Monday, October 14, 2013


" A crown of thorns was placed on the saviors head. he was lifted up from the cross. he rose from the tomb and he continues to reach out to us and offer us strength to carry on"--- I know that my savior died for me and its so powerful to have a firm testimony of him. When life gets to heavy or when we get to busy there are points when we forget about all that he did and all that he does/ I know that life isn't easy but it can be handled differently when we use the help of the savior.
This week has been a week of blessings. Conference was amazing I know that when we go with questions the lord provides a way for them to be answered. This last Friday I was able to meet and have a lesson with a woman, she speaks Spanish and she is being prepared by the lord to come to know that this things are true. During our lesson this woman expressed to us that she was having a hard time and she shared with us passed experiences in her life that hurt her.  I know that the atonement can heal anyone that humble themselves and ask for help. This woman reminded me a  certain woman that I hold very close to my heart it felt as if I was teaching her. It was a tender Mercie of the lord. I was able to connect with her, it was amazing how that scriptures can heal and help those that stand in need of comfort I was so happy when I Left her home because I knew that the spirit bore wittiness to her about our message.
This Sunday we where able to meet with a young boy we have been teaching he is 17yrs old and I remember the very first time we taught him he didn't want to listen he didn't want to go to church and just yesterday as we focused on his needs when he said the prayer he said that he now wants this for himself and no one else. It was amazing to see in his eyes that he was ready to hear our message the Lord works in mysterious ways but I know with all my heart that he was prepared by the Lord. I can see him in white and he accepted to be baptized. I'm so thankful for my mission because of the experiences that I get to witness every single day. I know that this is true and even though we have days where people yell at us or slam doors at the end my testimony is strengthen. This work is so true ,i ask my self everyday how is it not true? Its amazing how much this mission has changed me inside and out and I'm thankful to wake up everyday to a calling that the lord has called me to do.
Transfers where this week I'm happy to say I'm still staying here in durnago. I'm not in a trio anymore I'm still with one of my companions sister Lewis. Durnago is beautiful and its full of missionary work. The lord is building up his kingdom very quickly.
-sister nava

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