Monday, May 19, 2014

Coming home September 2nd instead of the 10th (May19th)

"Pride is the handle that fits all of Satan's tools" One of my favorite quotes ever!!

So this week has been great we were able to have our investigators attend church and 2 of them got approved for baptism! The work is slowly picking up here but all is going great! Like I mentioned we have the opportunity to do a lot of service and I got to learn how to chop wood and how to milk a goat! I know my future husband really will love me now that I know how to do all of that!

This week we were able to spend our Sunday in paradox and it was so new to me that there is only 12 members but they are all so very strong! The talks were amazing!!!

We have been having great lessons with some less actives. We had the chance to watch a conference talk with one of our investigators and it’s so wonderful to hear President Boyd k. Packer testify of our loving Savior it was a treat watching it again. During the lessons he told us that he already knew that this was the truth. I know that for many people it simply just takes a few steps before they know it to be true and I know for myself that I didn't receive a huge answer when I was wanting to know, I simply accepted the gospel and I have let it lead my life and serving a mission is where my heavenly father wants me to be.

New information to all: I just found out that I am actually coming home September 2nd instead of the 10th, my mission president has a mission president seminar on the 10th and he does not want to miss our departing testimonies so it is approved that all of the missionaries going home on the 10th will now be coming home on the 3rd. Time is flying by!

Mike the road kill is everywhere!!

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