Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Durango was such a nice area!

TRANSFER NEWS:  I have been called to serve as a sister training leader In the mission It’s a calling to go out on exchanges and work with other sisters In their areas, I’m very excited to work In many different areas, I will also be In a trio and I will be serving In Kirtland reservations, I don’t know which ones yet I will be going to my new area tomorrow, I’m very excited to go there and to have different experiences, my mission has blessed me so much a didn’t It has taught me to never give up, this work Is the hardest work I have ever done but It’s so rewarding and It’s so helpful especially In the gospel.

This week was Christmas and it went very well we did a lot of service and we visited certain people that had no family nor friends to spend Christmas with. It was a tender mercies that on Christmas Eve and on Christmas day we were able to help people come closer to Christ. We found some people that would be Interested In learning more and they are coming to church I know that the lord does prepare his children.

Durango was such a nice area to serve in and it’s amazing how the work keeps going and pressing forward. There are certain people that I was teaching In Spanish but I know that the lord will provide a way for them to continue to receive more of it.

This woman I met through tracing and we became very good friends she reminds me of people I know from back home, It was neat being able to teach her and I’m thank full for the friendship that I was able to developed with certain people
The work is going great!!!

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