Saturday, September 28, 2013

Be TRUE to the church

"Its one thing to know the gospel is true but its one thing to be TRUE to The gospel.... Its one thing to know  the church is true, but its one thing to be TRUE to the church"-- As children of god we are all not perfect but we need to be trying to live like our savior Jesus Christ, when we start to follow his commandments we are aligning our lives closer to God.

This week we received a lot of rain and it hailed a lot yesterday evening, and even though the weather is horrible its amazing doing the Lords work in it, though it may be cold and foggy i step back and think about how it is a privileged to be a servant of the lord. We had a great week we found some more people to teach the gospel too, I'm so thankful to be able to have a firm foundation of the gospel and thankful to be able to share it.

In life we all have challenges and even us as missionaries do too. I realized that i can have afflictions, but i get to choose how i act, i know that the lord provides trails in our lives so that we can learn. This week we had a member pass away and she was such an amazing person, as i saw her in the hospital i felt sorrow and sadness but at that same moment i felt the saviors love. When i went home i challenged myself to pray to know about heavenly father's plan of happiness. I knelt down and prayed to my heavenly father knowing that he was listening as i got up i opened a book "true to the faith" and i opened it and i read " all people must die but we can all live again because of Christ" right at that moment i knew that heavenly father knew me and he heard my prayer. I was touched by this spiritual experience and i know that when we are not sure of something that all we simply have to do is pray about it and the Lord will answer our prayers.

This week we met a young father that's Hispanic. He told us he was a recent convert for about 3 yrs and that he needed our help to get back into the church. Its a blessing being able to have the gift of tongues i have never realized that, that was a talent i know that I'm supposed to be here to teach heavenly fathers gospel to those certain people.

p.s next week we all get to go to the temple!!!

-Sister Nava

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