Sunday, February 2, 2014

Gallup exchanges

"o lord thou hast given us a commandment that we must call upon thee that from thee we may receive according to our desires" Ether 3 --- I love this chapter In the book of Mormon It shows that we are too pray always and remember that the lord Is able to do all things and It’s comforting knowing that he will.

This week has been a great week it’s been full of fun and spiritual experiences, I was able to go to Gallup and do exchanges with the sisters there and it’s such a nice area. 

We were able to find a less active In our area this week and she was waiting to be found she said she hadn't been to church In a while and she was just too scared to come back and we were able to find her and Its so powerful how the lord makes sure you stay In an area for a reason to find his lost sheep.

We had been referred to a Spanish family a while ago and we knocked on this door maybe 10 times and no one would ever answer. We decided to try It again a little before dinner that day, and what a surprise  young mother of 2 children open the door I Introduced ourselves and told her we share a message about Jesus Christ and she was so willing to listen , as she Invited us In I was able to read her a scripture and the spirit was so strong and I love how the lord prepares his people she told me that she never answers the door because she gets scared but It’s Incredible that she said " I just felt like I should and I felt warm when I saw you sister" I know that this church Is true and that the spirit Is powerful.

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