Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Transferred to Durango Colorado!!!

"Don't limit yourself and don't let others convince you that you are limited in what you can do. Believe in yourself and then live so as to reach your possibilities"-- We must always have the faith in our selves that we are capable of becoming perfected beings through Jesus Christ. There are many points in our lives when we feel like we cant overcome anything but i know when we use the power of prayer all things are possible.
Well this week has been amazing!! I found out that i will be getting transferred to Durango Colorado, and i will be in a trio companionship. I know that its going to be an amazing experience and a time of learning to develop Christ like attributes. This week i was able to have a great experience with prayer. As a missionary we want the best for others and we want them to have the gospel in their lives. This church has changed my life and its been an amazing experience to be able to see others change their desires and aline them with what God would have them do.
This morning i was studying a talk on last general conference about how we need to return to our heavenly father, and though it might be hard we have tools to help us such as the scriptures and the church. I know that heavenly father knew that his children would need tools in order to return to him. We knew heavenly father before, we walked with him and all we are here on earth is to simply be reminded of those things that we knew to be true.
Leaving this area is hard but i know that the lord has so much more in store and im excited to serve him in many other ways. I know that where ever the Lord sends me it is because he needs me there. The lord works in mysterious ways and we have to have that firm faith and hope that it will lead us to something good. MY mission has changed me as an individual, it has helped me to see the importance of the gospel and how it can have a big impact in those that never before heard the gospel.  Missionary work is beautiful and its not easy! this is the work that our Lord our God desires for all his children and we all can be missionaries, This is the true church of Jesus Christ and just like Joseph Smith once said " i know it and God knows it and i cannot deny it" and that is how i feel, life is so much better when we understand our divine destiny.
Sister Nava

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