Sunday, January 26, 2014

Preserve and Endure

“This should be our purpose-- to preserve and endure, yes, but also to become more spiritually refined as we make our way through sunshine and sorrow. were it not for the challenges to overcome and problem solve, we would remain much as we are, with little or no progress toward our goal of eternal life " When we struggle wither it’s in our own life’s or missions or marriages we have to be willing to overcome these problems and become what our father in heaven wants us to be.

This week has been an awesome week! Full of miracles and wonderful experiences. We had zone conference and they trained us on how to introduce people to family history, as we got home from that meeting we were on our way to go see a woman who the sisters contacted her while it was on exchanges it was a referral form a member who knew her husband. this woman said to them she will never be Mormon but she let them in, that next time we saw her was after zone conference it had not met her yet, so it introduced myself and asked her what her name was it then asked her if she knew where her name came from, she said she had no idea but that her nephew did a lot of family history and went back to the 1500's, she then said  come in come in its cold, it was so powerful that she let us in again we asked her if it was okay to share a message and she agreed. it surprised us to hear a knock at the door it was the member who referred us to her, he was looking for her husband and he was snot home but we invited him to stay for the lessons and he did, it was such an awesome lesson full of the spirit! It was neat expedience that the lord allowed dues to have that day.

We are meeting with a woman and a man who are less actives and they are now coming back to church they are preparing to go to the temple. This woman has had the addiction of alcohol and today is her day 17 without any thing her and her husband are both supporting each other they have been coming to church for the last passed month and it’s so neat to see people change for the better. It gives me hope to know that any addiction that people may have can overcome it with the atonement. She testified in our lesson that the only way she can do this is with the lord’s help. How beautiful it is to know that he is our source and our savior. It’s impossible to overcome anything without him!

We had stake conference this Sunday and it was great! missionary work is string and our members are getting excited and thrilled to help us we had a young man come up to us and asked us if we would like to teach his friend at his house and we had another me member came up to us to introduce us to his nonmember friend and we are now as well meeting with him in their home. The work is so strong here and the members are trying to do their job!

This week it get to go to Gallup for exchanges with the sisters their it’s great to know that it get to work in these areas and have new experiences!

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