Monday, March 25, 2013


YA Te!! everyone this week has been amazing i have realized that in order to teach someone you have to love them first it ha really opened my eyes that i have to see them as children of  God.  Here in Blanding it is very cold but its now getting better its so different then Az. I saw 2 deer when we were driving up to Cortez it was a neat thing to experience. The culture here is so interesting i was at a home with a family that we are teaching and they were explaining to us that the reason why the Indian boys  have long hair when their young, is because their tradition is that they cant cut it until they can fully speak, i found that very interesting. The natives are very kind some are very grateful for the Book of Mormon to realize that it was written by their Ancestors. I'm having a lot of neat experiences with teach them. We do have 3 baptisms coming up on of our investigators we had to extend the date because of some issues her name is Becca she has had a rough life, has done many drugs and wanted to take her own life, when i met her i really didn't think she would be interested but its so amazing how the Lord has his timing for everyone. She loves church and she knows her purpose, we hope to soon see her getting baptized.
This last week we taught a Hispanic man Claudio who is just GOLDEN he has soo much faith and is an incredible man he too is going to be baptized. One of the greatest experience  so far was teaching him. Me and my companion are the Spanish sisters for our entire area and zone. That Monday night when we were about to teach i came to realize that its hard teaching the gospel in Spanish but i knew if i went in there with faith and with the spirit that the Lord will help me teach. After we were done it hit me that i taught the Plan of Salvation in Spanish with the spirit i had no idea what to say but i must have said something for him to want to get baptized I know that the Holy Ghost will always guide me and my companion. We meet with him tonight and im soo thrilled to say that he has so much potential.
This week We taught Brenda and Kaloya The were investigators before but they really had hard feelings towards missionaries, when we met with them they had a lot of rough things to say to us. As i sat there and listen i felt that this lesson wasn't not going to be successful there was contention in the room and me and my companion could do is sit there and listen to them. They were upset because they felt that they never learned anything from missionaries. As we started our lesson the contention was still there, they were asking very difficult questions, at that moment i felt that i needed to testify to them what i knew to be true as i shared my conversion story and explained to them how we must have faith in everything i look up and they are both in tears, i then realized that the spirit had guided me and my companion to share and testify. They then had no hard feelings towards us they wanted to record us hahah i laugh because in the beginning they didn't want us in their home and in the end they knew that this was true and they wanted the rest of the family to hear this message. I truly testify that if we let the spirit guide us anything is possible!!
Im soo thankful for the experiences that i have gone through the Holy ghost guides me what to say , and what to do.
I miss you all and i hope you guys are also being Missionaries!!
(it means goodbye in Navajo)

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