Friday, August 8, 2014

JUN 21 movie night

JUN 21
 This week has been a great one!! It’s been really hot over here but we have been getting some clouds as well.  The work is picking up we had 4 investigators come to church! They all are really progressing and 3 of them were able to stay for all 3 hours. 

We had a movie night our ward mission leader put together and we watched the move  ' the testaments " about Christ coming to the Americas and Me and my companion worked really hard to invite people to come and we had 3 families there and 3 other people who came, it turned out great, the member's here are really willing to help us missionaries get our investigators to activities.

A woman who was a less active for about 7 years came to church last week and  last was asked to give a talk this week and it really was such a great talk, she was able to answer a lot of peoples prayers and things they needed to hear. We found anew investigator this week she seems very willing to learn, we have been finding like crazy here and the work keeps getting stronger and stronger. This is the best area and I love the people here they are just too kind!!

Random story I was walking to go email and I stepped on a babe snake it was rapped on the cattle guard and I then realized it was a snake , I about died......

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