Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A home needs a woman's touch!

"walk on. walk on with hope in your heart, and you'll never walk alone. hope is a faithful companion that sustains us through life's trails"-- I know this to be true we must always have hope it leads us to strengthen our faith in our savior.
Yesterday on Sunday they gave a talk " I feel my saviors love" I pondered hard on this and asked my self how do I feel my saviors love. I then though I most defiantly feel his love when he helps me through the holy ghost to teach in Spanish. I had to teach by my self yesterday evening and I had no idea what was coming out of my mouth the holy ghost had taken over that lesson and as a missionary I strive for that and I know that I was able to help 2 of heavenly fathers children to feel his spirit. A mission isn't easy but i have realized that the Lord will always be there on my left and on my right. There is a lot of Hispanics in this area and its touching to know that I get to be a part of their lives in helping them come closer to Christ.
This week it has been raining a lot, I should probably say it was pouring rain. We were driving to the church when I saw a young woman walking in the rain and sat waiting for the bus. I had an impression to give her one of the extra umbrellas we had in our truck. We drive about a mile until I told sister Lewis to stop and go back I knew I couldn't help seeing some one that looked so tired form work and sitting their wet waiting for the bus. As we went back I cant tell you it was easy becuase of the traffic but when I got there I ran to her and simply and quickly, do to the rain shook her hand introduced my self and i told her that i was a missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I wont ever know what was going through her mind but what I do know is that she is now familiar with missionaries and I know that when the Lord provides missionaries to knock on her door she will be more willing to open the door. I know that I pray for service opportunities and when the Lord gives them to me I ought to be doing my job. I know that service is a way to express love towards others and it has helped me to see others in a different way.
This week we were tracting  in an area  all 3 of us hadn't been to. we knocked on a door and came across a man named Tom. He said he wasn't interested but some how the lord provided a way for the Book of Mormon to come into the conversation. He was thrilled to hear that is was another testament of Jesus Christ. We gave him one and the light in his eyes were indescribable. we asked him to read Moroni's promise in chapter 10 we asked him to read the 3 verses out loud and he went to verse 32 he looked at us and said" wow"  I know that the holy ghost was working through him and I know that the spirit works miracles. This week has been a week full of blessings we found a lot of people who are wanting to change their lives and I know that the lord provides us with these experiences.
This week we also came across a man working on a trailer, it was a very rainy day that day but even though the weather is harsh I know the lords work is more important. We asked him if he was interested he said no as we walked out the door. I told this man " you know sometimes in life a home needs a woman's touch, would you mind if we came to help you clean up this trailer? the laughter that came out made us all laugh and we are now going to go do service, I now know that the spirit has also a sense of humor, I had no idea that I was going to say that but if it got us in hey I'm not complaining:)
I know this is true and that is why I'm out here sharing it to the world.
- Sister Nava

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