Monday, May 19, 2014

Windy Storm April 28th


This week was a fast week but it has been a week full of pretty different experiences!!! How do I even begin... well we had exchanges this week Saturday and me and the sister that I was out with we were walking and we got out of a lesson and continued to walk to find some people as we were walking a storm approached us and I’m not talking about a windy storm it was the most terrifying storm I have ever been in especially outside, there was tumble weeds and rocks and dirt hitting us we ran from road to road not knowing where to go our car was back home and we were a couple of miles away. The storm would not allow us to even move, we then huddled to a car and waited to see when the storm would stop and as we were waiting a family saw us from their trailer and they told us to hurry and come in so we ran and went I not knowing them but then as I was entering the home I knew this home looked familiar and it was a trailer that we had traced into and they were not interested in our message, I laughed inside because I knew that they would realize who we were. We then started to talk to them about what we believed and they did open up they asked very good questions and we were able to answer them. It made me realize in the end that it didn’t matter if in the end they were not interested, what mattered was that me and my companion were able to plant a seed.

This week we also had another interesting experience, we were walking and we went to go see if one of our investigators was home he ended up not being home, we assume he was at work but as we left his front door we came across a dog who look very hurt we tried helping it calm down. We then heard our investigators home open and it was his wife who had never before talked to us and told us that she was not interested. It ended up being her dog and she only spoke Spanish and I was able to talk to her and build that relationship as time went on she ended up telling us how she just lost a loved one and how she really had no knowledge of what will happen after death I was able to tell her that, that is what we as missionaries teach about, she had a light in her eyes and she said well next time you come and teach my husband come and teach me too  “ come and get me out of my doubts” (Lord I believe; help thou mine unbelief). I thought to myself how many of us have doubts that we live with and how in the end there are so many out in the world who are confused but I know that we do have a loving God who provides us with answers and direction I’m thankful that I have the opportunity to have this calling to teach the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.
This week we also had 2 of our investigators get on baptismal date for June we will be having a baptism this Saturday and we had 5 investigators at church this Sunday!!The work here is going great and I love this area with all my heart! Let’s hope now I don’t get transferred this next week, we receive news on Saturday the 3rd and transfers are on Tuesday!

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