Sunday, November 3, 2013

Willing to move your feet

"Don't ask the lord to guide your foot steps if your not willing to move your feet"- This week on Sunday the relief society had a great lesson on how we need to act on the things we are prompted to do. I have realized that in life if we don't act there are times we miss out on blessings. In life when we want to talk to heavenly father we pray but when we want to know what he will say we search and ponder the scriptures.The Book of Mormon is there to guide and inspire us in our lives search it live it and apply it. The teachings in the gospel of Jesus Christ are so powerful and true, as a missionary i get to see how people use there agency everyday, and i can only imagine how our heavenly father feels when we don't make the choices we should be making. I'm most positive it hurts our father in heaven when we disobey him and when we go through hard times he lets us be angry and upset, he lets us express our selves how we feel before he comforts us. I know that to be true and it has helped me even as a missionary.
This week we had a great lesson in Spanish on Saturday. I was able to teach them the plan that their heavenly father has for them. During the lesson i realized how important it is to rely on the holy ghost because whit out it i can not teach. Its hard enough to teach by my self but its amazing how the spirit puts words in my mouth that i have never before thought of. The lord loves his children and is using us as missionaries as instruments. This woman and young men remind me of how much the lord loves his children. They started off whit nothing and had no where to live and they told us that it was God helping them because now they have all that they need and in life we need to realize that we may have all that we need and not see that we do.
I received a letter from less active member that i taught in my last area, and he said " if you can change my hard pride full heart then you can change any one" and i know that it was nothing to do whit me i know that it was the holy ghost and I'm thankful that he made the decision to change he is getting his patriarchal blessing and had the opportunity to go to general conference. How great is the gospel that can change all of our hearts if we have a willing and open mind to it. Its amazing to hear his story on how he changed and I'm thankful that i was able to be an instrument in the lords hands to help his lost sheep and return to him.
My mission has changed me in and out and its a privilege on how i can help others

- Sister Daniela Nava

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