Tuesday, November 19, 2013

how we deal with the things we experience is up to us

"How we deal with the things we experience is up to us, it’s our decision not to become bitter, it makes all difference in our ability to heal, it’s not so much of what happens to us but how we deal with what happens to us"- It’s so important that we never feel  like the lord has forsaken us. We go through hard times in life to become something even better. Life obviously isn’t easy but it can be if you rely on your savior. “Surely he has borne our grief and carried our sorrows". The lord has given us the opportunity to be happy and to rely on him. Why not use it, why not use his help? I know that as we rely on the lord things will be less heavy on our shoulders.

This week has been a great on. We have been teaching a teenage young man and we met with him yesterday. His parents are converts to the church and they are preparing to get sealed in the temple. He isn’t a member yet but as we have met with him he tells us that he really does want a family for eternity and it’s so powerful how the lord works on his children’s hearts. He really has the desire to be baptized and I know that what elder Holland said is true you don’t need to know it’s alright if you just believe. I know that to be true I remember the day when the missionaries asked me to be baptized and all I said was sure, I never knew that a simple yes or a nod would change my life forever and the life of my family. I know this church to be true.

This week we were able to provide a lot of service for others and it was such a neat thing to do. We met a women that lives in a small trailer we noticed she didn’t have electricity or running water or a bathroom, but she seems so happy with what she has. We all sometimes feel like we need and want things that are just materialistic and we need to remember that when we pass on to the next life that we are not going to take our cars or home but only our knowledge, I hope and pray that all of our knowledge is centered on Jesus Christ. I know that the lord has not forgotten this women that he helps her each and every day and he is on her right and on her left and he loves her so very much

-sister Nava

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