Sunday, December 8, 2013

HIT MY 9 MONTHS!!!!!!!! :))

This week has been going amazing it snowed a lot in Durango!! I'm not quiet the snow person but i do think the snow is beautiful! i told my companion i think i will stick to being an Arizona girl.
This week i have seen miracles of the lord, me and my companion went tracting in some of the trailers we hadn't been too. We were able to find 2 new people and 3 others that wanted to hear about the gospel. I know that the lord prepares his children to hear the gospel at some point in there lives. I have learned that even if they don't progress they still had some faith to listen and the lord is always mindful of them.
This Saturday was a very rainy and snowy day and in the evening we decided to go see that women that has no utilities, she was on her way out to fill up her empty water jug. we insisted to walk Whit her and help her, i love how the spirit always leads us to those that need help.We asked her if she would except a book of Mormon and she said no but in the end she said you know what i actually want to read it so leave me a copy. I know that we went to her trailer to give her another testament of Jesus Christ, it was a tender Mercies of the lord.
Everyday i see miracles as a missionary and I'm so great full that a small decision to come out on a mission will change me  and my spirit that's in me for the rest of my life, i have a string and i KNOW that this is true!!

so elders in the missions they burn suits and ties when they hit a certain month on their mission! i realized that i cant burn my skirts or shoes because i actually need those so i though of a wonderful idea that sisters can do!! I HIT MY 9 MONTHS!!!!!!!! :))

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