Monday, April 21, 2014

HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!! :) 04/21/2014

HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!! :)
 I hope everyone had a great Easter I know I did! I got to dye eggs with a family it was so neat to do I haven't done that in years I think I actually have only done it once in 2nd grade so it felt nice to do it again. I love what Easter really is all about. I know that my savior lives and because he does I can too it really is only because of him. I don't ever remember not believing in Jesus Christ I grew up in a home that had good beliefs and my mom always taught me about him and it feels good to say that I really do know my savior.

This week has been great, we had a new investigator we picked up, we were tracting and we met her and she let us visit her. It’s so interesting how there are many out there that don't know that they have a loving father in heaven or they don't understand who god really is. To me and to all of the members in this church is a very familiar principle but it’s sad to know that there are some out there that don't know, but I'm thankful for the privilege it is to go to the doors of the searching and teach them. And that's what we were able to help her understand she told us of how grateful she was that she invited us back.

we also had a great lesson on Alma 32 and how we need to put our faith to action and we will receive answers and direction! Our entire week was really busy and we have a baptism coming up in 2 weeks we hope! Everything is going great in this area, and we had 4 investigators at church!

We are asked to be productive 04/14/2014

"We are asked to be productive in the things that are pleasing to god --- living to serve and persevering in things of eternal value" This made my week it made me realize that as missionaries and members we have to be using time wisely and doing things that will help our brothers and sisters. The lord has only asked of us to love our father in heaven and to love others, and its unique that if we love god and love others then we will be lead to want to share the gospel with others because we simply love them.

This week has been a great week we had great success in our work and we had a lot of members come to our lessons, It’s important that you pray and ask who would be the best member for this certain investigator and become their fellow shipper, to me having a member at our lessons isn't to say we had one it’s to help heavenly fathers child to progress. It feels so nice going to church and having several investigators attend and not having to worry if they will sit alone at church or feel uncomfortable. The members here are great I love this area and the people we are teaching are all doing great.

We finally were able to teach a Hispanic man who speaks some English, enough to teach him in both languages it we were able to teach him where we go after this life. It was really neat to talk with him and hear him say he has been reading from the book of Mormon, and he told us all about the things he read and he is slowly being converted by the lord and the Holy Ghost.

transfers are coming up we are now in week 4 of the 6 weeks in the transfers I'm hoping to stay in this area for a while!!

Monday, April 7, 2014

She was called to this earth to be my mother 04/07/2014


Well so far everything has been going great in this area! The work was a little slow this week but every day we come home with a smile on our faces and knowing that good things will come. This week we will be starting our exchanges and it will continue all the way till the end of this transfer so we will be very busy. I don’t think I have told you all about my companion her name is Sister Baird and she is from Idaho she is a very nice companion and I’m trying to convince her to move to Arizona!! I love serving with and in this area!

We had a very great training on agency and how it’s really all up to us if we want to make a difference in our personal lives. We choose to be angry and we choose to be sad, there are all different kind of choices out in the world and its powerful how in a just a few seconds of making a choice it can change your life forever. We were visiting with some fewer actives natives we had a lesson with them. It was neat to hear them say that they had gone to the temple and how they could not deny the feeling and spirit that was there and how it strengthen their testimony, he said no matter how much people try to say it is not true it will always be the way. I know that, that is truth being spoken by heavenly father’s child.

Sense the day I got in this area we had been knocking on this certain trailer and it has been about 3 months until finally someone was home. We were able to meet with her and her daughter and she thanked us for never giving up on her home she isn’t very active in the church but she shared with us her strong testimony and we were able to make an appointment for this coming week to meet with her.

This week I have been in the book of alma and I was reading about the 2,000 stripling warriors and how they did not doubt their mothers knew it, I thought to myself how true that is in my life my mother is a strong woman and when she did not have the gospel in her life nor in mine, she still taught us to do what is right. Never did she ever teach me anything wrong, in my eyes she is the best mother ever. I often think about the struggles she had to go through and the trails I had to help her in but I know with all my heart that she was called to this earth to be my mother to teach me and it is because of her faith that was able to help me join this church and now on a mission. I know that my mom is a true example. I couldn’t have done anything in my life with her and my heavenly fathers support.

Woman General conference 03/31/2014

I was reading in Jesus the Christ this week and I came across a passage that really hit me it said " a redeemer and Savior of mankind is beyond all question essential to the realization of the plan of the eternal father, " to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man" and that redeemer and Savior is Jesus the Christ besides whom there is and can be none other" It made me actually understand the role of Christ there is no way we can be cleansed, saved and forgiven if it wasn't for Jesus Christ. I'm thankful to be able to testify to others that our message is really centered on Jesus Christ.

This Sunday we had 6 investigators attend church and they all styed for the 3 hours of church. It was a Sunday where everyone had a smile on their face and how much I can see the gospel bless them. Our investigators all have a friend to fellowship them and I cannot think of a better area to be serving in, the ward is so kind and the work is pressing forward.

We had the opportunity to watch the Woman General conference this Saturday and I love how whenever I go with certain questions my heavenly father seems to always answer my prayer and questions. I felt the spirit throughout the entire broadcast and by the very end of it I and my companion looked the same red eyes but a huge smile on our face. There are moments when I feel like I need an extra push and I was able to get that spiritual feeding that I really needed.

Kirtland has been very windy which makes it difficult but we have been having really great lessons with all our investigators and they are all progressing.