Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas Tamales

"He who has Christmas In his heart will never find It under the tree" This has been my favorite Christmas quote because It Is so true, Christmas Is about serving others and showing love to heavenly fathers children. This year I was pondering how different of a Christmas It will be for 80,000 missionaries Including me, and It was comforting knowing that there are so many families that won’t have the same Christmas, but what a great Christmas It will be because the lord has his missionaries helping those find the true meaning of Christmas. I know with all my heart that even though it’s tough and it’s hard in the end it is so rewarding and worth it.

This week we had a me member ask us what our favorite Christmas tradition was and I love making homemade tamales with my family and sitting In the kitchen table laughing and cooking, she then asked If we could make tamales this Saturday so we did It was attender moment because even If It wasn’t with my family It still was with my mission family. I thank the lord each day for sending me out on a missions, it has made me realize how important the gospel really is and how much work there is to be done.

This week I also was able to giant a stronger testimony of the priesthood, not growing up with It was difficult because I had no Idea what It was, every day I get to experience something that strengthens me and It’s amazing how the lord still works on us missionaries to continue to developed more and more strengths In the gospel, so that we can go out and share to the world.

This week and the week to come will be a lot of knocking doors because everyone is busy but I know that it will teach me and my companion something, if we have the right desires to press forward and serve.

I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year and let us not wait for that new years to start something new let us start now, because the lord has asked of us to prepare now not later, I know that the son of god will come again to the earth and oh how sweet the joy It Is to know that he mad exit possible for us to return to our father which Is In heaven. 

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