Monday, July 29, 2013

In life we choose for our selves

"Obedience to Law is Liberty... men and women receive their agency as a gift from God, but in liberty, and in truth, their eternal happiness comes from obedience to his laws."- L. Tom Perry
In life we choose for our selves, God has given us the privilege to make our own decisions and even though sometimes in our life we make bad decisions,our loving Heavenly Father has provided our savior Jesus Christ. I know that the atonement can heal anyone who desires to have a mighty change of heart. when we truly repent we have no desire to do evil, let us use our agency the way the Lord used his. We need to remember that its important not only to know where He lives but how He lives. We need to live the gospel to strengthen our weaknesses.
This week was a great week we had another baptism of young boy 10 yrs old. His mom is a convert to the church and when she found us she couldn't wait to have us teach her son. It all started with teaching her youngest girl, she had told us that she was 8 and that she needed help getting her little girl familiar with the saviors teaching, we then started to teach her family. The little girl was very excited to be baptized and so was the young boy. 2 days before their baptism she told us that she found out that her little girl was actually 7 not 8. This made me and my companion laugh we were all laughing because the young girl had told us that she was 7 and her mom said that wasn't true until she checked her birth certificate. I bet being a mother is hard i hope i can remember how old my child is when i have them.. Long story short the young boy was still baptized but his little sister was not.  she was upset at first but i know that heavenly father let this happened so that when she is 8 years old she can be even more excited to make a promise to her heavenly father and be baptized.
Its amazing being able to go to church and seeing all of the people i have taught at church they are fully converted. It makes my mission worth it to be able to see heavenly fathers children change and receive the blessings from this gospel. I love the people that i meet and i know that the holy ghost prompts me and my companion to find them.
- sister nava lava

Monday, July 22, 2013

Keep pressing forward with faith.

I know that heavenly father knows of all the things we all need but he wants us to come unto him and ask him. As a missionary i feel like i have gone closer to my heavenly father , this mission has changed me and i know that i still have a lot to learn. I have been out for 5 months and i have let the savior transform me into a different person. I see life differently and i know that we all have to help each other endure to the end. Keep pressing forward with faith.
This week we had a baptism of a young girl that's 10 yrs old. She has been taught for awhile sense march but i know that the Lord has his timing for everyone. Being able to see her make that step was a great experience she really is fully converted and i know that she can make it to the temple one day and not settle for less. It was neat to see her family their and the support they had for her . She looked beautiful that following Sunday dressed in white, i know that the next time she will be dressed in white will be when she takes that step to go to the temple. She said that her life has been changed and i do believe that.

A spiritual experience that we had this week was being able to meet with a woman that never was interested. the Lord for sure has his timing. She is a less active woman that i met when i came out on march she never really wanted to come back to the church, until this week! She set an appointment  with us and  we came over and this woman has been through a lot and she was crying as soon as she opened the door. She looked at me and my companion in the eyes and said" how do you know that this church is true?" i felt the spirit so very strong as i testified to her of what i know and she was able to feel it as well. She asked everyone about the church if it was true and one thing that i realized that she hadn't asked her loving heavenly father as we invited her to ask, she knew that was the only way she could come to know for her self. I know God sent her to us on his timing and even though she is a member i know we can  help her get back into it. Some times in life we know not because we ask not. we need to take the time and plead with the Lord and to truly humble our selves. we are meeting with her this week and she has 4 kids and one of them wants to be baptized. the gospel brings eternal happiness and i know that there are many who are searching for that if we simply ask our father he will lead us to whatever thing he wants for us.
This next Saturday we are having another baptism of a young girl that is 8yrs old  she is amazing and its been a pleasure to be able to teach her. We are very excited to see her enter the waters of baptism as well. her mom is a convert and she a very strong in the church, and she is a wonderful mother that wants the best for her kids. We are also teaching her son he is10 yrs old and he will be getting baptized late august!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


