Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Duraanog is going great!!

"Its not for me, its for them, forget your self and get to work!""- i love this quote because it helps me understand as a missionary that I'm out here for heavenly fathers lost children to help them realize that they have a loving savior, and I'm not out here for me. Through the people i meet my testimony is strengthened but i know that they get more out of it as they build and get a testimony. I know that this work is true its hard, I'm tired, and everyday is a different day but never in my life have i loved the the lords work as much as i do now!! The lords blesses me with experiences everyday that helps me realize the importance of the gospel.
Yesterday Sunday evening our appointment cancelled on us but we know that when that happens the lord wants us to go see someone else and so we did  we were able to go see a married couple who was interested, one of them speaks only Spanish and the other only speaks English. It was a little scary going into there home and not knowing what we were going to teach them and how we were going to teach them. As we opened with a prayer the topic "prayer" came up they both hadn't prayed in a very long time but they felt like they needed to. Its amazing how the holy ghost helped me and my companion, i was able to teach in Spanish and she was able to teach in English and it was such a powerful lesson because they were both getting something out of the lesson and as we asked to say a closing prayer we invited the husband to and at first he didn't want to and it took awhile but i know that as we explained the importance of prayer and how much heavenly father wants to hear from him, and i know that we were able to teach them according to there needs. That night we were bale to help 2 of gods children come closer to him.
Duraanog is going great!! The members are great and the area has a lot of work in it and i known can do it whit the lords help!
-Sister Nava

Monday, October 14, 2013

Ye have cried unto me

" And thus I will do unto thee because this long time ye have cried unto me"- This week during my personal study I was reading in Ether chapter one and as I was reading I read verse 43 and it stuck out to me because it made me ponder about how the lord really will answer our prayers and bless us. Imagine how many times we have cried to the lord for a long time to help us with a certain trial? It sometimes feels like our trails, feelings or desires will never be heard nor fixed but the lord is mindful of us he knows when and how our prayer will be heard. Even though it might seem for a very long time that we are pleading to the lord, we ought to not give up we have to continue to have faith in that person to change or to be healed.  We might not see nor hear the lord answering us just like the brother of Jared but we can feel his love through the power of the holy ghost saying " I will help thee, I will heal thee and I will comfort thee"-sister Daniela Nava
This week has been a great one, it snowed in Durango on Thursday.Its very cold but its such a great feeling to feel the holidays come in so soon. This last Friday we went to a certain persons home that we have been teaching, I know that we were guided there even if it wasn't our plan to go visit. We read to him a Scripture in ether 12:27 stating how we all have weaknesses and we can become strong through Christ. As we read this tears were running down his face and I knew that he felt his saviors love.

This Sunday we had a great lesson, I'm so thankful to be able to be a part of heavenly fathers kingdom and his true gospel. I'm excited every day to put on my name tag and represent the lord and proclaim to the world what I know to be true and even though not everyone wants to know or hear, I know that simply by them seeing us we are planting a seed of faith.
-Sister Nava


" A crown of thorns was placed on the saviors head. he was lifted up from the cross. he rose from the tomb and he continues to reach out to us and offer us strength to carry on"--- I know that my savior died for me and its so powerful to have a firm testimony of him. When life gets to heavy or when we get to busy there are points when we forget about all that he did and all that he does/ I know that life isn't easy but it can be handled differently when we use the help of the savior.
This week has been a week of blessings. Conference was amazing I know that when we go with questions the lord provides a way for them to be answered. This last Friday I was able to meet and have a lesson with a woman, she speaks Spanish and she is being prepared by the lord to come to know that this things are true. During our lesson this woman expressed to us that she was having a hard time and she shared with us passed experiences in her life that hurt her.  I know that the atonement can heal anyone that humble themselves and ask for help. This woman reminded me a  certain woman that I hold very close to my heart it felt as if I was teaching her. It was a tender Mercie of the lord. I was able to connect with her, it was amazing how that scriptures can heal and help those that stand in need of comfort I was so happy when I Left her home because I knew that the spirit bore wittiness to her about our message.
This Sunday we where able to meet with a young boy we have been teaching he is 17yrs old and I remember the very first time we taught him he didn't want to listen he didn't want to go to church and just yesterday as we focused on his needs when he said the prayer he said that he now wants this for himself and no one else. It was amazing to see in his eyes that he was ready to hear our message the Lord works in mysterious ways but I know with all my heart that he was prepared by the Lord. I can see him in white and he accepted to be baptized. I'm so thankful for my mission because of the experiences that I get to witness every single day. I know that this is true and even though we have days where people yell at us or slam doors at the end my testimony is strengthen. This work is so true ,i ask my self everyday how is it not true? Its amazing how much this mission has changed me inside and out and I'm thankful to wake up everyday to a calling that the lord has called me to do.
Transfers where this week I'm happy to say I'm still staying here in durnago. I'm not in a trio anymore I'm still with one of my companions sister Lewis. Durnago is beautiful and its full of missionary work. The lord is building up his kingdom very quickly.
-sister nava

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Temple today

Hello!!!!!! :))
This week has been amazing, we had the opportunity to go to the temple today. even though we had to wake up at 4:00am it was worth it. I was able to receive personal revelation in the temple and i just love how when you enter into the lords house the spirit is so strong. As a missionary its been awhile sense I've been to the temple but i was so thrilled that we had the privileged to go. I know that we all need to make the temple a priority in our lives, we all need to desire a celestial life.
The relief society broadcast was so inspiring and a constant reminder on the covenants we have made with our father which is in heaven. I know personally that the promises that i have made are a blessing in my life as long as i keep them. The lords commandments are not hard he will never give us a commandment that is too hard to follow, because all of his children would fail. he sees so much potential in all of his children and he knows us by name he cares when we struggle or face difficult challenges. He provides us guidance and answers to our prayers through a living prophet which I am so pleased to hear from him this Saturday and being able to be spiritually fed.
This week we found certain people who are very interested. Durango  is a wonderful place to do missionary work. I was able to teach again in Spanish to a less active man who really needs help in his life, For a while i have been teaching my companions how to bare their testimony in spanish and as we were in the lesson i lean over to one of my companion and i whispered to her " hey share your testimony" as she looked at me with her big bold eyes she probably thought i was crazy but i knew that the spirit would help her. As she shared her testimony she filled the room whit even a stronger spirit and it was amazing of how sincere she was. I know that testimonies don't need to be long or fancy but i have realized that the more sincere the  testimony is the greater opportunity the spirit has to testify to someone else that what they are saying is true. i love teaching in Spanish and the people that i get to meet i know that i have been called to plant seeds into peoples heart.
Every day i wake up and i feel honored to put my name tag on and i love my mission, it has helped me so much in all aspects of life. I know that the book of Mormon is true!!!!
-Sister Nava