Monday, October 14, 2013

Ye have cried unto me

" And thus I will do unto thee because this long time ye have cried unto me"- This week during my personal study I was reading in Ether chapter one and as I was reading I read verse 43 and it stuck out to me because it made me ponder about how the lord really will answer our prayers and bless us. Imagine how many times we have cried to the lord for a long time to help us with a certain trial? It sometimes feels like our trails, feelings or desires will never be heard nor fixed but the lord is mindful of us he knows when and how our prayer will be heard. Even though it might seem for a very long time that we are pleading to the lord, we ought to not give up we have to continue to have faith in that person to change or to be healed.  We might not see nor hear the lord answering us just like the brother of Jared but we can feel his love through the power of the holy ghost saying " I will help thee, I will heal thee and I will comfort thee"-sister Daniela Nava
This week has been a great one, it snowed in Durango on Thursday.Its very cold but its such a great feeling to feel the holidays come in so soon. This last Friday we went to a certain persons home that we have been teaching, I know that we were guided there even if it wasn't our plan to go visit. We read to him a Scripture in ether 12:27 stating how we all have weaknesses and we can become strong through Christ. As we read this tears were running down his face and I knew that he felt his saviors love.

This Sunday we had a great lesson, I'm so thankful to be able to be a part of heavenly fathers kingdom and his true gospel. I'm excited every day to put on my name tag and represent the lord and proclaim to the world what I know to be true and even though not everyone wants to know or hear, I know that simply by them seeing us we are planting a seed of faith.
-Sister Nava

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