Sunday, January 19, 2014

Leave the past behind

"Leave the past behind the, the past is written in stone and cannot be changed. focus your energy on today, for today you have power to choose to forgive... keep a place in your heart  for forgiveness  and when it comes, welcome it in"-- it’s so true that we need to have room to forgive there isn’t a time limit on when we need to forgive , the lord understands that when we have wounded hearts we need time to heal and all he wants us to do is to always have a place to forgive and when the time comes let the lord take over it.

This week was my first week that i actually got to do the exhange with the sisters, it was so neat to be able to help them and they were able to help me, I was in their area and we were able to teach some lessons and pick up and investigator, we were able to teach a lesson at the door, everything went well and it was such an amazing spiritual experience.

The work here is going great especially in Fruitland reservation, the people are so willing to listen to the gospel and their hearts are being prepared by the lord. I had some time to ponder about my mission and its incredible how much it has changed me for the better i know the gospel is true i ask myself how it cannot be. I also realized by this transfer i will hit my year being out on a mission i cannot describe how fast it goes but it’s so rewarding and i have learned so much.

we have some people that we are teaching on date for baptism, but there are times when it needs to be changed because we know that they have to be truly converted and it’s such a great feeling to see someone who your teaching and going up to the bishop and paying her tithing and she isn't even a member yet it’s comforting knowing that she is learning something and wants to become better and better.

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