Monday, September 1, 2014

8 MORE DAYS???!!!!

 All of my emails have reminded me that i  have 8 MORE DAYS???!!!! I cnat believe its gone this fast its been a long time but tis gone way to fast. Im greatful of all the things i was able to learn no my mission.

This week we had exchanges in kirtland and it was really fun,we tracted a lot in the sun but i realized that anything you do for the lords work he will always bless us. I had rocks in my shoes and sweat dripping down my cheek but im so used to this that its something that feels normal. Its really what i love to do even if people are not interested i still love it.

We invited a member to a lesson and it was with an investigator who has been coming to church and the activities. This member was able to stay and talk with our investigator after the lesson and we had an appointment to go to and we had to rush out but it felt nice that she was so willing to talk with her and even offered to help her with a certain dinner. later that week our investigator expressed to us how grateful she was that we brought her. Bringing members to lessons isn't just fro us or them but it really is for the investigators so that they can have a friend in church! This ward is amazing and they all love missionary work!

There are so many things that are happening in this area!!


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