Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Transferred to Durango Colorado!!!

"Don't limit yourself and don't let others convince you that you are limited in what you can do. Believe in yourself and then live so as to reach your possibilities"-- We must always have the faith in our selves that we are capable of becoming perfected beings through Jesus Christ. There are many points in our lives when we feel like we cant overcome anything but i know when we use the power of prayer all things are possible.
Well this week has been amazing!! I found out that i will be getting transferred to Durango Colorado, and i will be in a trio companionship. I know that its going to be an amazing experience and a time of learning to develop Christ like attributes. This week i was able to have a great experience with prayer. As a missionary we want the best for others and we want them to have the gospel in their lives. This church has changed my life and its been an amazing experience to be able to see others change their desires and aline them with what God would have them do.
This morning i was studying a talk on last general conference about how we need to return to our heavenly father, and though it might be hard we have tools to help us such as the scriptures and the church. I know that heavenly father knew that his children would need tools in order to return to him. We knew heavenly father before, we walked with him and all we are here on earth is to simply be reminded of those things that we knew to be true.
Leaving this area is hard but i know that the lord has so much more in store and im excited to serve him in many other ways. I know that where ever the Lord sends me it is because he needs me there. The lord works in mysterious ways and we have to have that firm faith and hope that it will lead us to something good. MY mission has changed me as an individual, it has helped me to see the importance of the gospel and how it can have a big impact in those that never before heard the gospel.  Missionary work is beautiful and its not easy! this is the work that our Lord our God desires for all his children and we all can be missionaries, This is the true church of Jesus Christ and just like Joseph Smith once said " i know it and God knows it and i cannot deny it" and that is how i feel, life is so much better when we understand our divine destiny.
Sister Nava

Monday, August 19, 2013

well done thou good and faithful servant

" well done thou good and faithful servant thou has been faithful over all things, i will make thee a ruler over many things, enter thou into the joy of thy Lord"---- I know that if we are living the way we should be then we can hear these words at the last day.
This week we were able to see a certain family at church and  the wife is a less actives and the husband is not a member and they have 2 small boys. It was interesting to see them come in and sit and hear the word of god. I know that the holy ghost works through all men who are seeking for the truth. This native man is a very traditional man and really had no desire to learn about the gospel. They asked us at church if we could come over later and share a message. We knew how great of an opportunity it was because for the 6 months that i have been out here never did they ever want to listen.  Its so powerful how the spirit works through their hearts.  During our personal study i had the strongest impression to share with him and his wife a certain scripture Alma 37:36-37. As we got to the home we were having an amazing lesson full of the spirit and when  we all turned to this certain scripture, he said that is the scripture that i read this morning and i wanted to share it with my wife. This man has never read the book of Mormon and to be able to witness that he read and wanted share that with his family was a tender Mercie of the Lord. I know that some people need time and patience in their conversion but slowly i know that he will have the desire to be baptized and i can see them all in white ready to go to the temple to become an eternal family. I know that family can be together forever and they can be only through the gospel of Jesus Christ. This week my testimony has been strengthen in knowing that this is the only true church of God and that if we simply follow our savior and endure to the end we can have eternal life and live with god again.
Also this week we were able to meet 3 new people who wanted to hear the gospel. Its so powerful to see people being prepared to listen to what god has in store for them.
Being  a missionary is a privilege and a blessing and i have changed so much spiritually and mentally. I know that this life is to prepare to meet God and "what are the things that we are doing in  our lives? will they lead us back to god? if not let us humble ourselves and ask for help and let the savior Jesus Christ transform us into a new being. we can all be perfected through the atonement of Christ he has provided us the way ti ask for forgiveness its there all we have to do is simply use it.
- Sister Nava:)  Sister Navajo

