Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Duraanog is going great!!

"Its not for me, its for them, forget your self and get to work!""- i love this quote because it helps me understand as a missionary that I'm out here for heavenly fathers lost children to help them realize that they have a loving savior, and I'm not out here for me. Through the people i meet my testimony is strengthened but i know that they get more out of it as they build and get a testimony. I know that this work is true its hard, I'm tired, and everyday is a different day but never in my life have i loved the the lords work as much as i do now!! The lords blesses me with experiences everyday that helps me realize the importance of the gospel.
Yesterday Sunday evening our appointment cancelled on us but we know that when that happens the lord wants us to go see someone else and so we did  we were able to go see a married couple who was interested, one of them speaks only Spanish and the other only speaks English. It was a little scary going into there home and not knowing what we were going to teach them and how we were going to teach them. As we opened with a prayer the topic "prayer" came up they both hadn't prayed in a very long time but they felt like they needed to. Its amazing how the holy ghost helped me and my companion, i was able to teach in Spanish and she was able to teach in English and it was such a powerful lesson because they were both getting something out of the lesson and as we asked to say a closing prayer we invited the husband to and at first he didn't want to and it took awhile but i know that as we explained the importance of prayer and how much heavenly father wants to hear from him, and i know that we were able to teach them according to there needs. That night we were bale to help 2 of gods children come closer to him.
Duraanog is going great!! The members are great and the area has a lot of work in it and i known can do it whit the lords help!
-Sister Nava

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