Monday, July 29, 2013

In life we choose for our selves

"Obedience to Law is Liberty... men and women receive their agency as a gift from God, but in liberty, and in truth, their eternal happiness comes from obedience to his laws."- L. Tom Perry
In life we choose for our selves, God has given us the privilege to make our own decisions and even though sometimes in our life we make bad decisions,our loving Heavenly Father has provided our savior Jesus Christ. I know that the atonement can heal anyone who desires to have a mighty change of heart. when we truly repent we have no desire to do evil, let us use our agency the way the Lord used his. We need to remember that its important not only to know where He lives but how He lives. We need to live the gospel to strengthen our weaknesses.
This week was a great week we had another baptism of young boy 10 yrs old. His mom is a convert to the church and when she found us she couldn't wait to have us teach her son. It all started with teaching her youngest girl, she had told us that she was 8 and that she needed help getting her little girl familiar with the saviors teaching, we then started to teach her family. The little girl was very excited to be baptized and so was the young boy. 2 days before their baptism she told us that she found out that her little girl was actually 7 not 8. This made me and my companion laugh we were all laughing because the young girl had told us that she was 7 and her mom said that wasn't true until she checked her birth certificate. I bet being a mother is hard i hope i can remember how old my child is when i have them.. Long story short the young boy was still baptized but his little sister was not.  she was upset at first but i know that heavenly father let this happened so that when she is 8 years old she can be even more excited to make a promise to her heavenly father and be baptized.
Its amazing being able to go to church and seeing all of the people i have taught at church they are fully converted. It makes my mission worth it to be able to see heavenly fathers children change and receive the blessings from this gospel. I love the people that i meet and i know that the holy ghost prompts me and my companion to find them.
- sister nava lava

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