Monday, April 22, 2013

She has made the temple her priority

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This week has been amazing i have had many experience where I know I'm suppose to be here for a reason and for certain people. This last week the woman that got baptized on Saturday went to the temple to do baptisms for the dead on Wednesday. I'm just so amazed how she has made the temple her priority. Its truly a blessing to be able to see someone change their life.
 This week our area is now a zone which means no more Wal-mart :(  and its sad because in my area there is only one store to buy things and its super expensive but i love it here, i realized how blessed i was back home to have Wal-Marts and stores everywhere i went.. Blanding is a beautiful place and i have met people that i love.
This week we have set 5 baptism dates for may we hope and pray that they all can progress and be able to keep their commitments. I had the opportunity to experience something that has helped me on my mission. Me and my companion felt prompted to go to the dorms and when we were walking towards them we saw a woman who we have been trying to meet with for several of weeks, she looks at me and my companion and says can i have a hug? me and my companion look at her and give her a hug, we asked her if she was willing to have a lesson she said yes. It was during the lesson where i realized that heavenly father is mindful of all of his children. this woman had been crying in the park because she felt like her life was a mess and that she couldn't handle it any more she told us that as she was crying in her car she thought of missionaries, and felt prompted to go to the dorms. As she told us this i couldn't help to keep my tears in because her prayer was answered and i know that we were suppose to be there for her. We had no idea why  we were going to the dorms but i now understand why. we were there for her to bring her a tender message that helped her. This woman was so thankful and she helped me build my testimony knowing that our heavenly father knows and cares about his children
we also had the chance to teach a Spanish man that lives 30 minutes away from our area. I never imagined that someone was ready to here the gospel and was willing to listen to us. Its truly a blessing to be  able to speak Spanish and help those that  want to be taught. Me and my companion are the only sisters that speak Spanish in our mission. I know that heavenly father prepared both of us. teaching the gospel in Spanish is quite difficult but i know that with the spirit all things are possible.  I'm blessed to be able to start picking up a little bit of Navajo. I'm learning how to say my testimony in Navajo. I might not speak it very well but its a blessing to be able to testify of the things i know in a different language. one of the biggest blessing i get to experience on my mission is being able to teach the natives about their ancestors and to testify that the Book of Mormon was written for them and from their ancestors. This mission is a privilege and a blessing to be able to teach the descendents of Lehi. i love my mission
This week i have learned that the lord hears our prayers and loves me as an individual servant. I know this church is true and I'm grateful to be a part of this great and marvelous work.

Monday, April 15, 2013

My first baptizim

Yate everyone!!:)

This week has been an amzing week i had the oppurtunity to see my first baptizim this saturday. Becca is a woman that has changed a lot and i was blessed to see her change her life and enter into the waters of baptism. She is a completly different woman she has changed so much.

the reason that this week was such a blessing was because i had the oppurtunity to extend 4 baptism dates and to see people change it has been a blessing in my life. We were teaching a young girl around her 20's she has had a rough life and to see her feel the holy ghost as we shared the first vision her eyes teard up and she was amazed. She said " i know this is true i just do" those words filled my heart with joy. Its amazing how the holy gost testifys that this church is the church of Jesus Christ.

I also had the chance to teach a women and her young daughter they are from Aneth the reservations. this woman is amazing she has many struggles but to also see her eyes light up as we teach her its just simply a blessing to wittness such a great expirience. She is getting baptized may 11th. I m so blessed to see people get closer to their savior.

We have been working with alot of families and encouraging them how important family home evening is and how it will strengthen their families. I know that the home is a place to learn and haev peace and it is our jobs to make it a home of peace anfd happiness.

I know that being a missionary is hard but just like alma when he was feeling discourage and sorrow because no one would listen to him he was strengthened by the Lord. As i read Alma 8-:14-15 i knew that i have a purpose here and that is to bring heavenly fathers children joy and the fulness of the gospel. I know this to be true. There will be times in our lifes that we may feel in capable of doing such things but our Savior and Our Heavenly father will always be there to help us. He has helped me and i know that he Knows us in particular everything that we suffer and go through. As i teach certain people and see them uppset and the sorrow that they have in their hearts i only can testify that their Lord their savior can help and when they hear those words they know it be true. I know that i have been selected as an individual to bless others life's. How great is my calling!!

Monday, April 8, 2013

families ARE forever

This week has been amazing i had the opportunity to go to a funeral of a young 2yr old boy. I cant imagine the pain of a mother. As i hugged her she whispered in my ear " I'm so thankful families are forever" It truly meant a lot to me that families ARE forever and that one day she will see her son again.
This Saturday the 13th one of our investigator Becca will be baptized which truly is a miracle. She has been smoking ever sense she was 12 yrs old and truly when someone knows that they can change through the atonement  of Jesus Christ anything is possible. She says " i don't know how and i don't know why but God has sent you both to save my life" Those words are so precious to me this woman has gone through so much pain has had a harsh life and yet to see her smile and going to church is the greatest blessing. I love her and i love that she now knows she is a Daughter of God.
This week one of the members fed us PHO(fah) its an Asian soup it was surprisingly very good. here in blanding there isn't much to do but missionary work is one thing that has to be done here. I love my mission so far every experience that i have brings me closer to my savior who died for me. I truly know this church is the Church of Jesus Christ.
I know that the Lord knows what each and one of us are going through but he too also knows what we need. I'm so blessed to be able to teach the children of God and to testify that this Record was written by their ancestors. Its truly a privilege to teach them. I know that my Redeemer lives and loves us all.
- Sister Nava
Sister Daniela Nava
New Mexico Farmington Mission
400 W Apache St.
Farmington, NM 87401

Monday, April 1, 2013

Sent here for a reason

Hello everyone I miss you all!! so i figured that id rather have letters them emails from you guys because i have like no time :( I really miss you all

This week i had the chance to eat Navajo tacos!! they are sooo good and i can't wait to learn how to make them!! This week we have been very busy and the next baptism is the 13th of April her name is Becca and she is just Golden!! i'm so grateful to have the opportunity to serve the lord. This Monday our zone gets to go to Mesa Verde! i don't know what it is but i heard a lot of great things about this place. I'm sorry this weekly letter is not very long i only have 20 minutes to email today.

One thing i have learned so far is that i know i have been sent here for a reason to teach certain people its amazing how the Lord knows who i need to teach and what i need to say. I'm grateful to serve his children. I have seen many things on my mission that will help me personally become a better person. It has truly humbled me to become more like my savior. being a convert i had no idea what a big impact i can be to the people i teach. I truly know that I'm suppose to be here!

send letters to:
Sister Daniela Nava
New Mexico Farmington Mission
400 W Apache St
Farmington, NM 87401