Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Faith in them

"who are we to say that a certain child of god can not change, we need to have faith in them believe in them and pray for them." I know this to be true the lord will always help his children return back to him. The church is so true.  Everyday i have the ability to testify to people of the truth that changed my life and how it can help them. There are days where no one listens but that helps me to strengthen my testimony.
This week has been amazing, we had exchanges Whit some of the other sisters Saturday.  We were tracting at the end of the last trailer me and the other sister looked at each other and said "lets go back to the green trailer" as we knocked an older lady answered the door she said she was familiar with missionaries, i asked her if we could share a message she let us in and she pulled out a bag with the entire gospel library with a book of Mormon and everything you could possibly imagine. we were shocked and she said i just need help and i want to know that this is true but i don't know yet. i know that the lord wanted us to go back she was prepared for us and in life if we don't listen to those promptings we miss out on blessings or on helping others come closer to their savior. I know that we can help this woman that day we were able to find 4 new investigator who are willing to learn more I'm thankful for the opportunity it is to be on a mission. it is not easy that's for sure, but it is worth it. i love the tender mercies of the lord they are amazing.
I cant explain how a mission changes you for the better but it has taught me the pure doctrine of forgiveness and it has helped me to realized that there is no one that will ever be a spiritual victim because everyone will hear the word of God and i cannot wait till my loved ones hear about it. I often ask my self how is this not true!!? i know it and i love it.We are all blessed with the gospel

                 - Sister Daniela Nava

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