Monday, February 3, 2014

At a members home

"The Lord Isn't ever going to give us something we don’t want but through time he will prepare us day by day even If It has to be through trials; In order to one day have the fullness of the Gospel" - this week I was reading In preach my Gospel and I read a story about a man’s conversion story and It made me reflect on how I was Introduced to the church. I’m so thankful for those missionaries that stopped my brother and through my brother we were able to receive the Gospel. I realized that without the church I honestly have no Idea where I would be, It has changed my nature my behavior my entire life.

This week we were able to teach an Investigator at a members home again and It was so powerful, we taught the restoration and the spirit was so strong I will never forget this lesson, we watched the Joseph Smith clip and at the very end we bore testimony of It, I had never felt the spirit so strong as we testified, The power of the spirit filled the room and he accepted to be baptized. I’m thankful for members that invite their friends to church and to their home not only does it help us but it strengthens them as a family as well. We were also able to find 3 les actives simply by tracing and they all were prepared by the Lord. The work here is picking up and it great to know that when we are all obedient the Lord will pour out his blessings.

This Sunday was fast Sunday and I have gained a strong testimony of fasting, whenever I fast I feel the spirit so strong and I feel more humble especially when I fast for others, It really helps me developed a greater love and relationship with my father In heaven. On that Sunday also we were able to go teach an active member and they referred us to 2 homes and one of them of course was Spanish speaking but he also spoke enlist he has a family and they all seemed so Interested and he wanted pamphlets to read It was so neat to see them all be so willing to want to learn more. He made me laugh because he said I have never met a Hispanic that’s Mormon, he said every one that is Mexican Is catholic what’s wrong with you? And we can’t wait to go back and teach his family and I’m great full to be a convert because it helps me help them understand the difference and why I joined the church!


due to the many Christmas packages the post office got mad or something so now very thing you all send me has to be to my direct address because the mission home cannot forward mail anymore because It Is not free any more so If you send me a letter to my mission address which Is 400 west apache set Farmington nm 87401 I will only be able to get that mail at the end of the moth or transfer but If you send me mail to road 6317 #25 Kirtland nm 87417 I will be able to get It the normal way right way:) I hope that makes sense transfer are next Mondays you may send It to the mission office just to be safe I might not be living In that same address next month!!!

Sister Nava I will hit my year mark in fib 27!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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