Monday, August 19, 2013

well done thou good and faithful servant

" well done thou good and faithful servant thou has been faithful over all things, i will make thee a ruler over many things, enter thou into the joy of thy Lord"---- I know that if we are living the way we should be then we can hear these words at the last day.
This week we were able to see a certain family at church and  the wife is a less actives and the husband is not a member and they have 2 small boys. It was interesting to see them come in and sit and hear the word of god. I know that the holy ghost works through all men who are seeking for the truth. This native man is a very traditional man and really had no desire to learn about the gospel. They asked us at church if we could come over later and share a message. We knew how great of an opportunity it was because for the 6 months that i have been out here never did they ever want to listen.  Its so powerful how the spirit works through their hearts.  During our personal study i had the strongest impression to share with him and his wife a certain scripture Alma 37:36-37. As we got to the home we were having an amazing lesson full of the spirit and when  we all turned to this certain scripture, he said that is the scripture that i read this morning and i wanted to share it with my wife. This man has never read the book of Mormon and to be able to witness that he read and wanted share that with his family was a tender Mercie of the Lord. I know that some people need time and patience in their conversion but slowly i know that he will have the desire to be baptized and i can see them all in white ready to go to the temple to become an eternal family. I know that family can be together forever and they can be only through the gospel of Jesus Christ. This week my testimony has been strengthen in knowing that this is the only true church of God and that if we simply follow our savior and endure to the end we can have eternal life and live with god again.
Also this week we were able to meet 3 new people who wanted to hear the gospel. Its so powerful to see people being prepared to listen to what god has in store for them.
Being  a missionary is a privilege and a blessing and i have changed so much spiritually and mentally. I know that this life is to prepare to meet God and "what are the things that we are doing in  our lives? will they lead us back to god? if not let us humble ourselves and ask for help and let the savior Jesus Christ transform us into a new being. we can all be perfected through the atonement of Christ he has provided us the way ti ask for forgiveness its there all we have to do is simply use it.
- Sister Nava:)  Sister Navajo

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