Monday, May 20, 2013

Some blessings come soon,and some come late, and some don't come till heaven

Well so far this week has been amazing. We have been teaching a lot of wonderful people. WE hope and pray that in 2 weeks one of our investigators will be baptized she is an amazing woman. She is about 40 and she is native. When i met this woman me and my companion were truly led to her and she recognized that. When we taught her about Joseph smith her eyes filled with tears and she told us that she knew this was true. Many people here have a difficult problem believing that Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God and that he was truly chosen to restore this wonderful marvelous gospel, But this woman knew right off the bat that this was true. She has been coming to church on Sundays, to see some one change their lives and make the decision to follow Jesus Christ their savior is a blessing. I'm grateful to be on this mission to see that change in  people.
This week i was watching a Mormon video with my companion and i felt the spirit so strong as Jeffery R Holland stated " Some blessings come soon,and some come late, and some don't come till heaven"  We all in some point in our lives, go through struggles and much afflictions but to know that our heavenly father is willing to bless us and he will if we go to him in prayer, and to understand that he is mindful of us. We have to have faith that we will be blessed in his timing not our timing. Blessings will come to our families and friends but we must be patient and we need to have that knowledge that some blessing wont come until heaven.
Being on a mission and making the decision to be the Lords servant has been a blessing to me. i have learned. I view life differently, i see others differently but the most incredible blessing on the mission is to see heavenly fathers children come closer to him through the power of the atonement.I know that this church is true and that is why I'm on my mission to preach the gospel and help others come closer to their loving savior Jesus Christ.
Transfer are coming up in 2 weeks, and there are 9 new sisters coming into the mission its so exciting!
-sister Nava

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