Sunday, June 15, 2014

"When you understand the scriptures, you will understand the language of heaven" 06/09/2014

"When you understand the scriptures, you will understand the language of heaven"

His week has been a fast week I was in Blanding Utah for the week doing exchanges whit he sisters there. It was a blessing being able to go back to my first area. I saw a lot of people in church and I just have a certain love for the people they are so good and great members. Everywhere that I have served the members are great.

I was only in my area this Tuesday and Thursday it all went great, the family that we are teaching are getting interviewed today and we hope that they will be getting baptized this Friday. Also we have the mission tour coming up this Thursday and Elder Carlson from the 2nd quorum of the seventy will be coming and training the missionaries. I’m very excited to go. 

This is the last week of the transfer and we will be getting transfer news this Saturday. It’s going to be a very busy week but that’s why I love missionary work because I am always busy doing the lords work!!

The Dog 06/02/2014

" The purpose of the gospel is to make bad men good and good men better and to change human nature" This week I was pondering about how the gospel really has changed me a lot and how I desire it for everyone specifically those who I truly love. I know that it will change them, I know that it will help them, it simply brings great blessings that were missing. I'm thankful that I don't have to live in a world without guidance and direction from God and through the tools he has given us. I had the opportunity to fast this Sunday and  as I pleaded with the Lord for a very specific thing I knew without a doubt that he would answer me, as we went to church I had the feeling to bear my testimony and it’s funny how the lord works in mysterious ways because I was able to answer my own prayer, it made me laugh but also feel his love as I sat back down in the congregation I realized that there will be moments in our life when we are praying and fasting for something very direct, and in the end we already know the answer. Everything is according to his will not ours if we could just understand that principle many people would remove the anger they have towards our father in heaven or towards life, As we endure we shall receive eternal life and that is what I look forward too.

This week has gone really fast, we have a family who will be getting baptized next week hopefully they are very true top the gospel and they all have strong testimonies. It’s a blessing being able to teach the gospel! This week on Saturday we went tracting a lot we were able to come in contact with 11 people and though we are almost done talking with everyone we were able to give some book of Mormons out to those that were willing to at least look through it. The young girl we are teaching is doing great someone went to go pick her up for church and it turns out she was already at church she walked. It taught me that when someone knows this to be true or knows that it is a good thing they would do anything to be able to have it in their lives.

We had an interesting event happen to all of us we were going to go pick up our dinner calendar and the members had left town and asked us to go in their home and get it, We entered their home and the dog came in, little did we know that this dog did not want to go outside anymore we went straight to his bed, my companions were trying to get it out and it started to growl at us we noticed that it’s had already been about 8 minutes that we were trying to get this dog out. I then thought of my mother I told my companions hey my mom gets everything out with the broom/mop so I ran to go get it. The dog still would not get up he just laid like a dead fish on the ground. We tried a laundry basket we tried everything and it would not get out, Then one of my companions grabbed the vacuum and we all know that dogs hate vacuums so we turned it on and it was not scared it wanted to eat the vacuum it ran to its bed and lad there then I told my comp to put the vacuum on top of the dog and it looked like if the dog was getting a massage he liked it!!! Then finally we kept pushing it with the vacuum until it ran off out the door. My question is how many ways is there to get a dog out of the house?? I think we tried almost all of them.

-Sister Daniela Nava