Thursday, July 3, 2014

Jun 23 St. Michael's is so much fun

Jun 23

YA`TE ``HEY everyone!! Serving in St. Michael's is so much fun, I have the privilege to serve the children of Lehi! Being able to tell them about the Book of Mormon is powerful, because it is their book and it’s written for them from their ancestors. This week not knowing the area and training wasn’t as bad as I thought. I saw so many miracles from the lord he helped us a lot to find places, we do make a lot of "U TURNS" but we have found much success which is great!! We even found a new investigator.

Church was amazing they all speak in Navajo, everyone there is calling me sister Navajo it’s kind of funny but they love it though! I’m excited to continue to get to know the members. This week we had a great lesson with one of our investigators who is on date, she is so converted to the Gospel she told us the 1 set time we met with her that she already knew the Book of Mormon was true. She has been coming to church for months now and barely started to meet with the missionaries 2 weeks before we got here. It’s very neat to know that she makes sacrifices to come to church, She reads everything we give her to read either during the lesson or right after she is a wonderful young girl. The work here is picking up.

 I live in a trailer in the church parking lot with the 2 senior couples that are on missions and some other missionaries. My companion is Sister Clark she is form Santa quoin Utah!! She is an amazing missionary and I’m thankful that I have the chance to train her! She is half Navajo so it’s really neat and people say we look like sisters!! 

A while ago on my mission actually my 1st area Mikes mom Janelle told me about a woman who was her placement child, for the longest time I always wondered if I would ever get to serve in St. Michael's window rock because I knew she was there, well this Sunday I was shaking every ones hand and I met her it was really neat she simply asked are you form mesa?? Do you know the Milliard’s!! I smiled and said of course I do and I gave her a huge hug!! It was a neat tender mercy of the lord!

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