Monday, May 13, 2013

Motherhood isn't a Hobie it is a calling from the Lord


This week has been amazing i had the chance to talk to my mom for mothers days and it was a blessing to be able to hear her voice. Sense it was mothers day last week i learned" motherhood isn't a Hobie it is a calling from the Lord, it is not something you squeeze the time in. It is what God gave you time for"
I know one day i will be able to be a future mother and i want to be able to teach my children not only how to live the gospel but teach them the doctrine of the gospel so that they can understand the teachings of their savior and Redeemer. I have come to realize the power that mothers have towards their children and I'm oh so very grateful to have 2 beautiful mothers in my life my own mother who is such a strong mother and love me and will do anything for me and a 2nd mother Janell Millyard who cares for me and has taught me so much and how to raise good children in the gospel. I'm so very thankful to have these wonderful mothers in my life.
This week we had the opportunity to continue teaching in Spanish and there are many here in Blanding that me and my companion know we were called to teach them the gospel. This week i have pondered about all heavenly fathers children that we are teaching and i have came to a conclusion if they are not ready to hear this message that it is okay because e we have planted a see of faith in them and that heavenly father has everyone timing, he had my timing and i was able to be taught by those  missionaries and it took many of elders to teach me and my sister and mom. I realized that as a missionary you plant  seeds in people's hearts and you help them come close to their savior Jesus Christ. I'm grateful for this privilege to serve the Lord and be a worthy servant to teach his gospel to his children.
-Sister Nava Lava

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