Monday, February 24, 2014

Struggling to shut her gate (Feb 10th)

This week we were going to see people we hadn't seen in a while and we had about 30 minutes before our lunch started and we didn't have anyone to go see. As we were driving there was an elderly woman who was struggling to shut her gate, my companion said we should go and help her so we did. This woman knew who we were but wasn't very happy that we were the missionaries, she told us that she was from a different faith but she wanted us to help her with her groceries and it was a great way for us to continue talking to her in the end she told us we could come back and that she would listen to what we have to say. I know the lord was working through her and it was so neat to talk to her i have gained a testimony of talking to everyone! There are so many people that need the gospel.


The lessons with our investigator are going great. Teaching lessons in the homes of members are so much more powerful! The work here is picking up and i did not get transferred which is good because i love fruit land and Kirtland so very much! Soon in about 2 weeks we will be sisters on bikes and I’m so excited to have that opportunity. Time is flying by so very quickly and it makes me want to work harder!!

** I also get to go to window rock St. Michael and Gallup this transfer to do exchanges!

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