Wednesday, June 5, 2013

With out God ye can do nothing

YATE everyone:)
"With out God ye can do nothing, I testify that, that is Gods truth" -Elder Holland
So this week has been a week of Miracles. Me and my companion Sister Maynez had some lessons that didn't go through and we both didn't understand why instead of these lessons we had different lessons with 4 new people that wanted to hear our message, we then realized at the end of the night that it was all in the Lords timing, our other lessons cancelled so that those other people were being prepared at the right timing, right place, and right mindset. It truly was a miracle that we found those people and still had our lessons but not with those that  we had in mind.
TRANSFER NEWS: As of today i will be training and my companion will be going to a different area though i will miss her with all of my heart i know that the Lord sees potential in me. I have to admit I'm a little scared because i just got finished getting trained and now i will be training someone else. I have officially been on my mission for 3 months and i have learned so much, I know that this will be a humbling experience. I'm excited!! Today we will be driving up to Farmington and spending the night with other sisters and on Tuesday morning we pick up our new companion's! one of the reasons im super excited to go to farmington is because I finally get to see street lights!! a Walmart!! fast food places!! and stores to buy summer clothes. i have a huge respect for all of those places!1
This Saturday we had a baptism.I love seeing heavenly fathers children come closer to him. I know that this woman took the correct steps to get to him. Its a blessing to see her grow. One of the most amazing experience she had was she finally got Sundays off from work. She was scared to tell her manager but she had faith to say " Im a Mormon and i cannot work on Sunday" She has fully converted into the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She is a different woman she has a different light to her. It was amazing working with this woman.
-Sister Nava  Lava

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