Friday, August 8, 2014

Jul 14 1st lesson

Jul 14

 Everything is going really good it has been raining for a while now it’s been like this almost for 2 weeks its nice have a lot of rain in the area. This week has been a great week we had a lot of success we were able to find 6 new investigators that are really interested. 3 of them came and knocked on our door, I thought to myself shouldn't it be the other way we should be knocking on their door. In reach my gospel it states " The lord will lead us to them or they will be lead to us" They had a book of Mormon in their hands and they wanted to know more about it we made an Appt to go to their house and our 1st lesson we invited them to be baptized and they said they would all 3 of them came to church and they are very elect.

We also were able to help a less active woman come back to church. We felt that we should stop by her place and she allowed us in we had been there a couple of weeks ago and she told us that she really hadn't been active but she has

such a strong testimony of the gospel. We showed her a video one of the hastening the work videos about peoples conversion, and usually we share these with active members but t it hit me that these videos are for chevron, as she watched it she felt the spirit and told us she really wanted to come to church, we were not expecting her to arrive but she was there at church I have a testimony of those videos and that the gospel is for everyone but everyone has their timing.

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