Monday, September 1, 2014

Its harder to leave the mission then it is to come out.

" what happened in the sacred grove to Joseph smith changed the world, let it change you"-- I do have a testimony of this church, its true and i can never deny the truth, it brings pure and true happiness.

Well i never thought that the day would come and realize this is my last weekly letter on my mission. This week has been great i don't ever think i have had a bad week on my mission because its how we choose to feel about the week.

This week we had a lot of success we found 4 new investigators and we found 3 really great potential investigators, the lord never stops his work , i knew this was my last week but it felt the same i worked hard knowing that there is always something to do to build up his kingdom.

Im grateful that i had the privilege to serve a mission it was worth every minute. It wasn't easy but it was something that i will always hold close to my heart. Its the hardest thing that i love to do!

This area was a blessing to my life, i have learned the importance to talk with everyone one that is next to you in the store in the parking lot anywhere because there are hearts to be touched and there are souls to be saved and its our job to find them.

Its harder to leave the mission then it is to come out.


8 MORE DAYS???!!!!

 All of my emails have reminded me that i  have 8 MORE DAYS???!!!! I cnat believe its gone this fast its been a long time but tis gone way to fast. Im greatful of all the things i was able to learn no my mission.

This week we had exchanges in kirtland and it was really fun,we tracted a lot in the sun but i realized that anything you do for the lords work he will always bless us. I had rocks in my shoes and sweat dripping down my cheek but im so used to this that its something that feels normal. Its really what i love to do even if people are not interested i still love it.

We invited a member to a lesson and it was with an investigator who has been coming to church and the activities. This member was able to stay and talk with our investigator after the lesson and we had an appointment to go to and we had to rush out but it felt nice that she was so willing to talk with her and even offered to help her with a certain dinner. later that week our investigator expressed to us how grateful she was that we brought her. Bringing members to lessons isn't just fro us or them but it really is for the investigators so that they can have a friend in church! This ward is amazing and they all love missionary work!

There are so many things that are happening in this area!!


Members say things that the investigators need.


"Being a disciple of Jesus Christ is not an effort once a week or once a day, its an effort once and for all"

I love being a missionary and this area has been really great!!! We had 6 investigators come to church! It went really well the members here are really friendly and they love missionary work, we were able to take a lot of the members with us this last week and it makes such a difference! the spirit is very strong and the members say things that the investigators need.

We knocked a lot of doors this week and almost all of the people that opened talked to us and accepted a book of Mormon, They were all very friendly and even though its really hot i know that the lord will bless us when we show him that we are willing to go and look for those that need to hear the gospel.

The temple was amazing last monday!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

08/10/2014 Family Pictures

This week has been the most busiest week, on Wednesday we had an appointment every single hour and the rest of the week we have been just so busy knocking doors and teaching, its great but at the end of the day both me and sister Clark are very excited to see our beds haha I love being tired because I know we are working very hard. In the mornings we go out to run and its getting pretty chilly in the mornings, a lot of the people here are getting ready for winter and we were able to help hall wood with the ward.

We had a really fun activity our ward mission leader had a really neat idea to help us find more investigators and he said back in his mission they would have free family pictures and they would put the family proclamation on it and when we deliver it to them they would let us in and they taught them about families how they can be together forever. So that's what we did we passed out flyers for about three weeks and we had a pretty good turn out and a lot of us were able to get families to go teach, it really was the neatest idea, some people were from different areas but we still took their picture because we know that will help the other missionaries to receive referrals.

 We went tracting and we found a family that was really nice they let us in and we invited them to the picture activity and they should up and we were able to teach them yesterday and they are coming to church today, The lord really leads us and guides us to what house we need to knock on, Missionary work is my absolute favorite thing to do, it’s not a habit to go and knock and teach but it’s a part of who I am. 

Also we almost got eaten by a dog tracting it’s probably the scariest thing when we go tracting these dogs don't care about the treats we give them I think we might be there treat they want!!!!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Jul 28 “so when can we be baptized?"

