Friday, August 8, 2014

Jul 28 “so when can we be baptized?"

Jul 28
Ya`ate eeh!!!

Well this week has been going great! We had a lot of spiritual experiences. One that really made me and sister Clark smile and we were strengthened. We have been teaching this family for about 3 weeks when we met with them the very 1st lesson we invited them to be baptized they said they would but needed to learn a little more, as we continued to go and teach them it would always come up but we did not feel to push them to much we want to draw people to the gospel not force them, because when we draw them closer that is where true conversion starts. So our 3rd lesson we taught about Gods plan for all of his children, it was new to them and we paused the lesson and asked if they had any questions or concerns it was quiet for a small moment and there was no answer, I felt to ask again, I felt like they had something to ask or say, I’m thankful that the spirit was there to prompt me to ask again. They then asked “so when can we be baptized?" The Holy Ghost motivates people it leads them to conversion but also to the truth. It was a really neat lesson to see them ask us. It is so important to pause in the lessons and ask them how they feel about what they are learning, to us members of the church it’s easy to understand, it makes sense that we have a plan of salvation, but to those that have never heard about it it’s a new thing and we as missionaries can’t assume that they will accept it we need to focus on their needs.

We also have been having investigators show up to sacrament and they stay all 3 hours, the most sweetest feeling is to see a young man (who we are teaching) come to church with a white shirt and tie, this is his 3rd time coming to church and people already think he is a member. I love when the gospel moves people to become better. We also had an investigator come to church that we were not expecting, she stayed for sacrament, and I know it made her heavenly father really proud and happy.

Today is the 1st week of the new and last transfer for me, I can’t believe how fast missions go.My mission president was shocked that I now have 48 skirts , it’s a new record in the mission, it’s funny because I came out with 9 he asked for a picture, I will be forever known ha-ha!!!

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