Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Luckiest girl on Earth (March 10th)

This week has been a week of many spiritual experiences that have helped me realize why I’m out here. I feel like the luckiest girl on Earth being able to serve the Lord in this moment of my life. Everyday since I started my mission it has helped me see the light of Christ in others.  I witness miracles each and every day and I see people change for the better. This Sunday we had 5 investigators come to church and one of them during gospel principles shared an experience about how when he was feeling very down due to his divorce and he felt like God had forgotten him he said he went to the Book of Mormon and read in Alma about faith and being humble. Tears ran down my face as I listened to one of Heavenly Father’s child testify that he knows it’s true. He set the example for others in that room. When people go through hard times, the Book of Mormon is key.

This week I had the opportunity to go on exchanges, in Window Rock (St Michales) and we had the Gallup sisters come to our area. It all went great.  We were all able to go and serve and do the work. A feeling of urgency filled our area and we are able to see the results and blessings from that. In Window Rock, I was able to go out with a sister and we were driving to go see some less actives and we came across someone who was sitting on a hill. WE drove by but I felt like we should go back and share something. We then turned back and as we talked to him, he really needed an uplifting message.  We ended up talking about prayer and how it’s so important, That same week we were trained in district meeting about how we show someone how to pray and how saying a vocal prayer can be powerful, I felt we should to show him and we were able to get on our knees on a random hill while cars were passing and we offered a prayer.  He felt the spirit and he was in tears. I thank my Father in Heaven for allowing us to receive the promptings from the Holy Ghost and how special these blessings are. Window Rock is an amazing area.  I love it and I love my area.  I would love to finish my mission here!! It’s a blessing and the members are really trying to do missionary work! We had a member come up to us saying that her friends were ready to listen to the gospel in their home.  Our bishop gave us certain people to go see in the reservation!! The work is blossoming here!!

This week I was able to also be on bikes during our exchange. I love bikes but it was very hard going up certain hills and getting all sweaty. I literally felt like an ELDER!! :)

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