Monday, April 1, 2013

Sent here for a reason

Hello everyone I miss you all!! so i figured that id rather have letters them emails from you guys because i have like no time :( I really miss you all

This week i had the chance to eat Navajo tacos!! they are sooo good and i can't wait to learn how to make them!! This week we have been very busy and the next baptism is the 13th of April her name is Becca and she is just Golden!! i'm so grateful to have the opportunity to serve the lord. This Monday our zone gets to go to Mesa Verde! i don't know what it is but i heard a lot of great things about this place. I'm sorry this weekly letter is not very long i only have 20 minutes to email today.

One thing i have learned so far is that i know i have been sent here for a reason to teach certain people its amazing how the Lord knows who i need to teach and what i need to say. I'm grateful to serve his children. I have seen many things on my mission that will help me personally become a better person. It has truly humbled me to become more like my savior. being a convert i had no idea what a big impact i can be to the people i teach. I truly know that I'm suppose to be here!

send letters to:
Sister Daniela Nava
New Mexico Farmington Mission
400 W Apache St
Farmington, NM 87401


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