Sunday, January 26, 2014

Preserve and Endure

“This should be our purpose-- to preserve and endure, yes, but also to become more spiritually refined as we make our way through sunshine and sorrow. were it not for the challenges to overcome and problem solve, we would remain much as we are, with little or no progress toward our goal of eternal life " When we struggle wither it’s in our own life’s or missions or marriages we have to be willing to overcome these problems and become what our father in heaven wants us to be.

This week has been an awesome week! Full of miracles and wonderful experiences. We had zone conference and they trained us on how to introduce people to family history, as we got home from that meeting we were on our way to go see a woman who the sisters contacted her while it was on exchanges it was a referral form a member who knew her husband. this woman said to them she will never be Mormon but she let them in, that next time we saw her was after zone conference it had not met her yet, so it introduced myself and asked her what her name was it then asked her if she knew where her name came from, she said she had no idea but that her nephew did a lot of family history and went back to the 1500's, she then said  come in come in its cold, it was so powerful that she let us in again we asked her if it was okay to share a message and she agreed. it surprised us to hear a knock at the door it was the member who referred us to her, he was looking for her husband and he was snot home but we invited him to stay for the lessons and he did, it was such an awesome lesson full of the spirit! It was neat expedience that the lord allowed dues to have that day.

We are meeting with a woman and a man who are less actives and they are now coming back to church they are preparing to go to the temple. This woman has had the addiction of alcohol and today is her day 17 without any thing her and her husband are both supporting each other they have been coming to church for the last passed month and it’s so neat to see people change for the better. It gives me hope to know that any addiction that people may have can overcome it with the atonement. She testified in our lesson that the only way she can do this is with the lord’s help. How beautiful it is to know that he is our source and our savior. It’s impossible to overcome anything without him!

We had stake conference this Sunday and it was great! missionary work is string and our members are getting excited and thrilled to help us we had a young man come up to us and asked us if we would like to teach his friend at his house and we had another me member came up to us to introduce us to his nonmember friend and we are now as well meeting with him in their home. The work is so strong here and the members are trying to do their job!

This week it get to go to Gallup for exchanges with the sisters their it’s great to know that it get to work in these areas and have new experiences!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Leave the past behind

"Leave the past behind the, the past is written in stone and cannot be changed. focus your energy on today, for today you have power to choose to forgive... keep a place in your heart  for forgiveness  and when it comes, welcome it in"-- it’s so true that we need to have room to forgive there isn’t a time limit on when we need to forgive , the lord understands that when we have wounded hearts we need time to heal and all he wants us to do is to always have a place to forgive and when the time comes let the lord take over it.

This week was my first week that i actually got to do the exhange with the sisters, it was so neat to be able to help them and they were able to help me, I was in their area and we were able to teach some lessons and pick up and investigator, we were able to teach a lesson at the door, everything went well and it was such an amazing spiritual experience.

The work here is going great especially in Fruitland reservation, the people are so willing to listen to the gospel and their hearts are being prepared by the lord. I had some time to ponder about my mission and its incredible how much it has changed me for the better i know the gospel is true i ask myself how it cannot be. I also realized by this transfer i will hit my year being out on a mission i cannot describe how fast it goes but it’s so rewarding and i have learned so much.

we have some people that we are teaching on date for baptism, but there are times when it needs to be changed because we know that they have to be truly converted and it’s such a great feeling to see someone who your teaching and going up to the bishop and paying her tithing and she isn't even a member yet it’s comforting knowing that she is learning something and wants to become better and better.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Kirtland New Mexico

"wherever we are In life, there are times when all of us have challenges and struggles, although they are different for each they are common to all " I know this to be true I have seen so many people suffer and go through a lot but I know that there Is someone out there that has already experienced that trail and If not there Is that one who knows how we feel and that Is Jesus Christ

I love my new area Its in Kirtland New Mexico and I’m also serving in fruItland reservation.

This week has been great we are working with about 17 less active members, every area Is different and I know that heavenly father wants his children to return back to him  the work here Is going great, there has been many miracles happen In this last past week.

This week we have been In the reservations a lot we helped a member burn weeds and provide service for him they fed us something very Interesting It’s called " blue corn mush" It was  very different but It was tasty. We get to teach a lot of natives here and see their culture and traditions. The weather here is a lot warmer than my last area In Durango, It’s still chilly but I can handle it more. I’m in a trio and my comps are form Utah and California they are both so great and they love to serve the lord.

