Sunday, December 8, 2013


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I hope that everyone’s thanksgiving went great and that it was a fully day of happiness. I love being a missionaries in these holidays because it get to see how other people celebrate. It was really neat to see 2 different thanksgivings, I was able to have dinner in a nice home and I was able to have dinner in a one single wide trailer Whit 20 people in it, it was so neat to see how the spirit of thanksgiving was in all those people’s hearts. It was a tender Mercies of the lord to make me realize that materialistic things don't matter and that all you really need is your family and the gospel. I had a fantastic Thanksgiving and I hope and pray you all did too.

"I have heard thy prayer, I have seen thy tears: behold I will heal thee"- 2 kings 20:5
 this scripture stuck out to me, because it made me realized and developed greater testimony that the lord will never forsake us he will be there and we all need learn how to heal our wounded hearts, no pain that we suffer is wasted it all helps us become better and." healing hurts, life hurts. Healing really begins only when we face the hurt in its full force and then grow through it with all the strength of our soul". I know this to be true and we all have to stay strong in our difficult times.

This week was a great week for us there was a lot of people that visited families here and it was a good opportunity to talk with a lot of nonmembers. We had the opportunity to go and visit a less active member and it was so amazing how the book of Mormon can bring such a strong spirit in the room and we were able to help heavenly father’s child to rekindle that testimony.

-Sister Nava

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