Thursday, July 3, 2014

June 30 the sons (&daughters) of God

June 30

John 3:1 "behold what manner of love the father hath bestowed upon us that we shall be called the sons (&daughters) of God" It’s a privilege to have that label, we are all children of a loving heavenly father!" out of all the names God chose to be called he chose to be called Father" To me that shows how much love he has for the world and how he wants us to remember him. I feel his love so much every day, this week I gained the biggest testimony of the priesthood I know that god speaks through man to give us certain blessings that we need to hear.

 This week I realized that if you’re not energetic about the work you can’t ever enjoy your mission, It’s been very very hot and it’s easy to complain but I make it a goal with my companion to keep going and as we push ourselves the lord always blesses us, we found 2 new investigators through tracting, even though it was so hot we saw the blessings, On Sunday before our correlation meeting we had about 7 minutes before we needed to be there, I know if we use the lords time wisely he really will send you to the people that need you, We decided to get in our truck and drive to a road and knock and place a book of Mormon, And we were able to have a great conversation with a young man, even though he wasn't interested we still were able to tell him a little bit about the book of Mormon and he accepted it. I guess what I’m trying to say is that when you work hard and don't waste not even a minute you will always have someone who needs you to talk to them, I tell my companion sister Clark " There is always something to do when we are doing the lords work" And I know that's so true  there is never time to waste and there is hard days when it’s hot and not a lot of work but there is always something to do and in the end we it ends up being our most busiest day. 

I love this area it’s helped so much, to learn how to be grateful for things that I usually wouldn't think of, like running water and food and certain things that we all take for granted. It’s very humbling,

This Sunday all of us full time missionaries sung “onward christen soldiers" in Navajo.
The spirit was strong.

We have had a lot of success this week especially for white washing the area and we keep meeting new people, the work never stops!

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