This area is a little smaller then Durango and Its nice the members are great they love missionary work. I have met some people that I have clicked with very well. I love how the lord always sends Spanish speakers in my path. We found a family that might be Interested In the gospel and we found some potentials as well that speak Spanish, I have never been so thankful to be able to speak Spanish. I truly know I was called to serve in this mission

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Durango was such a nice area!

TRANSFER NEWS:  I have been called to serve as a sister training leader In the mission It’s a calling to go out on exchanges and work with other sisters In their areas, I’m very excited to work In many different areas, I will also be In a trio and I will be serving In Kirtland reservations, I don’t know which ones yet I will be going to my new area tomorrow, I’m very excited to go there and to have different experiences, my mission has blessed me so much a didn’t It has taught me to never give up, this work Is the hardest work I have ever done but It’s so rewarding and It’s so helpful especially In the gospel.

This week was Christmas and it went very well we did a lot of service and we visited certain people that had no family nor friends to spend Christmas with. It was a tender mercies that on Christmas Eve and on Christmas day we were able to help people come closer to Christ. We found some people that would be Interested In learning more and they are coming to church I know that the lord does prepare his children.

Durango was such a nice area to serve in and it’s amazing how the work keeps going and pressing forward. There are certain people that I was teaching In Spanish but I know that the lord will provide a way for them to continue to receive more of it.

This woman I met through tracing and we became very good friends she reminds me of people I know from back home, It was neat being able to teach her and I’m thank full for the friendship that I was able to developed with certain people
The work is going great!!!

Christmas Tamales

"He who has Christmas In his heart will never find It under the tree" This has been my favorite Christmas quote because It Is so true, Christmas Is about serving others and showing love to heavenly fathers children. This year I was pondering how different of a Christmas It will be for 80,000 missionaries Including me, and It was comforting knowing that there are so many families that won’t have the same Christmas, but what a great Christmas It will be because the lord has his missionaries helping those find the true meaning of Christmas. I know with all my heart that even though it’s tough and it’s hard in the end it is so rewarding and worth it.

This week we had a me member ask us what our favorite Christmas tradition was and I love making homemade tamales with my family and sitting In the kitchen table laughing and cooking, she then asked If we could make tamales this Saturday so we did It was attender moment because even If It wasn’t with my family It still was with my mission family. I thank the lord each day for sending me out on a missions, it has made me realize how important the gospel really is and how much work there is to be done.

This week I also was able to giant a stronger testimony of the priesthood, not growing up with It was difficult because I had no Idea what It was, every day I get to experience something that strengthens me and It’s amazing how the lord still works on us missionaries to continue to developed more and more strengths In the gospel, so that we can go out and share to the world.

This week and the week to come will be a lot of knocking doors because everyone is busy but I know that it will teach me and my companion something, if we have the right desires to press forward and serve.

I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year and let us not wait for that new years to start something new let us start now, because the lord has asked of us to prepare now not later, I know that the son of god will come again to the earth and oh how sweet the joy It Is to know that he mad exit possible for us to return to our father which Is In heaven. 

When we don’t know the way to turn, Jesus Christ shows us the way

"When we don’t know the way to turn, Jesus Christ shows us the way"

This week has been a great week we had a baptism and it was so powerful. We met him through a head quarter referral, we played phone tag for about 2 months and finally we were able to meet with him, the lord does prepare his children when we met with him for the very 1st time he testified to us that he knew that this was true and so we then Invited him to be baptized. HIs family aren’t members but they all showed up to the baptism and the spirit there was so strong. I know that this work is true and He made such a huge step to join he has met with missionaries for 13 yrs. and finally he made his decision. I know that the 1st person that gave him a book of Mormon planted a seed and the 1st person that invited him to church, heavenly father used his children as Instruments to help him get closer to his savior.

This week I had the opportunity to gain a stronger testimony on fasting and the blessings that come from It, we were able to receive a great referral from some members and pick up some Investigators and we have someone else on date for baptism the work Is going great and It’s a miracle when the lord sends us to his children.

Durango Is not as cold It’s going well here transfers are In 2 weeks so I will let you all know if I get moved!

Thank you all for the birthday wishes it was such a tender mercies!!

Also at the baptism it was so neat I was able to see one of my old Investigators at hanks baptism it was a precious moment and the worries