Thursday, July 4, 2013

Zone conference was amazing

"When you know its true, that is all that matters." -I believe this quote is true, as a missionary there will be weeks that are amazing and there will be weeks that nothing goes right but when you know that what you are doing is true it makes it all worth it.

This week we were able to attend zone conference and it was amazing the spirit was very strong and we are all there to help each other improve and to learn more of the gospel. This week is also 4th of July and all of the elders and sisters will be in the parade! We even get a free booth to set up and have people who are interested come and learn more. I know that the Lord provides us with unplanned opportunities and we need to be able to discern the promptings of the Holy Ghost which will always lead us to something good. I have realized on my mission how amazing the promptings of the Holy Ghost are. Being on a mission has really helped me understand many things that I hope I can take back home. I realized I have a lot of missionary work to do back home but the Lord is preparing me here now so that when I do go home I can help others come closer to our loving redeemer Jesus Christ.

We have been teaching a lot of new people which is very exciting. The Lord is making his vineyard grow! We have been teaching a young girl about 10 and she is amazing. She has been taught for awhile but the Lord has his perfect timing for all of his children. We have also been teaching a young lady about 23 and she has a young daughter. She has been to church for almost 2 months and when we taught her the Law of tithing she wanted to pay the next Sunday. I know that she knows this church is true and we are working with her to be able to be baptized. This young lady has so much potential and I know that we knocked on her door 3 months ago for a reason. She has been transformed and she keeps pressing forward with faith. I know that I have been called to this place for a reason and when I'm able to see people change it is a blessing.

Let us all keep pressing forward in faith. Our Heavenly Father knows of all the things we need before we even ask him but we must humble ourselves and realize that we all have weaknesses and we cannot overcome anything with out his help.

-Sister Nava

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