Sunday, October 6, 2013

Temple today

Hello!!!!!! :))
This week has been amazing, we had the opportunity to go to the temple today. even though we had to wake up at 4:00am it was worth it. I was able to receive personal revelation in the temple and i just love how when you enter into the lords house the spirit is so strong. As a missionary its been awhile sense I've been to the temple but i was so thrilled that we had the privileged to go. I know that we all need to make the temple a priority in our lives, we all need to desire a celestial life.
The relief society broadcast was so inspiring and a constant reminder on the covenants we have made with our father which is in heaven. I know personally that the promises that i have made are a blessing in my life as long as i keep them. The lords commandments are not hard he will never give us a commandment that is too hard to follow, because all of his children would fail. he sees so much potential in all of his children and he knows us by name he cares when we struggle or face difficult challenges. He provides us guidance and answers to our prayers through a living prophet which I am so pleased to hear from him this Saturday and being able to be spiritually fed.
This week we found certain people who are very interested. Durango  is a wonderful place to do missionary work. I was able to teach again in Spanish to a less active man who really needs help in his life, For a while i have been teaching my companions how to bare their testimony in spanish and as we were in the lesson i lean over to one of my companion and i whispered to her " hey share your testimony" as she looked at me with her big bold eyes she probably thought i was crazy but i knew that the spirit would help her. As she shared her testimony she filled the room whit even a stronger spirit and it was amazing of how sincere she was. I know that testimonies don't need to be long or fancy but i have realized that the more sincere the  testimony is the greater opportunity the spirit has to testify to someone else that what they are saying is true. i love teaching in Spanish and the people that i get to meet i know that i have been called to plant seeds into peoples heart.
Every day i wake up and i feel honored to put my name tag on and i love my mission, it has helped me so much in all aspects of life. I know that the book of Mormon is true!!!!
-Sister Nava

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