"If you're not a full-time missionary with a missionary badge pinned on your coat, now is the time to print one on your heart---painted, as Paul said "not with ink, but with the spirit of the living God"-Elder Neil L. Anderson
I know that missionary work is so important because we have a great responsibility to help others come closer to Christ their Savior.
This week me and my companion were teaching a young native couple, they are amazing. The young woman text us a couple of nights before we met them telling us that she was reading the Book of Mormon and came across a scripture that talked about having spiritual gifts and how we can use them to bless others, she then asked " what are my spiritual gifts and how i can i help others?" i know that she is slowly being converted by the Holy Ghost its amazing to know that she is reading on her own and she comes to Church. The same with the young man he has a strong belief that this is true and just like Elder holland stated this last conference its alright to just believe because soon it will develop into faith...As we are teaching them all i could think of was spaghetti and i wondered why i kept thinking that they needed spaghetti??.. The lesson proceeded to end and when we were about to leave i offered to ask them if it was okay if we brought them some sauce and noodles so they could make dinner,as soon as i said this my companion sister jeppson sai" NO WAY! i was thinking the same thing through out the lesson" little did we know that they had nothing to eat, i know that the holy ghost sometimes prompts us to things we feel weird or incapable of doing but one thing i do know is that some how i had noodles and sauce at our home. I know that we were able to help them in some way.  Its amzing how the spirit works through the both of us we were both thinking of this and i know it was the spirit. These young people don't have a lot  and they don't have a lot of furniture or anything but  what they do have is faith and they are both developing a testimony of the Book of Mormon. The young girl told us that one day she would love to serve the Lord like we are and i know that it can happen. they are both in there late 20's and we met them once again being lead by the holy ghost we felt like we needed to go to the park and there they were sitting on a bench. I know that this is true and that the gospel of Jesus Christ can transform people into something better.
Its a blessing being able to see all of the people we teach come closer to heavenly father!
I know that im living modern witness in word and deed of the divinity of this great and marvelous latter day work HOW GREAT IS MY CALLING!!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

We hope in jesus christ, in the goodness of god.

"we hope in Jesus Christ, in the goodness of god. Because God has been faithful and kept his promises in the past, we can hope with confidence that god will keep his promises to us in the present and in the future. In times of distress, we can hold tightly to the hope that things will work together for our own good"- President dieter f. uchtdorf
Well this week has been a great one. We are teaching a lot of natives and its amazing to testify to them that the Book of Mormon was written to them by their ancestors. My navajo is going well still learning, they say it is the hardest language to learn but i know with the Lord all things are possible.
This Sunday was fast Sunday and for the very first time our recent convert the Woman we taught went up a bored her testimony. It was the most powerful testimony that i have heard she knows that this church is the church of God and that's it is the only true one. As a missionary its a privilege to be able to wittiness someone that we taught  so strong and Wanting to go to the temple. I remember as she was walking up to share her testimony, i couldn't help but cry as i felt the tears going down my cheek i knew that if i wasn't on my mission who knows if she would have been baptized. i know that there are certain people that heavenly father has place in our paths to help and teach them the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This woman is amazing and her faith is unshakable.
 This week was also the 4th of July. In my area Blanding they celebrate the 4th of July like no other. The parade was amazing and seeing so many families come in unity was awesome. We got to talk to a lot of people and though being exhausted we still went out to work and i know that heavenly father blessed us that day with unplanned opportunities and that was a tender Mercie of the lord.
-sister Nava

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Zone conference was amazing

"When you know its true, that is all that matters." -I believe this quote is true, as a missionary there will be weeks that are amazing and there will be weeks that nothing goes right but when you know that what you are doing is true it makes it all worth it.

This week we were able to attend zone conference and it was amazing the spirit was very strong and we are all there to help each other improve and to learn more of the gospel. This week is also 4th of July and all of the elders and sisters will be in the parade! We even get a free booth to set up and have people who are interested come and learn more. I know that the Lord provides us with unplanned opportunities and we need to be able to discern the promptings of the Holy Ghost which will always lead us to something good. I have realized on my mission how amazing the promptings of the Holy Ghost are. Being on a mission has really helped me understand many things that I hope I can take back home. I realized I have a lot of missionary work to do back home but the Lord is preparing me here now so that when I do go home I can help others come closer to our loving redeemer Jesus Christ.

We have been teaching a lot of new people which is very exciting. The Lord is making his vineyard grow! We have been teaching a young girl about 10 and she is amazing. She has been taught for awhile but the Lord has his perfect timing for all of his children. We have also been teaching a young lady about 23 and she has a young daughter. She has been to church for almost 2 months and when we taught her the Law of tithing she wanted to pay the next Sunday. I know that she knows this church is true and we are working with her to be able to be baptized. This young lady has so much potential and I know that we knocked on her door 3 months ago for a reason. She has been transformed and she keeps pressing forward with faith. I know that I have been called to this place for a reason and when I'm able to see people change it is a blessing.

Let us all keep pressing forward in faith. Our Heavenly Father knows of all the things we need before we even ask him but we must humble ourselves and realize that we all have weaknesses and we cannot overcome anything with out his help.

-Sister Nava