Wednesday, August 7, 2013

simply said "come on in"

This week was an Amazing week. The reason i say this is because this Sunday was fast Sunday and i really had the prompting to fast for strength in finding new people. As Sunday went on we knew of this certain trailer that we had never gone to before but we knew that people lived there. We decided to go and knock it took them awhile to answer but they did.  It was a family, the mother was baptized and so was the father but the kids were not, as they welcomed us in.. me and sister jeppson were very shocked that they were very friendly and simply said "come on in". in missionary work that rarely happens, but those words filled my heart with joy because i knew that the Lord really led us there to them. The Lord has every ones timing and its amazing how he led us to that trailer. I have been out for almost 6 months and to think i have never knocked or had the idea to go to that home. We were able to introduce them to the Book of Mormon and even talk about baptism for all of their teenagers. It was a beautiful experience. we left the new testament movie the father was very excited to learn more he knows the gospel very well and he really wants his children to learn more. As we were leaving i had a prompting to leave them a chapter in the Book of Mormon and leave them with a prayer. As he asked me to offer the prayer i asked heavenly father to help them in all of their struggles. As i got up from my knees i realized that the mother was in tears, in that very moment i knew that she had felt the spirit, They asked us to come over again. It was such a tender Mercie of the Lord because it all started with one small step of faith, i knew that we needed the help to find more people and i know that the power of fasting can really lead us to the most powerful answers we receive from a loving heavenly father. as we left i went to the car to bring them more book of Mormons and i opened the door and the mother was already reading what we assigned, i know she knows that this is something good from God that can help her with her family.
Everything else here is going great every week we have wonderful spiritual experiences that lead us to those that stand in need of the gospel. We usually walk after dinner  but my companion sister jeppson said lets walk before dinner starts we had no idea where we were going but we ended up by the park where a young man about 23 was sitting on the bench crying and very upset. As we approached him and started to talk to hm we were able to uplift him and tell him simply that he has a heavenly father who cares so much about him, we left him with a spiritual message and he said " wow its so weird that you sisters just showed up like that" we told him that we knew that god his heavenly father sent us to his path way. he wasn't form here he was just visiting but i have no doubt that when he gets home that heavenly father will provide him missionaries to learn more about his purpose. And that is simply how missionary work ...WORKS. we were able to plant that seed of faith in his heart, i know that this is true or i wouldn't of left home for 18 months . I know that the book of Mormon has the answers to our questions. The teachings of Jesus Christ are  simply a way of living. It brings joy to all men if they would just ask if it is true.
sister nava lava:)

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