the missionaries asked me to be baptized and all I said was sure, I never knew that a simple yes or a nod would change my life forever and the life of my family. I know this church to be true.

This week we were able to provide a lot of service for others and it was such a neat thing to do. We met a women that lives in a small trailer we noticed she didn’t have electricity or running water or a bathroom, but she seems so happy with what she has. We all sometimes feel like we need and want things that are just materialistic and we need to remember that when we pass on to the next life that we are not going to take our cars or home but only our knowledge, I hope and pray that all of our knowledge is centered on Jesus Christ. I know that the lord has not forgotten this women that he helps her each and every day and he is on her right and on her left and he loves her so very much

-sister Nava

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Faith in them

"who are we to say that a certain child of god can not change, we need to have faith in them believe in them and pray for them." I know this to be true the lord will always help his children return back to him. The church is so true.  Everyday i have the ability to testify to people of the truth that changed my life and how it can help them. There are days where no one listens but that helps me to strengthen my testimony.
This week has been amazing, we had exchanges Whit some of the other sisters Saturday.  We were tracting at the end of the last trailer me and the other sister looked at each other and said "lets go back to the green trailer" as we knocked an older lady answered the door she said she was familiar with missionaries, i asked her if we could share a message she let us in and she pulled out a bag with the entire gospel library with a book of Mormon and everything you could possibly imagine. we were shocked and she said i just need help and i want to know that this is true but i don't know yet. i know that the lord wanted us to go back she was prepared for us and in life if we don't listen to those promptings we miss out on blessings or on helping others come closer to their savior. I know that we can help this woman that day we were able to find 4 new investigator who are willing to learn more I'm thankful for the opportunity it is to be on a mission. it is not easy that's for sure, but it is worth it. i love the tender mercies of the lord they are amazing.
I cant explain how a mission changes you for the better but it has taught me the pure doctrine of forgiveness and it has helped me to realized that there is no one that will ever be a spiritual victim because everyone will hear the word of God and i cannot wait till my loved ones hear about it. I often ask my self how is this not true!!? i know it and i love it.We are all blessed with the gospel

                 - Sister Daniela Nava

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Willing to move your feet

"Don't ask the lord to guide your foot steps if your not willing to move your feet"- This week on Sunday the relief society had a great lesson on how we need to act on the things we are prompted to do. I have realized that in life if we don't act there are times we miss out on blessings. In life when we want to talk to heavenly father we pray but when we want to know what he will say we search and ponder the scriptures.The Book of Mormon is there to guide and inspire us in our lives search it live it and apply it. The teachings in the gospel of Jesus Christ are so powerful and true, as a missionary i get to see how people use there agency everyday, and i can only imagine how our heavenly father feels when we don't make the choices we should be making. I'm most positive it hurts our father in heaven when we disobey him and when we go through hard times he lets us be angry and upset, he lets us express our selves how we feel before he comforts us. I know that to be true and it has helped me even as a missionary.
This week we had a great lesson in Spanish on Saturday. I was able to teach them the plan that their heavenly father has for them. During the lesson i realized how important it is to rely on the holy ghost because whit out it i can not teach. Its hard enough to teach by my self but its amazing how the spirit puts words in my mouth that i have never before thought of. The lord loves his children and is using us as missionaries as instruments. This woman and young men remind me of how much the lord loves his children. They started off whit nothing and had no where to live and they told us that it was God helping them because now they have all that they need and in life we need to realize that we may have all that we need and not see that we do.
I received a letter from less active member that i taught in my last area, and he said " if you can change my hard pride full heart then you can change any one" and i know that it was nothing to do whit me i know that it was the holy ghost and I'm thankful that he made the decision to change he is getting his patriarchal blessing and had the opportunity to go to general conference. How great is the gospel that can change all of our hearts if we have a willing and open mind to it. Its amazing to hear his story on how he changed and I'm thankful that i was able to be an instrument in the lords hands to help his lost sheep and return to him.
My mission has changed me in and out and its a privilege on how i can help others

- Sister Daniela Nava