Friday, August 16, 2013

Simply love life

 " Don't be gloomy. Do not dwell on unkind things. Stop seeking out storms and enjoy more fully the sunlight. even if you are not happy, put a smile on your face. Accentuate the positive. Look a little deeper for the good. Go forward in life with a twinkle in you eye and a smile on your face, with great and strong purpose in your heart. simply love life"------ This is a way of living we have to make the decision to be happy and continue to go on with our lives sometimes we all tend to stop at a point in our lives when all just gets too hard but we forget that we have a savior who can lifts us up and carry us. I know that being happy is a decision that i have to make everyday because if i don't i miss the blessings in life..
This week has been a great one we were able to have a good experience this week. Me and my companion sister Jeppson had the idea of going to the park where every Saturday a lot of people gather and do huge yard sales. We felt like we should go and just talk to people. Well we ended up talking to a native woman.. i know we were called to bring her a short message into her heart. The Lord has asked us to talk with every one and though it might seem a little awkward at first its so worth it when you are able to testify to them that they have a Savior, as  we stopped and talked with her we told her that God knew of all the things she was struggling with, she had tears in her eyes because she knew that what we were sharing with her was exactly what she was praying to hear.She told us she wasn't from here ,but we invited her to meet with missionaries back at her home town and she said she was already meeting with them but she didn't know if she should keep meeting with them and all we could do was testify that heavenly father had provided her missionaries in her path for a reason as we told her this she was filled with joy and she knew that she had to meet with those elders as soon as she got home.. I know that she needed that extra push into telling her that this was what God wanted for her. I know that if we don't put our selves out there then we cannot do missionary work. It was a great experience and I'm thankful for that tender Mercy of the Lord.
I have come to realize that i love the people so much and i know that i have been called to do his work and i can see the blessing unfold upon me.
- Sister Nava

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

simply said "come on in"

This week was an Amazing week. The reason i say this is because this Sunday was fast Sunday and i really had the prompting to fast for strength in finding new people. As Sunday went on we knew of this certain trailer that we had never gone to before but we knew that people lived there. We decided to go and knock it took them awhile to answer but they did.  It was a family, the mother was baptized and so was the father but the kids were not, as they welcomed us in.. me and sister jeppson were very shocked that they were very friendly and simply said "come on in". in missionary work that rarely happens, but those words filled my heart with joy because i knew that the Lord really led us there to them. The Lord has every ones timing and its amazing how he led us to that trailer. I have been out for almost 6 months and to think i have never knocked or had the idea to go to that home. We were able to introduce them to the Book of Mormon and even talk about baptism for all of their teenagers. It was a beautiful experience. we left the new testament movie the father was very excited to learn more he knows the gospel very well and he really wants his children to learn more. As we were leaving i had a prompting to leave them a chapter in the Book of Mormon and leave them with a prayer. As he asked me to offer the prayer i asked heavenly father to help them in all of their struggles. As i got up from my knees i realized that the mother was in tears, in that very moment i knew that she had felt the spirit, They asked us to come over again. It was such a tender Mercie of the Lord because it all started with one small step of faith, i knew that we needed the help to find more people and i know that the power of fasting can really lead us to the most powerful answers we receive from a loving heavenly father. as we left i went to the car to bring them more book of Mormons and i opened the door and the mother was already reading what we assigned, i know she knows that this is something good from God that can help her with her family.
Everything else here is going great every week we have wonderful spiritual experiences that lead us to those that stand in need of the gospel. We usually walk after dinner  but my companion sister jeppson said lets walk before dinner starts we had no idea where we were going but we ended up by the park where a young man about 23 was sitting on the bench crying and very upset. As we approached him and started to talk to hm we were able to uplift him and tell him simply that he has a heavenly father who cares so much about him, we left him with a spiritual message and he said " wow its so weird that you sisters just showed up like that" we told him that we knew that god his heavenly father sent us to his path way. he wasn't form here he was just visiting but i have no doubt that when he gets home that heavenly father will provide him missionaries to learn more about his purpose. And that is simply how missionary work ...WORKS. we were able to plant that seed of faith in his heart, i know that this is true or i wouldn't of left home for 18 months . I know that the book of Mormon has the answers to our questions. The teachings of Jesus Christ are  simply a way of living. It brings joy to all men if they would just ask if it is true.
sister nava lava:)