Monday, March 24, 2014

How he learns best (March 24th)

“And now, O my son, ye are called of God to preach the word unto this people. And now, my son, go thy way, declare the word with truth and soberness, that thou mayest bring souls unto repentance, that the great plan of mercy may have claim upon them. And may God grant unto you even according to my words. Amen" I was reading in Alma this week and i love this scripture because it reminded me of my purpose as a missionary and how it really is to help people realize the plan that God has for them.”

This week has been a very fast week but it was great! We had a baptism. It was two young children. We have been teaching them for a while and it was neat to see them enter the waters of baptism. It all turned out very well, the most spiritual part was when they got confirmed in sacrament meeting. Its powerful it listen to someone bless  heavenly fathers children and bless them to one day go on a mission or to get married in the temple and as a missionary i can picture that moment and it brings tears of happiness.

We have 5 investigators that are really progressing and they all want to come to church. I was really happy to receive transfer news when i heard that i will be staying in my area again. I truly love this area it has so much work tats has to be done and I’m grateful to still be with my companion sister Baird. We strive to be always busy and many spiritual experiences come our way. I have noticed that i have not been tired, i have jumped out of my bed with a smile on my face and it’s because i really do want to serve the Lord and enjoy my mission.

We were teaching a young man the plan of salvation and as we were teaching him he wasn't really listening or we suppose not understanding the lesson, so we stopped our teaching and asked him how he learns best and he told us by seeing it and so we were able to teach him according to his needs with pictures and trying to make it more interesting for him, and it made me realize how important it is to teach people not lessons. During the lesson he was more interactive with us and he ended having questions and concerns which we love because it helps him learn through his own faith. it was a really neat thing to experience and there are moments that it’s important to just stop the lesson and see if they are even understanding your message because if they aren’t there is no way they can developed the testimony of the gospel.

He wanted a better future (March 17th)

Well this week has gone very fast! I feel like the less time you have on your mission the faster it goes its going way too fast but I love it and even though I have never before felt this tired in my life it means so much that I’m serving a mission and it has really shaped me into something that I wouldn't have became if it wasn't for my mission. It’s really neat to read my journal from last year in March and see how much I have grown in my testimony.

This week we were able to have 3 new investigators added to our teaching pool. They all are very promising and it’s just powerful that they were prepared to listen to our message. We will be having a baptism hopefully this Saturday at 1.

One of the new investigators that we taught was really prepared. He is a younger boy about 16 and his grandma is a member. He really is having a struggle in his life and he told us that he wants to change and learn more about God; He said he wanted a better future and we know as missionaries that what we teach is a better future and better light. It brings happiness and we were able to teach him and the spirit there was strong. All of the people that we are teaching are doing so good they are coming to church regularly and they are slowly being converted.

This Sunday we also got a new referral it’s a lady that speaks Spanish. I have gained the testimony of all of my areas everywhere I go there is always a Spanish speaking person that is interested in the gospel and I have the privilege to teach them. I’m thankful for this area.

Transfer news is this Saturday I really hope I stay in this area :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Luckiest girl on Earth (March 10th)

This week has been a week of many spiritual experiences that have helped me realize why I’m out here. I feel like the luckiest girl on Earth being able to serve the Lord in this moment of my life. Everyday since I started my mission it has helped me see the light of Christ in others.  I witness miracles each and every day and I see people change for the better. This Sunday we had 5 investigators come to church and one of them during gospel principles shared an experience about how when he was feeling very down due to his divorce and he felt like God had forgotten him he said he went to the Book of Mormon and read in Alma about faith and being humble. Tears ran down my face as I listened to one of Heavenly Father’s child testify that he knows it’s true. He set the example for others in that room. When people go through hard times, the Book of Mormon is key.

This week I had the opportunity to go on exchanges, in Window Rock (St Michales) and we had the Gallup sisters come to our area. It all went great.  We were all able to go and serve and do the work. A feeling of urgency filled our area and we are able to see the results and blessings from that. In Window Rock, I was able to go out with a sister and we were driving to go see some less actives and we came across someone who was sitting on a hill. WE drove by but I felt like we should go back and share something. We then turned back and as we talked to him, he really needed an uplifting message.  We ended up talking about prayer and how it’s so important, That same week we were trained in district meeting about how we show someone how to pray and how saying a vocal prayer can be powerful, I felt we should to show him and we were able to get on our knees on a random hill while cars were passing and we offered a prayer.  He felt the spirit and he was in tears. I thank my Father in Heaven for allowing us to receive the promptings from the Holy Ghost and how special these blessings are. Window Rock is an amazing area.  I love it and I love my area.  I would love to finish my mission here!! It’s a blessing and the members are really trying to do missionary work! We had a member come up to us saying that her friends were ready to listen to the gospel in their home.  Our bishop gave us certain people to go see in the reservation!! The work is blossoming here!!

This week I was able to also be on bikes during our exchange. I love bikes but it was very hard going up certain hills and getting all sweaty. I literally felt like an ELDER!! :)

To bare my testimony in Navajo (March 3)

"Nevertheless, the children of God were commanded that they should gather themselves together oft, an join in fasting and mighty prayer in behalf of the welfare of the souls of those who knew not God"-Alma 6:6
I love this scripture it made me realize how important it is to fast for Heavenly Father’s children.  I never really understood the importance of it until my mission.  I can’t even describe in words how my mission has helped me.  It is something that I would recommend for every young woman who has the desires to serve to go on a mission.

This week we had a great week.  We had exchanges with the Gallup sisters and they are just so great we were able to have really great spiritual experiences and work hard! I love serving with other sisters in the mission they teach me so much and they help me improve!

This fast Sunday, I was able to bare my testimony in Navajo, and though I was nervous I did it!!! There was only about 10 members who speak Navajo and they all understood me so they say, but I really felt the spirit. Every time I share my testimony it builds me up and it helps me know why I am out here.  It gives me strength to keep going and working hard even when times get hard. The native members were telling me how I just need to add a "J.O" to my name then it will be SISTER NAVAJO.  It made me laugh because I have already butchered a goat and I have been dressed up in traditional clothing and I can sing in Navajo and I can make fried bread.  All I need is to actually be fluent in the language, hahah! I love this mission so very much.

This Saturday, it poured and hailed on us and we were tracting in the reservation and no one would answer their doors but it was really neat to be able to talk to those that did open up and even though they were not interested it helped me to want to keep working hard and in the end we were able to have a successful day, full of tender mercies of the Lord. It does not matter how the weather is for a missionary at least because all I want to do is simply work hard and help people come closer to their Savior Jesus Christ.

We are going to have a baptism on the 15th!! All is going so very well!!