Jul 28
Ya`ate eeh!!!

Well this week has been going great! We had a lot of spiritual experiences. One that really made me and sister Clark smile and we were strengthened. We have been teaching this family for about 3 weeks when we met with them the very 1st lesson we invited them to be baptized they said they would but needed to learn a little more, as we continued to go and teach them it would always come up but we did not feel to push them to much we want to draw people to the gospel not force them, because when we draw them closer that is where true conversion starts. So our 3rd lesson we taught about Gods plan for all of his children, it was new to them and we paused the lesson and asked if they had any questions or concerns it was quiet for a small moment and there was no answer, I felt to ask again, I felt like they had something to ask or say, I’m thankful that the spirit was there to prompt me to ask again. They then asked “so when can we be baptized?" The Holy Ghost motivates people it leads them to conversion but also to the truth. It was a really neat lesson to see them ask us. It is so important to pause in the lessons and ask them how they feel about what they are learning, to us members of the church it’s easy to understand, it makes sense that we have a plan of salvation, but to those that have never heard about it it’s a new thing and we as missionaries can’t assume that they will accept it we need to focus on their needs.

We also have been having investigators show up to sacrament and they stay all 3 hours, the most sweetest feeling is to see a young man (who we are teaching) come to church with a white shirt and tie, this is his 3rd time coming to church and people already think he is a member. I love when the gospel moves people to become better. We also had an investigator come to church that we were not expecting, she stayed for sacrament, and I know it made her heavenly father really proud and happy.

Today is the 1st week of the new and last transfer for me, I can’t believe how fast missions go.My mission president was shocked that I now have 48 skirts , it’s a new record in the mission, it’s funny because I came out with 9 he asked for a picture, I will be forever known ha-ha!!!

JUN 21 movie night

JUN 21
 This week has been a great one!! It’s been really hot over here but we have been getting some clouds as well.  The work is picking up we had 4 investigators come to church! They all are really progressing and 3 of them were able to stay for all 3 hours. 

We had a movie night our ward mission leader put together and we watched the move  ' the testaments " about Christ coming to the Americas and Me and my companion worked really hard to invite people to come and we had 3 families there and 3 other people who came, it turned out great, the member's here are really willing to help us missionaries get our investigators to activities.

A woman who was a less active for about 7 years came to church last week and  last was asked to give a talk this week and it really was such a great talk, she was able to answer a lot of peoples prayers and things they needed to hear. We found anew investigator this week she seems very willing to learn, we have been finding like crazy here and the work keeps getting stronger and stronger. This is the best area and I love the people here they are just too kind!!

Random story I was walking to go email and I stepped on a babe snake it was rapped on the cattle guard and I then realized it was a snake , I about died......

Jul 14 1st lesson

Jul 14

 Everything is going really good it has been raining for a while now it’s been like this almost for 2 weeks its nice have a lot of rain in the area. This week has been a great week we had a lot of success we were able to find 6 new investigators that are really interested. 3 of them came and knocked on our door, I thought to myself shouldn't it be the other way we should be knocking on their door. In reach my gospel it states " The lord will lead us to them or they will be lead to us" They had a book of Mormon in their hands and they wanted to know more about it we made an Appt to go to their house and our 1st lesson we invited them to be baptized and they said they would all 3 of them came to church and they are very elect.

We also were able to help a less active woman come back to church. We felt that we should stop by her place and she allowed us in we had been there a couple of weeks ago and she told us that she really hadn't been active but she has

such a strong testimony of the gospel. We showed her a video one of the hastening the work videos about peoples conversion, and usually we share these with active members but t it hit me that these videos are for chevron, as she watched it she felt the spirit and told us she really wanted to come to church, we were not expecting her to arrive but she was there at church I have a testimony of those videos and that the gospel is for everyone but everyone has their timing.